Luis Beccaria


Luis Beccaria

Luisa Beccaria is an Italian fashion brand whose models combine romance and sensuality, tenderness and freedom, femininity and creativity in an incredible way. Stylish models from Luisa Beccaria attract with their restraint and elegance.

Dresses Luisa Beccaria

In 2013, Luisa Beccaria turned to the Hollywood style of the 1930s when creating new luxurious models of women’s clothing. Straight-cut coats, high-waisted classic or flared trousers, dresses with embroidery and lace — these are the models that dominate the collections of the new summer season.

All dresses in the collections of a skilled designer are midi or maxi length. Louise embellished them with various lace details, macramé and delicate pleating. As for accessories, stylish belts made of the same material as the dresses, or wider, patent leather ones with elegant buckles and studs were selected.

For business women, the collection also includes suits. Under the jacket, the designer chose blouses made of dark translucent fabric, and sleeveless tops made of thick lace with a stand. And for trousers, which were almost all designed with a high waistline, Louise recommends fitted blouses, the neckline of which is closed with delicate lace or mesh with a pattern embroidered on it. In addition, skirt-trousers are also presented in the new collections. They are made of pleated fabric and have a drawstring waistband.

Fitted maxi dresses look unique, with a flared skirt at the bottom and a neat low rack. The dress is made of thick mesh with floral lace.

Regardless of the chosen costumes and outfits, the girls of the model at the May fashion show were dressed in closed platform shoes and high stilettos.

Fashion from Luisa Beccaria is an unsurpassed tandem of the Italian hot character with the severity of the lines of the 30s!


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