Clothes from Daria Pynzar


clothes from Daria Pynzar

For lovers of the TV project Dom-2 and fans of the work of Daria Pynzar, who was a participant in this project, the opening of a fashionable women’s clothing store was a real holiday. Previously, Daria was engaged exclusively in an online store where women’s clothing from China was sold at very affordable prices.

Daria and her husband Sergei Pynzar founded the company quite recently, but in such a short time it has become very popular and in demand, and all thanks to the fact that many managed to fall in love with the former participants in the Dom-2 television project. The recently opened store presented clothes from Daria Pynzan in the same assortment as in the online store. Youth clothing corresponds to current fashion trends. Here, every fashionista will find amazing dresses that match the amazing style of Daria Pynzar. It is known that Dasha has an exquisite taste, so the models presented in the store cannot but be liked by avid fashionistas.

Last year, Daria Pynzar released her first collection of dresses, which are sold exclusively in their family brand stores. Since Daria is Russian, she decided to make her first collection with a traditional native Russian ornament, somewhat reminiscent of Gorodets painting. Bright balloon dresses create a light and romantic look, while the mini length emphasizes femininity and sexuality. Over the past year, Daria Pynzar’s dresses have become popular not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine.

In addition to its new collection, Pynzar branded stores offer warm outerwear, casual and sportswear, high-quality shoes, elegant bags, as well as fashion accessories and home wardrobe items such as slippers.

Since young girls want to dress brightly and stylishly, choosing the clothes of Daria Pynzar, they make the right choice.


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