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ASOS is a British democratic brand that produces women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Clothing of this brand is distinguished by practicality, versatility, and style variety.

ASOS new collection

The autumn-winter collection includes elements of preppy, folk, punk and grunge. Thanks to this cocktail, things look incredibly stylish and original. You will be delighted with the wide range, interesting styles and decorative designs.

The collection uses trendy materials such as tweed, mohair, leather, chambray, fur and denim. The color scheme consists of rich shades of pink, green, orange, blue, as well as amazing metallics. But, of course, there is an indispensable black, white and beige color.

ASOS has pleased its fans with a variety of prints — tapestry, leopard, stripes, plaid, peas and paisley.

In the new ASOS collection, you will find colorful jumpsuits, flared skirts, unusual O-line dresses, trousers, jeans, coats and other extravagant items.

ASOS dresses are playful femininity!

The world-famous fashion house advises to take a closer look this winter to short plain dresses with a high waist and long sleeves. Flared models with a geometric print will also be relevant. Classic plaid or polka dots look great on oval dresses with a zipper on the back. Such chic outfits must be complemented with exquisite accessories. A bright ASOS coat is the perfect complement to your evening outfit.

ASOS shoes are mostly masculine in style, for example, you will definitely like boots and loafers with small heels, as well as boots with a rough platform. But the company does not refuse feminine heels. The chic ASOS stilettos from the new collection are detailed with sophisticated straps and fur trim.

ASOS for pregnant women

A caring brand never forgets expectant mothers. This year, luxurious trapezoid-shaped dresses, decorated with delicate lace and floral prints, were demonstrated. For special occasions, ASOS evening dress with a high waist in aquamarine is suitable. Decorating with sequins and lace will add romance to the image.

ASOS knows how to surprise, so be sure to explore the new collection, which is filled with interesting things and accessories!


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