Stussy — branded clothing and accessories from the world famous American brand


Stussy - branded clothing and accessories from the world famous American brand

Among lovers of an active lifestyle around the world, the Stussy trademark is known. It is invariably associated with the highest quality and superior style. The brand’s collections include numerous wardrobe items and accessories — hoodies, anoraks, sweatshirts, bombers, pants, jackets, T-shirts.

Stussy brand history

The famous Stussy brand dates back to 1980. It was founded by California designer Sean Stussy. A distinctive feature of the brand is its sporty style. Initially, things were made for surfers, but over time, the assortment expanded and won recognition from adherents of an informal style. Clothing is characterized by exclusive, unique features, which are expressed in the following:

  • advantage is given to a simple laconic cut, which is typical for comfortable sportswear;
  • on any item of clothing there is a trademark logo, which not only indicates belonging to the brand, but also serves as a kind of decorative element;
  • versatility, thanks to which Stussy clothes can be combined with many wardrobe items.

stussy brand history

Stussy — how to distinguish the original?

For fashionistas who decide to replenish their wardrobe with a high-quality and stylish novelty, the question becomes relevant: how to distinguish an original Stussy from a fake? When choosing one or another item of clothing, it is worth considering the following recommendations:

  • A distinctive feature of the brand is the logo, made in the form of a tag, which Sean Stussy once applied with a black marker. Currently, a similar inscription adorns T-shirts, sweaters, hats, pants;
  • it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the seams, they must be even, the stitches of the same size;
  • Another testament to the high quality is the even coloration of the letters that make up the inscriptions and prints.

stussy how to distinguish the original

Stussy clothing

The collections presented by Stussy contain many wardrobe items. They are mainly focused on the autumn-spring season and are designed for active pastime and sports. Things can be conditionally divided into outerwear (jackets, windbreakers), sweatshirts (hoodies, hoodies, sweatshirts) and pants (summer and autumn trousers, sports joggers).

stussy clothing

Hoodie Stussy

Among the products that have the Stussy logo, hoodies are very popular. This type of clothing is a special insulated sweater, which is characterized by the following features:

  • soft cotton jersey or fleece is used as a material for manufacturing;
  • there may be a warm fleece inside the product;
  • a mandatory detail is the hood, which has a drawstring;
  • there are large patch pockets that are located in front;
  • when choosing colors, preference is given to light pastel colors, but dark shades can also be used;
  • The Stussy brand name can be printed on the front or back of the item.

stussy hoodie

Anorak Stussy

Reliable protection from the cold and piercing wind is created by the anorak — the Stussy windbreaker, which has its own distinctive features compared to other types of light jackets. Among them are the following:

  • the presence of a special pocket located on the chest and looking like a «kenguryatnik». Initially, the Stussy anorak was designed for mountaineering and hiking, so there were some inconveniences while using the classic side pockets;
  • The sleeves have ribbed cuffs that provide additional wind protection.
  • the presence of special drawstrings stretched along the hem of the product and in the area of ​​​​the hood.

stussy anorak

Stussy pants

Stussy pants are presented in a wide variety of branded collections. There are such variations of models:

  • trousers with a narrow cut, which have a classic or shortened length. To create a spectacular bow, if desired, you can use the Stussy belt;
  • the color scheme can be very diverse, from restrained and familiar colors, represented by black, gray, beige, pastel tones, to all kinds of prints made in a similar shade with the main color or constituting a contrast with it;
  • For lovers of sporty style, Stussy joggers are ideal. They are sewn from soft knitted fabrics and have a free comfortable cut. These pants can be used not only for sports training, but also used to create casual looks.

stussy pantsstussy joggers

Stussy jacket

The brand is famous for creating lightweight outerwear, from the Stussy padded jacket to the lightweight jacket. The latter version has the following features:

  • very similar to the anorak, but unlike the windbreaker closed in front, the jacket has a zipper;
  • made of raincoat fabric, which creates reliable protection from rain and wind;
  • dense materials used in sewing parka jackets can also be used;
  • colors vary from plain to containing all sorts of prints. Khaki and camouflage coloring are popular;
  • the hood and hem of the Stussy garment can be fitted with brand-specific drawstrings.

stussy jacket

Stussy T-shirt

Stussy women’s T-shirt looks extremely stylish and original. It can be presented in the following design variations:

  • preference is given to black and white, but there are also bright shades;
  • on many T-shirts there are inscriptions consisting of the company logo and the names of world capitals, for example, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo;
  • an original design decision is the application of unusual images, for example, it can be the faces of celebrities or exclusive drawings;
  • T-shirts fit perfectly into street style and are perfectly combined with jeans of various styles.

t shirt

Stussy sweatshirt

Young girls will appreciate such a wardrobe item as a Stussy sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is characterized by such distinctive details:

  • dominated by a rounded neckline;
  • there may be an elastic band on the cuffs and hem of the product;
  • lovers of classic colors will be able to opt for a black, white shade;
  • you can create a bright memorable bow with a red sweatshirt with a trademark logo;
  • a thing that contains a print in the form of stripes that smoothly transition into each other looks very original. If they are made in similar colors, then this creates a certain sophistication and sophistication. For example, a product with stripes of the color of warm chocolate and beige looks very harmonious. It can be used not only in the usual combination with jeans, but also combined with skirts.

stussy sweatshirt

Stussy bomber jacket

Bomber is considered one of the most spectacular things. It will be appreciated by fashionistas who strive to create bright, memorable bows. The characteristic features of such products include the following:

  • the Stussy badge can be located on the front of the product or be in the form of an inscription running horizontally across the back;
  • the fabric often has a shiny sheen;
  • The bomber jacket is finished with ribbed cuffs and elastic at the hem.

bomber jacket stussy

Stussy bag

Accessories produced by this brand are concise and made in a sporty style. They are characterized by the following details:

  • are made mainly of dense fabrics;
  • complemented by two functional handles of medium length;
  • square and rectangular shape predominates;
  • as for the color scheme, the colors can be monophonic or contain all kinds of prints, be bright or restrained;
  • there are not only bags that have a certain femininity, but also a Stussy backpack that fits perfectly into a casual or sporty look.

shoulder bag

Stussy hat

You can create a harmonious image for the cold season with the help of a properly selected headdress. Hats, which are produced by the Stussy trademark, fit perfectly into the overall bow, which is made up with the help of branded items. Products have the following distinctive characteristics:

  • conciseness of styles;
  • the use of restrained classic colors: gray, beige, dark blue, pastel colors;
  • can be complemented with a pompom made of threads;
  • for a warmer season, the Stussy cap is suitable, which can be supplemented not only with a visor, but also with “ears”.

hat stussy


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