Betty Barclay


Betty Barclay

Betty Barclay womenswear is designed specifically for those women who honor their natural beauty and personality. All products of the brand are distinguished by fairly affordable prices for the high quality of materials and tailoring. In Europe, the German brand is practically the best-selling among the rest, since the brand has a large number of stores (about 3500) in 60 countries of the world. Betty Barclay clothing meets all existing standards, as it is produced and manufactured under the strictest control. Such characteristics determine an extensive audience of consumers of products of this brand.

Company history

The brand was registered in the city of Heidelberk in 1955 by an entrepreneur named Max Berk. Immediately after that, the brand receives a license to sell its clothes in all European countries. Before the brand was founded, Marx Burke already had experience in running his own business, since he founded his own textile factory as early as 1938. A little later, this concern releases the Betty Barclay collection, which saw the world in 1961. Seven years later, a subsidiary of the brand called GIL BRET appeared in the fashion world, specializing in tailoring trousers, suits, and outerwear. The more brands appeared, the more the turnover of the concern increased, so in 1971 the company’s cash turnover was more than one hundred million marks a year. 1996 was one of the most successful periods for the company, since it was in this year that the company received a license to create and sell footwear. In addition, the brand was awarded a special award called «Entrepreneur of the Year» by Drapers Record (a British magazine). 2002 was significant in that during this period the trademark was reorganized, as well as the old logo was updated. The logo has not changed since then. In 2005, the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary and, as before, was awarded the honorary title of brand of the year.

Betty Barclay S/S 2013

The popular German brand Betty Barclay in 2013 pleased all fashionistas with its new collection. The 2013 Betty Barclay collection brings together all the stylish trends of this year — bright graphic patterns, geometric and floral prints, bright colors and strict stripes. The styles of Betty Barclay dresses look sophisticated and elegant, as they are made in an optimistic and fresh spirit of the times. The collection of Betty Barclay jackets and other things included sports details, ethnic and folklore patterns, retro elements, various Celtic embroideries. This combination of trends and styles in the design of Betty Barclay skirts gives them a special charm. The highlight of the collection is a variety of prints that can decorate any piece of women’s wardrobe, and the key trend in style is urban chic.

Graphic patterns, expressive mosaics and floral decor adorn not only clothes, but also Betty Barclay bags, which gives them originality, charm and elegance. Zippers and contrasting ribbons will add a special stylish touch, the classic laconic cut of clothes will dominate. The main focus of the new collection is on a large number and variety of jackets and blazers. Any fashionista can choose a suitable model — a short and straight jacket, a feminine fashionable cardigan, strict blouses, various capes and raincoats. The most popular option will be a blazer with a fitted cut and one button, the entire surface of which is printed with a floral print. It will look great with a white blouse and fitted model of dark jeans.


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