tak ori

Let not every fashionista know about Tak.Ori, but many argue that the whole world will soon talk about this new brand. His creations are worn by many Russian and European stars, including Svetlana Bondarchuk, Monica Belucci, Margarita Missoni and many others.

Interestingly, this brand became famous after Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted wearing a Takori-style English ribbing hat. In truth, it was with the hats that the existence of the brand began. Svetlana Takkori, its founder, says that she wanted to make hats with folklore ornaments, in patchwork style, with bright prints, in other words, such that would help every fashionista to stand out and emphasize her originality, as the main feature of the company.

Variety of Tak.Ori clothes

Despite the fact that only three Tak.Ori clothing collections have been released, the brand has long established itself as a company that creates things with a unique, expressive design. In clothes from Takori, you can not go unnoticed. Moreover, sometimes you get the impression that the bright colors, patterns, prints — all this in some strange way positively affects the mood, makes you glow from the inside, radiate optimism.

So, in the spring-summer collection of 2016 it was impossible to find a plain dress. Each model had its own print, color. Blouses are the epitome of femininity. boundless energy, blossoming mood. Also, in addition to no less colorful midi and maxi skirts, Tak.Ori presented to the public floral print cardigans. If there were monophonic models, then their pockets are necessarily decorated with an exquisite flower.

The new autumn-winter collection was not without the famous Takori hats. Also, the list of headwear of the brand was replenished with elegant felt hats of chocolate and burgundy colors. Gray, navy blue, merlot, green, white Tak.Ori hats are the perfect complement to the autumn-winter look. This time, the designer added a feminine suit to her collection, consisting of a maxi-tunic and flared trousers. An unusual red and white ornament gave it more charm and style.

In addition, the collection was replenished with floor-length dresses with bright prints in the form of fern leaves and geometric patterns. There are knitted outfits with pockets, long sleeves and without it.

All the girls demonstrating stylish outfits were wearing either leggings or warm gray tights. Will we soon learn about a new winter trend?


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