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The Gap company today is one of the most famous global clothing manufacturers. Born in America, Gap embodies traditional values: quality, style, practicality.

It is about the history of the development of the Gap brand and the features of their women’s clothing that we will talk about in this article.

Gap History

Jeans Gap — a real symbol and the main product of the company. The idea for the brand originated in 1969 when Don Fisher, the founder of the company, was unsuccessfully trying to find the right size jeans in San Francisco stores.

Together with his wife Doris, he conceived the idea of ​​combining under one roof a variety of jeans models so that everyone could find a pair to their liking.

In addition, the brand’s first store also sold music cassettes and vinyl records. Alas, Gap failed to become the leader of the music market, but the company quickly gained popularity in the fashion market. During its first year of existence, Gap’s collections generated over $2 million in sales. Over time, more and more Gap stores appeared throughout America, and soon their network spread to other continents.

From a small family firm, Gap has grown into a giant in the fashion industry — Gap Inc. To date, the concern has five of the most powerful mass brands: Gap, Piperlime, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta. In addition to the network of stores, numerous online stores operate very successfully.

Gap in 2013 is an extensive global network of outlets, thousands of employees, its own design staff and constant innovation in both style and quality and functionality of clothing.

The Gap assortment has expanded significantly — now you can find not only jeans, but also T-shirts, jackets, trousers, shorts, skirts, and Gap dresses. In addition to the usual line of denim trousers, the Gap range was supplemented by products from the GapMaternity (for pregnant women) and GapBody (underwear and sleepwear) lines. In addition, separate lines of babyGap and GapKids children’s clothing appeared, which instantly won the love of consumers due to a combination of attractive appearance, quality fabrics and enviable practicality and functionality.

During its existence, the company has repeatedly collaborated with many celebrities and fashion designers, conquered entire generations with its memorable commercials and slogans. Gap merchandise has often appeared in Hollywood films, further spurring the brand’s popularity.

New Gap Collection

The influence of Gap on the development of the modern understanding of style and fashion is undoubtedly very great: it was Gap that initiated the popularization of khaki trousers, free office style, and relaxed chic. The designers of this brand also «had a hand» in creating a new type of casual wear — casual, but stylish and sexy.

Gap designers offer fashionistas in the summer of 2013 to dress in colored khaki trousers (khaki in this case is not a color, but a type of trousers), loose polo shirts with fun prints and complete the look with ballet flats in pure colors and wide-brimmed hats. Well, such an image fits perfectly into the main fashion trends of the summer, which means that it is guaranteed popularity among fashionistas. In addition, the Gap summer collection is full of a variety of dresses (including stylish sheath dresses and loose A-line sundresses).

The main fabrics of the season, according to Gap, are denim (and its lighter version — chambray), knitwear and cotton fabrics (both plain and printed or printed).

In addition to bright, cheerful colors, Gap has a lot of classic and pastel shades in its assortment.

Such a variety of options will help fashionistas create a variety of looks: from sports or casual, to romantic or safari.


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