Stone Island — Italian clothing, shoes and accessories from the world famous brand


Stone Island - Italian clothing, shoes and accessories from the world famous brand

Each of the Italian brands is gaining its audience very quickly, as their products are of incredibly high quality and original appearance. The Stone Island brand was no exception — under its auspices for more than 35 years, unique casual style clothing has been produced, which has gained incredible popularity in youth circles.

Stone Island — brand history

Stone Island clothing has been produced in Italy, in the city of Ravarino, since 1982. The founder of the brand was the designer Massimo Osti, who set himself the goal of creating iconic clothing models that no one can ever repeat. In his first collection, only a few jackets were presented, differing in non-standard design, and the next season, trousers, shirts and T-shirts already appeared. Nevertheless, jackets have remained the hallmark of this brand to this day.

In the production of Stone Island products, the most unusual and innovative materials were used — light and thin nylon, monofilament, metal threads, non-woven materials and much more. Some fabrics of this manufacturer changed their color depending on the lighting and ambient temperature.

All this made a real sensation in the fashion world and created a completely new idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdressing. It combines many carefully thought-out details, unrivaled comfort and convenience in everyday use. Although initially the brand’s products were widely distributed only in Italy, a little later they were able to win the hearts of the British and other Europeans. Currently, the Stone Island brand is known all over the world. It has many offices and boutiques in Italian cities and European capitals.

stone island brand history

Stone Island Patch

Absolutely all the models that the Stone Island brand represents are decorated with a brand name — a stylized image of the «wind rose». This badge is familiar to football fans around the world, as it distinguishes fans of this brand from all other fans. Meanwhile, not all people know the history of this patch.

The idea of ​​the emergence of the «rose of the winds» was born by the designer Massimo Osti in the wake of the passion for military uniforms. To organize his work, he studied the technologies for the production of clothing for the military for a very long time and carefully, while experimenting with modern equipment. Maestro Osti was especially attracted by the uniform of military sailors — durable and windproof, providing maximum comfort in all weather conditions.

On the basis of the marine theme and the fleet, a bright and original emblem appeared — a combination of a compass and a “wind rose”. As a rule, it is fastened on two buttons on the left sleeve of the product, less often on the shoulder. This patch makes it easy to guess in the crowd of a football fan or a rebel who is a fan of a famous brand. Meanwhile, today some teenagers buy cheap imitations of the patch and sew it on their clothes to stand out from the crowd.

stone island patch

Stone Island — original

Since there are a huge number of unscrupulous manufacturers in the world who pass off cheap counterfeit products as original products of well-known brands, there is a high probability of acquiring a fake, especially in cases where the purchase is not made in Stone Island branded stores and boutiques.

Meanwhile, there are many ways to find out what is in front of you — the original or a cheap low-quality fake. So, Stone Island, how to distinguish a fake? Experts advise to carefully inspect the product and pay attention to the following points:

  • the most important thing is the patch. It can have only three color varieties — yellow-green, completely black or black and white. As a rule, it is sewn on with buttons, and their holes are the same color as the outer and inner circles in which the «rose» is placed;
  • One of the hallmarks of original Stone Island products is their consistently high quality. This also applies to materials that are strong, wear-resistant and durable, and the presence of perfectly even seams, from which threads do not stick out, and the obligatory absence of foreign chemical odors;
  • on each item of this brand there is a label with information about the product and the manufacturer. On it, with the help of digital designations, the season for which the little thing is intended, its type and model, type of fabric and a special technological code are indicated. Stone Island has developed its own smartphone app that lets you scan this tag onto your phone and find out in seconds what the seller has to offer. In addition, this label should not be one — the others must indicate recommendations for washing and the country of origin. Please note that original products are produced only in the following countries: Romania, Italy, China, Indonesia, Tunisia;
  • The price of any product can be specified on the official website of the manufacturer. If you are offered certain products, the price of which differs from that declared on the site by 30-40% or more, be sure that you have a cheap fake;
  • the most important sign of a fake is the location of the emblem on the right. In the original production, this is absolutely not allowed;
  • one more little thing that falsifiers very often forget is the “tongue” of lightning. It must have an embossed inscription — Stone Island, Lambo or YKK. If it is absent, there can be no doubts about falsification.

stone island original

Stone Island women’s clothing

Although initially the Stone Island brand was exclusively engaged in the production of men’s wardrobe items, the situation later changed, and women’s collections appeared in the line of this brand. Stone Island products for women are also of incredibly high quality and original appearance that can distinguish their owner from the crowd. For this reason, in most cases, it is chosen by young ladies who are not afraid to look bright and catchy.

stone island women's clothing

Stone Island coat

Stylish and practical coats from the eminent Italian brand are able to warm their owner and protect her from bad weather under any conditions. These products are absolutely waterproof, so you can not even use an umbrella with them. Most coat models of this brand are similar to each other, but, meanwhile, they are all different, and their main difference is the use of original materials.

So, for the demi-season period, many young ladies choose products from a mixture of wool and nylon. They look very stylish and elegant, but at the same time they are not inferior to other options in terms of protection. Most of these models have a turn-down collar that fits around the neck or is located on a small neckline. In addition, one of the most popular pieces is the Stone Island parka, which is lined with a short jacket for maximum thermal insulation. This jacket contains natural down that does not get wet.

stone island coat

Anorak Stone Island

The Stone Island anorak windbreaker is made from a dense yet lightweight fabric. It is worn over the head, and for convenience it is almost always complemented by a short zipper ending under the chest. Since the anorak is designed to protect its owner from the weather, it always has a hood, with or without a drawstring band. Such products in the assortment of the brand are presented in various colors — there are not only gloomy and dark shades, but also light colors and original prints.

stone island anorak

Sweatshirt Stone Island

The original sweatshirt or Stone Island sweatshirt is ideal for outdoor activities and everyday wear. In such products it is warm and cozy in any weather, besides, they are very easy to combine with other wardrobe items. So, any Stone Island sweatshirt or sweater looks great with jeans and trousers. For a more feminine look, they can be combined with a pencil skirt, and on a warm summer evening — with shorts and stylish sneakers.

stone island sweatshirt

Stone Island Jeans

Absolutely all jeans of the famous brand have a classic cut, length and fit. Lycra is not added to the composition of these products, so they do not fit the legs like a second skin and allow the body to breathe. Thanks to this feature, these pants are ideal for long-term wear, because they do not restrict movement at all and do not cause discomfort. In addition, the Stone Island joggers also belong to the line of jeans — versatile denim trousers, complemented by elastic at the waist and at the bottom of the legs.

stone island jeans

Raincoat Stone Island

Cropped raincoats look very stylish, bright and original. Any raincoat, like any Stone Island jacket, reliably protects its owner from wind and precipitation. Most of the models are complemented by a hood, eliminating the need to wear a hat, as well as a special drawstring that allows you to adjust the width of the product in the waist area.

stone island raincoat

Stone Island T-shirt

For young girls, the Stone Island women’s T-shirt is perfect, characterized by restraint and conciseness. These wardrobe items are made in a variety of colors, and their only decoration is the famous brand logo. They fit perfectly into sporty and casual looks and go great with both jeans and simple skirts.

stone island t-shirt

Stone Island shoes

In addition to stylish and comfortable clothes, the Stone Island brand additionally produces comfortable shoes for lovers of outdoor activities and long walks. All Stone Island sneakers, boots and sneakers have excellent cushioning characteristics, so you can walk in them without feeling discomfort for a long time. From an external point of view, they are very concise — in such models there are only 2-3 muted colors.

stone island shoes

Backpack Stone Island

The Stone Island urban backpack can be made from durable textile or water-repellent PVC. In any case, this little thing is very durable, so even a large number of heavy objects can be carried in it. All backpacks of this brand are complemented by wide and strong straps that do not rub and do not cause inconvenience.

stone island backpack


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