Chinese clothing brands


Chinese clothing brands

More recently, clothing from China did not arouse much interest among buyers, as it was a copy of branded items, and at the same time, the quality of goods was not always good. And today, Chinese women’s clothing brands are known all over the world. Famous actors and singers, such as Orlando Bloom, Agyness Deyn, Timati, are filmed in their advertisements.

Sports brand Sprandi

One of the most famous Chinese clothing brands is Sprandi. As a logo, the company chose an arrow, which means moving forward. Sprandi is really fast paced. Its history began in 1995, and already in 1996, a Chinese quality brand of sportswear conquered the Czech market, as the prices for it were sparing. In 1998, the brand’s first catalog was released, which was developed together with the Boston company. This helped Sprandi conquer new territories.

The year 2005 turned out to be very significant for the company — the first extended collection was released, which included not only sports models, but also clothes for extreme weather conditions.

An interesting fact is that Sprandi clothes are made in China at the same factories where things from Adidas, Nike, New Balance and others are created.

In 2008, the company showed itself in a new way at the Russian fashion week. The Timati for Sprandi collection was presented, in which shoes, clothes and accessories were made in street style. Brand designers worked together with the famous rapper Timati.

fashion brands

There are also lesser-known companies that are just starting to conquer the global market, for example:

  • Uma Wang;
  • Mary Ching;
  • Septwolves.

Such brands generally do not have a narrow specialization, they are engaged in the production of men’s and women’s clothing, creating them in different styles, depending on the ruling trends.

Among Chinese dress brands, Uma Wang is the most popular, creating stunning elegant designs. The design of things also contains the traditional culture of China.

One of the few companies with boutiques located not only in America, but also in Moscow, London and Boston is Mary Ching. The company’s items are popular among Europeans, as it suits their taste and has an affordable price.


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