History of Adidas


history of adidas

Someone once said that history remembers its heroes. And this is true. Adidas is a leader in the sportswear industry. But heroes are not born, they are made. And, of course, in the history of the formation of Adidas there were ups and downs, their joys and disappointments. But in spite of everything, today Adidas is a world-renowned leader in the production of branded sportswear and accessories.

History of Adidas

The history of the creation of Adidas takes its roots from the 20s of the last century. More than 90 years ago, the world first saw the products of the Dassler family, who later became the founders of Adidas. Rudolf and his younger brother Adolf Dassler started their small family business in their mother’s laundry, but very soon, in 1924, a company called the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory was founded. A story about the development of Adidas claims that by 1936, Dassler was recognized in Germany as the standard for sports shoes of that time. Things were going well, and by 1938 the company was producing 1,000 pairs of shoes daily. But the war has changed the cards for many. Production at that time had already been stopped by two concerns. After the war, the family business had to be raised almost from scratch. Soon, in 1948, the Dassler brothers divided the family business among themselves, which, in fact, became the beginning of the history of the Adidas brand. Rudolph left behind one factory, naming the company no less famous name today — «Puma». Adolf, in turn, having inherited the second half of the family business, named the company «Addas», and a little later changed the name of the brand to «Adidas». At the same time, the logo of this company first appears.

1948 was the beginning of the history of the Adidas brand, as such. And, despite the success of the company, Adidas continued to produce only shoes. And 1952 was significant for the company in that a new direction appeared in the history of Adidas. This year, the already well-known brand began to produce other products under its logo. Sports bags were the first, a little later Adolf met the owner of a textile factory, Willy Seltenreich, to whom he ordered the first thousand sports suits with the Adidas logo. A little later, Adidas released its first soccer ball. The company prospered, and year after year it confidently ascended to the «Olympus» in the production of sportswear. And although by 1990 the company’s position had deteriorated significantly, three years later, starting in 1993, Adidas takes its rightful place among the leaders in branded sportswear.

To date, the history of the creation of Adidas is the most popular, and fans of this brand claim that if you really want something, then everything can be achieved, as the Dassler brothers did.


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