The North Face — stylish women’s winter clothing from a well-known brand


The North Face - stylish women's winter clothing from a well-known brand

The North Face was founded over fifty years ago. Its creators were big fans of an active lifestyle, so under the auspices of their own brand, they began to produce inventory and equipment necessary for tourism, sports and outdoor activities. Today, these products are very popular due to their high quality.

History of The North Face brand

The North Face was founded in 1966 in San Francisco. Its founder, Douglas Tomkins, was a big fan of mountaineering, so quality gear and equipment was on his list of needs. Meanwhile, at that time in America there were very few manufacturers who produced products necessary for tourism and extreme sports, as a result of which the athlete himself had to engage in the manufacture of things important to him.

Already in 1968, the brand was sold to Kenneth Klop, who immediately after the acquisition opened a large plant in Berkeley. At the same time, the designers developed a new company logo, which is an image of the northern wall of the top of Half House. Since that moment, only high-quality and light materials have been used in production, which perfectly counteract the negative effects of strong winds and precipitation.

To date, the range of The North Face brand includes high-quality equipment for professional skiers, climbers and other athletes, comfortable and roomy backpacks, tents for hiking and outdoor recreation. In addition, since the 1980s, this company has been producing warm clothes made of fleece and other materials that are suitable not only for sports, but also for everyday wear. Finally, a separate place in the collection of this brand is occupied by incredibly warm and comfortable thermal underwear for adult men and women and children of different ages.

history of the north face brand

North Face clothing

The collection of the brand contains items of both basic and upper wardrobe. All clothing brand The North Face has proven itself in all weather conditions. It gives comfort and warmth when it is very cold outside, reliably protects against wind, moisture, dirt and precipitation, and, moreover, does not restrict movement at all. In addition, the clothes of this manufacturer look unusually stylish and attractive.

north face clothing

Down jacket The North Face

The range of the brand includes down jackets for winter and off-season. These products are characterized by extraordinary lightness, stylish appearance and excellent thermal performance. So, the North Face women’s down jacket, designed for the winter period of the year, can warm its owner at temperatures up to -30 degrees Celsius. Demi-season options have a down filler of much lower density, so they provide maximum comfort in the temperature range from -5 to +5 degrees.

The North Face down jackets have a bold yet clean design. For the fair sex, monochrome options are popular, which can be practical — gray, black or brown, or bright and catchy, for example, pink or lemon yellow. In addition, a favorite technique of the brand’s designers is the combination of two contrasting shades, for example, red and black or yellow and blue.

down jacket the north face

Jacket The North Face

For different weather conditions, the brand’s collection provides several models of jackets that differ in thermal characteristics, design and functionality. The demi-season options are unlined, while each The North Face winter jacket is necessarily complemented by high-quality insulation made from natural or synthetic materials. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, all these products do not cause discomfort while wearing and maintain optimal temperature conditions.

Most models of jackets of this brand have many additional elements for the convenience of their owner. So, they are equipped with a convenient detachable hood that can be removed in a matter of seconds if not necessary, roomy pockets located on both the outer and inner surfaces, a drawstring and a latch for adjusting the hem width, a double fastener, and so on.

north face jacket

The North Face Parka

In The North Face collection, parkas are one of the warmest types of outerwear. They are designed for the coldest weather, but at the same time they are lightweight and thin. Each The North Face women’s jacket of this design is equipped with a waterproof breathable membrane and a layer of natural goose down, which ensures that it maintains the most comfortable temperature regime.

In addition, the park of this manufacturer can be modified in different ways, depending on the weather and mood. This piece has a detachable hood with a detachable fur trim, elastic band and drawstring at the waist, with which the product can be made straight, loose or fitted, and a hem width adjuster.

the north face park

Windbreaker The North Face

The North Face Anorak Windbreaker is lightweight and perfect for cool-weather sports or everyday wear. It can replace a raincoat, because it has a completely waterproof outer surface, and a cardigan, as it reliably protects from the wind and maintains optimal temperature conditions. Windbreakers of this brand have the following features:

  • sewn-in hood with regulator;
  • elastic cuffs with elastic bands;
  • thermal gluing of seams;
  • water-repellent and breathable effects;
  • strict silhouette and minimalist decor;
  • brand logo print on the front.

north face windbreaker

Sweatshirt The North Face

Stylish sweatshirt with elastic cuffs on the sleeves and an elastic band at the bottom provides excellent wind protection. In addition, this warm sweater The North Face is ideal for home use — it is incredibly cozy in any temperature. The sweatshirts of this brand look very conservative — they have a traditional cut for this wardrobe item and calm colors from a neutral color scheme, and the only decorative element for these things is a small brand logo on the chest.

north face sweatshirt

T-shirt The North Face

The line of the brand also contains feminine items that can emphasize the beauty of the silhouette of beautiful ladies. So, for example, The North Face purple V-neck women’s t-shirt with a cute tourist print looks bright, playful and flirtatious. A small The North Face logo adorns the back of this model. In addition, stylists and designers have developed bright pink «flashy» options and products in neutral shades that go well with any wardrobe items and accessories.

north face t-shirt

Hoodie The North Face

Warm and comfortable hoodie is a great choice for those who like to relax in nature. With a relaxed fit, this The North Face sweatshirt is designed to let you move freely for maximum comfort in all conditions. The sewn-in hood with drawstrings reliably protects against wind, rain and insect bites, so this little thing is especially popular with young children who like hiking in the forest, fishing and other similar activities. The front of the product is decorated with capacious pockets, in which you can place the necessary little things or hide frozen palms.

the north face hoodie

Thermal underwear The North Face

Although The North Face winter clothing has excellent thermal performance and can keep you warm even in cold weather, additional insulation is still required in some situations. So, for example, a similar situation is observed in winter fishing, when tourists have to sit in one place for a long time, with strong winds and high humidity, or simply when the air temperature outside drops below -25 degrees Celsius.

Especially for this purpose, The North Face thermal sets are designed, consisting of underpants and a long-sleeved T-shirt, which for convenience can be supplemented with a small zipper located in the collar area. The brand line includes two lines of thermal underwear — Warm and Hybrid, which differ slightly in composition. Both models perfectly warm even in 30-degree frost and reliably protect against hypothermia.

thermal underwear the north face

Shoes The North Face

The collection of this manufacturer presents high-quality and incredibly comfortable shoes for walking and outdoor activities. Depending on the season, these can be slippers or flat-soled boots designed for the demi-season and cold weather. The North Face winter boots are especially popular with girls and women leading an active lifestyle. This shoe, remarkable in all respects, has the following advantages that distinguish it from similar models from other brands:

  • use of exclusively natural and high-quality materials;
  • anatomical insoles with antimicrobial coating;
  • lightweight and comfortable outsole that provides excellent traction even on icy surfaces;
  • secure lacing.

north face shoes

Headwear The North Face

In addition to stylish and high-quality clothes and shoes, the brand’s assortment also includes original accessories that can complement an image in a sporty style. One of the most popular and recognizable is The North Face cap, which has won unprecedented demand among outdoor enthusiasts. A distinctive feature of this headgear is that its front part is made of a material equipped with UV protection.

There is also a winter line of similar accessories — caps for the cold season are made of woolen nylon, in which it is almost impossible to freeze. Knitted hats are also popular, perfectly combined with various jackets. Stylish and comfortable The North Face gloves can be included with such products, in which delicate female hands will be warm in any weather.

headwear the north face


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