Dirk Bikkembergs


Dirk Bikkembergs

Biography of Dirk Bikkembergs

Dirk Bikkembergs was born in Germany on January 2, 1959. Parents assumed that the son would study law and jurisprudence, but he did not live up to their expectations. Dirk graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium.

In 1985, Dirk received the Golden Spindle Award for Best Young Fashion Designer. Bikkembergs presented his first men’s shoe collection already in 1986. His models were distinguished by a clear cut, leather and mesh inserts, as well as original double seams.

The first Dirk Bikkembergs Man clothing collection was for men only. However, already in the early 90s, Dirk released a women’s collection. The main emphasis in the first line of clothing for the beautiful half of humanity was «feminine masculinity.» The models were made of dense and coarse fabric, but they looked very soft and sexy. Dirk presented models of long coats and raincoats, reminiscent of a man’s overcoat. Despite this, every piece was very feminine and elegant.

In the summer of 2000, at an exhibition in Florence, Dirk presented the first Bikkembergs Jeans and Streetwear denim collection. In 2003, he began official work on a sportswear line for Italian footballers. Dirk Bikkembergs is considered one of the first who was able to combine fashion and sports with enviable success.

Style Features

Dirk Bikkembergs clothes and shoes are a reflection of bold design and comfortable practicality. Dirk uses two styles in his collections: casual, loose casual and sportswear.

According to Dirk, a plain white T-shirt, sports jeans and sneakers are a great option to emphasize male beauty and style. This explains the fact that all the models of his collections are not particularly extravagant. They attract with their exclusivity, practicality, simplicity and sophistication at the same time.

Men’s and women’s sneakers, Dirk Bikkembergs sneakers stand out for their fashionable design and endless feeling of comfort and convenience. For sports, this is a great option. Dirk uses only natural materials in his collections. He pays special attention to small details and uses unusual color schemes.


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