Malo clothing is a combination of luxury, feminine charm, beauty and exquisite taste. Even the most famous critics are delighted with each product of the Italian manufacturer. Each wardrobe item of this brand provides constant comfort, which at the same time allows you to enjoy the original design and beauty. A cashmere cardigan, a tunic, an exquisite dress or a knitted sweater — all these clothes become not only a part of your wardrobe, but also a part of your soul. You will never want to part with her.

Let’s talk about quality

The history of Malo began in Italy in 1972, the company quickly became the most popular manufacturer of knitwear. The secret of the high level of comfort of each model of the collection lies in a special type of cashmere, which is made only from natural fibers with unique weaving methods. Elastic and thin strands make a dress or jumper light and elastic. To create its knitwear, the manufacturer uses modern technologies and classic looms. An unusual combination of new technologies and the experience of previous generations makes it possible to turn knitted fabrics into stylish and sophisticated clothes that reflect a penchant for traditional workmanship.

Malo in 2013, in addition to men’s and women’s clothing made of cashmere fabric, also produces collections of children’s clothes, household items and leather products. Each new clothing line from the Malo brand becomes a confirmation of the unsurpassed Italian taste and desire for luxury. Quite recently, the world famous Alessandro Dell`Acqua was appointed as the creative director of the company. He is known for the special playfulness and sensuality of his works. The main idea that is invested in each collection is that any woman should always be desirable.



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