Off-White — fashion clothes from personal stylist Kanye West


Off-White - fashion clothes from personal stylist Kanye West

Among the brands that have won the recognition and love of young fashionistas, the Off-White trademark has won one of the leading positions. Her collections feature items made in an original style that combines casual and glamorous street chic.

History of the Off-White brand

The youth brand Off-White was created relatively recently, in 2002. Its founder is Virgil Abloh — the personal stylist of the famous rapper Kanye West. The idea that guided Abloh during the development and implementation of the collections is a combination of street style and high fashion. The novelties have earned huge success in the world of show business and gained fans in the face of other rappers — Jay-Z and A$AP Rocky. Subsequently, the clothes were brought to the attention of ordinary consumers, not only men’s, but also women’s collections were created.

off white brand history

Off-White — how to distinguish a fake?

The Off-White brand is consistently associated with high quality. The cost of such things is also high, so when purchasing a fashionable novelty, you need to pay attention to certain points so as not to run into a fake. The nuances to consider are as follows:

  • the originality of the product can be determined by the tag. The following may indicate a fake: an uneven font with letters of different thicknesses; in the original, the letters are clear, even, made using lines of the same thickness, well printed;
  • the seams in the original product must be even, the same in size;
  • the presence of protruding threads is excluded;
  • fake prints may differ in brightness from the original ones, they are dimmer.

off white how to distinguish a fake

Clothing Off-White

The fashion collections of the famous brand present to the attention of consumers a variety of wardrobe items, these are hoodies, sweatshirts, dresses, pants, parkas, T-shirts, jackets, Off-White jackets. All of them have their own special style, which is characterized by the following features:

  • drawing graphic elements, which are mainly performed in black and white;
  • the use of non-standard parts, for example, a jacket may have sleeves made from different fabrics and having different lengths, there may even be only one sleeve at all;
  • combining several wardrobe items in one, for example, a coat can combine part of a leather jacket and continue as a cashmere product;
  • combination of materials of different textures and colors;
  • the most diverse color scheme is used, these are warm beige shades, and deep rich red, green tones, and classic white, dark blue, black.

white clothesoff white brand

Jacket Off-White

For the cold season, the Off-White winter jacket is an excellent choice. It will perfectly complement not only things in casual style, but also a glamorous sophisticated look. Products are characterized by such distinctive characteristics:

  • matte or patent leather, suede can be used as a material for manufacturing;
  • The Off-White jacket can be lined with sheepskin on the inside for added warmth and comfort. Sheepskin can also act as a decorative element; cuffs, collar, hood are decorated with it;
  • an item made in golden or metallic colors looks original and non-standard;
  • the jacket can be short, ending at the waist, and elongated, covering the hips and reaching the level of the knees.

white jacket

Hoodie Off-White

A spectacular youth look can be created if you use an Off-White hoodie or sweatshirt. Products are characterized by the following details:

  • soft knitted fabric or fleece is used as a material for manufacturing;
  • the hoodie is distinguished by a bright and original design of the back: it has a trademark logo and floral ornaments that give femininity to this sports item;
  • a similar design can also be found on the back of sweatshirts;
  • floral prints can be done in bright red or discreet pastel soft pink shades;
  • the black color of the thing is common, but those who like to create catchy, memorable bows can pick up a bright red model;
  • there may be white stripes on the sleeves.

off white hoodieoff white sweatshirt

Off-White T-shirt

Warm season collections are complemented by wardrobe items such as the Off-White T-shirt and longsleeve. They are presented in the following variations:

  • can be as concise and simple as possible. An example is a white product, on which the brand name is indicated in small letters;
  • there may be prints and patterns on the front or back of the thing;
  • on the back there may be white stripes applied diagonally, floral ornaments;
  • white and black colors predominate, but there are also non-standard options, such as camouflage colors.

off white t-shirtlong sleeve off white

Pants Off-White

Off-White pants are also made in a special original style characteristic of this brand. You can note the following variations of models:

  • trousers with a classic cut and solid colors, both the usual black and navy blue, and bright red. Arrows may even be present on products;
  • loose-fitting wide leg pants that can be branded with a brand logo in the same color as the pants;
  • Off-White joggers deserve special attention, which will perfectly fit into a casual style and a sporty look;
  • Off-White jeans, which can have a loose or narrower cut, be plain or complemented by decorative elements: embroidery, prints.

off white pantsoff white jeans

Sweatshirt Off-White

A great option for the autumn-spring season is an Off-White sweatshirt or bomber jacket. Products are characterized by the following features:

  • ribbed cuffs, collar and hem;
  • the brand logo is printed on the back, and large «W» letters can be located on the front;
  • black and white colors predominate, while stripes of white, black or yellow are applied to the sleeves of the product;
  • a thing can be decorated with floral ornaments on different parts;
  • fastens at the front with a zipper.

off white bomber jacket

Off white dress

Fashionistas can create an incredibly spectacular evening or casual bow if they wear an Off-White dress. The chosen style will depend on the style in which the thing is made, the following variations can be noted:

  • luxurious evening dresses, for the manufacture of which silk, satin, chiffon fabrics are used. Their highlight is the combination of seemingly incongruous materials, for example, light silk can be complemented by dense cotton or linen inserts;
  • casual models that are made of knitwear and made in the style inherent in this brand — with a logo, stripes, geometric or floral prints. Off-White sneakers are perfect for everyday dress.

off white dress

Parka Off-White

For the winter season, the Off-White women’s parka is ideal, which has the following characteristics:

  • made of dense fabric;
  • complemented by a hood, which can be trimmed with natural fur;
  • may have a warm lining;
  • the parka is made in a solid color or contains prints that can look like a pattern or be designed in a style characteristic of the brand: with stripes and a logo;
  • The parka can be worn with jeans, joggers, low heels or high platform shoes.

off white parka

Shoes Off-White

Under the Off-White trademark, not only clothes are produced, but also stylish shoes. The following varieties can be identified:

  1. Sports models — sneakers and sneakers Off-White. They are made in light and dark colors, they have all the features of the brand: the application of the company logo, the image of intersecting arrows, they may contain bright inserts, for example, red or yellow. Some models have an oversized heel counter, which serves as additional protection for the heel.
  2. The collection also includes elegant and refined ones, such as stiletto pumps or high-heeled ankle boots. They have a concise design and are not overloaded with unnecessary details.

off white sneakersoff white shoes

Backpack Off-White

A backpack or an Off-White bag will help to harmoniously complement the casual look. They are characterized by such features:

  • small or medium size;
  • shoulder straps can be of a different color and serve as an additional decoration of the product;
  • there may be a strip on the front, contrasting in color with the product, which contains the brand logo;
  • diagonal stripes can be applied;
  • as for the color scheme, it can be classic black shades, bright ones, for example, pink, red, camouflage colors are also allowed.

off white backpack


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