Ugg Australia — branded women’s shoes, how to distinguish original ugg boots from a fake?


Ugg Australia - branded women's shoes, how to distinguish original ugg boots from a fake?

For several winter seasons, fashionistas from all over the world have chosen uggs as their universal winter footwear. For many, they are associated with boots and boots made from natural sheep suede or its imitation, on a soft flat sole. Ugg Australia branded shoes, which are of excellent quality, are especially highly valued.

How to distinguish original Ugg Australia from a fake?

Shoes from a well-known brand have come a long way to become a fashionable feature in the form of men and women. Ugg boots were created by Australian shepherds. These soft ankle boots were warm and practical, and for their awkward appearance they were called ugly (terrible), which was later transformed into the current name. There are a very large number of fakes of real Australian ugg boots, according to this indicator, not a single leading fashion brand can be compared with them.

For fashionistas who want to buy Ugg Australia, how to distinguish a fake is a top priority. It is worth paying attention to some points, which are as follows:

  1. A label is sewn into the shaft of the left boot, if you turn it from top to bottom, the color of the logo will change from black to white, and in the latest models there is a holographic protection on the labels.
  2. Original shoes cannot be cheap, if the seller offers big discounts, then there is reason to think.
  3. In the production of original models of boots, natural sheep fur with suede is used, if you pinch the fur on the inside and the suede on the outside and pull in different directions, then they should not peel off from each other. This is a natural whole piece of sheepskin.
  4. The sole of real Ugg Australia products is elastic, soft when bent, while for fakes it is hard. The height of the sole of real branded models is 13 mm, while for fakes it is about 7 mm.

how to distinguish original ugg australia from a fake

Shoes Ugg Australia

Under the brand, not only popular uggs are put on sale, but also several other types of shoes. All products of the Ugg Australia brand, the original, have high performance that justifies their price. The brand, which has proven itself, has been producing models of the highest quality for many years, which will last more than one season:

  • half boots uggs;
  • boots of different heights;
  • boots with high or low tops;
  • elegant ankle boots;
  • comfortable loafers with fur;
  • home warm slippers;
  • sports sneakers and sneakers;
  • summer attractive sandals.

ugg australia shoesugg australia original

Uggs Ugg Australia

Ugg Australia women’s uggs are incredibly popular among fashionistas. They have become an iconic shoe all over the world that characterizes this brand. They are recognizable and have a huge number of fans, both among men and women. For everyday wear with semi-sporty style clothes, this is the best choice. It is only necessary to take into account seasonality and climatic features:

  • it is not recommended to wear natural sheepskin boots during rain and sleet;
  • you can not use protective cosmetics for suede tops;
  • in dry and frosty winters, they do an excellent job of protecting against the cold. Products with a leather or water-repellent coating can be worn in almost any weather.

ugg boots australia

Ankle boots Ugg Australia

The model version includes women’s boots Ugg Australia. Ankle boots have the following distinctive characteristics:

  • they are made of high quality genuine leather;
  • reptile skin or reptile-embossed inserts are widely used;
  • models of ankle boots are available both on a tractor or flat sole with a low heel, and on a high stable heel;
  • many models can be worn in winter, they have a warm sheepskin insole that protects the foot in severe frosts;
  • The genuine leather used in the production of Ugg Australia ankle boots is highly water-repellent.

ugg australia ankle boots

Boots Ugg Australia

For the autumn-spring period, the company produces Ugg Australia women’s lace-up boots. This is the choice of an active modern woman who prefers everyday comfort in urban environments. They are resistant to environmental influences, changeable weather conditions. They are characterized by such distinctive features:

  • are produced mainly on a flat corrugated sole or a sole with a low heel;
  • made of high quality genuine leather, resistant to capricious weather conditions;
  • The main style in which the Ugg original Australia range of boots is presented is casual, which allows you to combine them with many everyday items from the wardrobe.

ugg australia boots

Boots Ugg Australia

In addition to Ugg boots, the company produces women’s Ugg Australia boots in classic models, Alaska boots with lacing. They are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • products are made not only from suede, but also from high-quality leather samples;
  • winter models of boots Ugg original Australia practically do not know analogues in terms of heat-saving characteristics;
  • “European winter” models with flat soles, reminiscent of jockey boots, a novelty that the company presented last year;
  • durable sole has a special pattern with a logo image;
  • The sole has a strong grip on the surface, it is very comfortable in icy conditions and prevents slipping.

ugg australia bootsugg australia women boots

Sneakers Ugg Australia

The company is engaged in the design, development and production of sports shoes under its own brand. Ugg Australia women’s sneakers and sneakers are created to the highest standards, which is expressed in the presence of the following details:

  • the sole of the sneakers is made of compressed rubber, which provides better grip both with asphalt and with special sports surfaces of stadiums and fitness halls;
  • the foot is located as anatomically as possible, which ensures the most acceptable load distribution during running and playing sports;
  • Ugg Australia leather sneakers have both lacing and tight straps that comfortably fix the foot.

ugg australia sneakers

Loafers Ugg Australia

Fur-lined Ugg Australia moccasins are incredibly comfortable for everyday wear. They combine comfort and attractive appearance, softness and elasticity. The company presented two lines of moccasins:

  1. «Milana», which is characterized by lightweight moccasins made of natural suede or nubuck with orthopedic insoles that allow you to distribute the load from the feet.
  2. «Suzette», which is the most environmentally friendly, uses natural sheepskin as a heel enhancer, and jute braid as decor.
  3. Both lines of moccasins are presented in a wide range of colors, from classic brown to the brightest. Blue and burgundy shades are very popular.

loafers ugg australia

Slippers Ugg Australia

Ugg Australia room slippers are presented in a large assortment, both in classic forms and unusual ones in the form of soft moccasins with fur inside and fur flip flops. Slippers are created and designed taking into account that after a day’s load the foot can completely relax. They have the following traits:

  • such shoes do not use hard elements, and the sole is extremely soft;
  • the top can be made of suede or leather, and there is a fur lining inside;
  • another option is a completely fur product with a soft fluffy top and inside.

ugg australia slippers

Sandals Ugg Australia

For the summer season, Ugg Australia women’s shoes are represented by a variety of sandals:

  • on a flat sole with a top made of weaving leather cords. The upper part is predominantly open, consisting of several wide strips;
  • on a hemp wedge with a suede or leather top. Comfortable wedge height does not create unnecessary load on the foot;
  • a variety of colors and decor options make sandals not only comfortable, but also an incredibly attractive piece of clothing for the summer;
  • the color of the top and wedges can match or differ, leaving a spectacular contrast between them.

ugg australia sandalswomen's shoes ugg australia


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