French clothing brands


French clothing brands

To feel the style and elegance of France helps women all over the world to wear clothes designed or produced in this country. Many of the fair sex give preference to French brands of women’s clothing, because. it combines elegance, comfort, extravagance and, of course, coquetry.

famous names

The list of French clothing brands is quite large. But some brands are known to most women:

  • Axara;
  • Alain Manoukian;
  • Atika;
  • Camaieu;
  • Kookai;
  • Lacoste;
  • Pierre Cardin;
  • Clothing Quiosque;
  • Rene Lezard;
  • Lanvin;
  • promod;
  • Naf Naf.

These clothing brands from France are very different, they are focused on different social classes, different ages and tastes. For example, Axara prefers quality materials and eclecticism. Alain Manoukian tends to be more business-like. Atika strives to make the image of a woman unexpected and is aimed at middle-aged women with a good income. Camaieu, on the contrary, is famous for its affordable prices without losing quality. Kookai and Lacoste are the choice of a real woman who wants to remain gorgeous in any situation. The brands Rene Lezard and Pierre Cardin are names that embody impeccable quality and unsurpassed style.

Where to buy famous French clothing brands?

Today, there are boutiques with excellent clothes from a foreign manufacturer in many large shopping centers, even in provincial cities, so it’s not so difficult to look “haute couture” these days. Busy girls can help online shopping. And, of course, you can go to a wonderful romantic country and give your wardrobe a lot of cool things. Even expensive products can be afforded if you buy them during the discount season or in outlets — many fashionistas who come to France for shopping use this opportunity today.


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