History of Nike


History of Nike

The history of the creation of Nike began back in 1964, when a student at the University of Oregon and part-time sprinter Phil Knight, together with his coach Bill Bowerman, came up with an ingenious scheme to sell high-quality and inexpensive shoes. In the same year, Phil went to Japan, where he signed a contract with Onitsuka to supply sneakers to the United States. The first sales were made right on the street from Knight’s micro-van, and the garage served as an office. Then the company existed under the name Blue Ribbon Sports.

Phil and Beal were soon joined by a third person, athlete and sales talent Jeff Johnson. Thanks to a special approach, he increased sales, and also changed the name of the company to Nike, naming the company in honor of the winged goddess of victory.

In 1971, a significant event took place in the history of Nike — the development of a logo that is still used today. «Flourish» or the wing of the goddess Nike was invented by a student at the University of Portland — Carolina Davidson, who received a rather modest fee for her creation, only $ 30.

Legendary innovation

In the history of the Nike brand, there are two ingenious inventions that brought particular success and popularity to the brand. The company’s first meteoric rise began in 1975, when Bill Bowerman designed the famous grooved outsole while looking at his wife’s waffle iron. It was this innovation that allowed the company to break into the lead and make Nike sneakers the best-selling shoe in America.

In 1979, Nike had another revolutionary development — an air cushion built into the sole, which extended the life of the shoe. This innovation, conceived by aeronautical engineer Frank Rudy, led to the creation of the world-famous, iconic Nike Air series.

Our days

Today, the Nike brand is a symbol of sports, and its history to this day is rich in interesting facts. For example, in the near future, the company has a joint project planned with Apple. They will jointly release hi-tech technology — these are sneakers and an audio player connected to each other.


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