Juicy Couture Suits


Juicy Couture is one of America’s most popular brands. It offers a line of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as watches, shoes, accessories and clothes for dogs. The products of this brand are made in the style of sports and glamor and are considered a new breath in the evolution of fashion.

Juicy Couture tracksuits

The undeniable hit is the Juicy Couture velor tracksuit, which brought the first success to this world-famous brand. Comfortable and practical, with cheerful colors, decorated with inscriptions, embroideries and rhinestones, they are created specifically for the female half, who does not like to limit herself to rules, and lives by her own principles.

Brand tracksuits Juicy Couture are made of high quality materials and have an original cut that will not leave anyone indifferent. It was in them that Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears were seen more than once. They are always appropriate not only on the sports ground, but also at home, at parties and discos. Currently, around the world, Juicy Couture costumes are the first object of desire for many fashionistas.

Juicy Couture spring-summer 2013 collection

Staying true to its own philosophy, the American brand Juicy Couture presents a chic mix of color and print in its new collection. The magnificence of clothes is emphasized by delicate lace, ruffles, denim trends, as well as the most fashionable prints of this season.

The spring-summer collection includes: both with a pattern and plain — light dresses, sexy and elegant mini-skirts and pencil skirts, with marine attributes — jumpers and T-shirts, stylish jackets, jeans of various cuts and colors, ultra-short shorts, from latex — spring jackets and raincoats, classic trouser suits, as well as very practical Juicy Couture denim overalls.

Bags from Juicy Couture in 2013 were the focus of the new collection. Countless shades and shapes will allow every fashionista to find her dream. The assortment is represented by a wide variety — from mini bags on chains to spacious and roomy models with original decorations in the form of stones, rhinestones, floral prints and original fittings.

This collection offers the perfect and practical ensembles of Juicy Couture accessories and clothes that are suitable for almost any occasion in the life of a modern woman. All models are made in bright and bed colors, which are harmoniously combined with each other. The assortment of the collection is so diverse that you want to buy everything at once, because the times when the brand’s products consisted mainly of Juicy Couture velor suits are long gone. Although they are still top sellers.


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