Marc&Andre — fashion clothes from the French brand


Marc&Andre - fashion clothes from the French brand

In anticipation of the summer season, every fashionista thinks about purchasing a new swimsuit and updating her beach wardrobe, which will be distinguished by originality, stylish design and help create a bright, memorable image. Products of the French brand Marc&Andre perfectly meet all these criteria.

Brand Marc&Andre

The brand has been in existence since 1985. Marc&Andre began its activity with the release of exclusive models of swimwear, the hallmarks of which are elegance and unique inimitable design. Then the production of elegant beach accessories, lingerie and home wear began to be carried out. Today, the Marc&Andre brand is considered one of the most sought after in the world.

Brand Marc Andre

Swimwear Marc Andre

by Marc Andre

Stylish Marc&Andre pajamas

clothing Marc Andre

Collection Marc Andre 2017

This year, the brand has remained true to its style and offered consumers a variety of options for clothing models, among which are the following:

  • exclusive swimwear Marc&Andre 2017, made in different colors, there are both separate and one-piece styles;
  • a collection of lingerie developed using a special technology that allows you to perfectly match the contours of the female figure;
  • elements of a beach wardrobe that effectively complement the image — shorts and tunics;
  • home clothes: dresses, bathrobes and pajamas.

Swimwear Marc Andre 2017

Swimwear Marc&André 2017

Marc Andre collection 2017

Swimwear Marc&Andre

Marc and Andre women’s swimwear is characterized by a special and unique style. The activity of the company began with their production, so they became the hallmark of the brand, and special attention is paid to their tailoring and design development. Distinctive features of the products are their extraordinary colors, which can be made in a variety of colors. Marc&Andre swimwear is presented in various styles, which include the following:

  • classic bikinis;
  • options with a bandeau bodice;
  • completely closed;
  • popular monokini;
  • may not contain decorative elements at all or be decorated with ruffles, flounces, frills.

Marc and Andre women's swimwear

Bikini Marc&Andre

One of the most popular options for Marc&Andre’s trendy swimwear is the bikini. Many models have such distinctive characteristics:

  • the top is made in the form of a bandeau bodice or contains cups that have a push-up effect, which visually lifts the chest and makes it more voluminous;
  • bright blue, turquoise, bright blue colors predominate, as well as light and pastel shades;
  • original floral ornaments are very popular;
  • Marc&Andre bikinis can be complemented with spectacular ruffles or ruffles, which gives the image femininity and romance.

fashion swimwear Marc Andre

Closed swimwear Marc&Andre

No less relevant is such a model as a Marc&Andre one-piece swimsuit. They are characterized by the presence of such distinctive elements:

  • addition of various ties in the chest area or just above the waist line, which adds charm to the image;
  • the Marc&Andre one-piece swimsuit has cups that can contain linings that visually add volume to the chest;
  • in the color palette, preference is given to delicate blue, aquamarine, light and soft pastel tones;
  • floral and abstract ornaments are common.

Marc Andre one-piece swimsuit

Lingerie Marc&Andre

One of the product categories produced by this brand is Marc&Andre lingerie. Models are incredibly feminine and able to present the female figure in the most favorable light. There are such variations of underwear:

  • made in a classic style;
  • distinguished by brightness and suitable for the youth image;
  • variety of colors: Marc&Andre’s underwear comes in soft pastel colors, practical blue or black, bright, bold and rich. It can be both plain and decorated with a variety of prints;
  • underwear can be made in a minimalist style or be effectively decorated with lace trim.

lingerie marc andre

Bra by Marc&Andre

In order to feel as comfortable and confident as possible, the Marc&Andre bra is ideal. It has the following benefits:

  • aesthetic function, the models look incredibly feminine and sophisticated. They can be decorated as simply as possible, without decorative elements, or decorated with lace;
  • made taking into account the anatomical features of the female figure, so you can feel incredibly comfortable in it;
  • high quality workmanship, thanks to which the product will last a long time.

bra Marc Andre

Briefs Marc&Andre

Complete with a bra, as a harmonious addition to it, there are Marc&Andre panties. They can also vary depending on the stylistic design:

  • sports minimalist models;
  • made entirely of openwork fabrics or containing lace inserts;
  • classic closed or made in the form of thongs.

Marc Andre panties

Mark&André clothes

Among the models that are made by this brand, Marc & Andre homewear occupies a separate category. It will help to create a stylish image even at home. Some of the products can be worn not only at home, they can be suitable for creating a beach look or complement your everyday look. Among the main items of home wardrobe are the following:

  • shorts that can be worn at home or on the beach;
  • Marc and Andre tunics used for summer bows;
  • home dresses that are suitable for everyday walks;
  • pajamas that help you look spectacular even at home.

Homewear Marc Andre

Shorts Marc&Andre

Sports lovers will love the Marc&Andre shorts, which are made in different variations. It is possible to characterize the following features of the models:

  • perfect cut, designed taking into account the peculiarities of the female figure, thanks to which the shorts fit perfectly and look great;
  • products of different lengths are offered to choose from: they can reach the middle of the knee or end a little higher, reach the middle of the thigh;
  • pleasant structure of the fabric, thanks to which the body feels as comfortable as possible;
  • the waistline can be supplemented with a drawstring, have an elastic waistband with ties, a thin or wide belt;
  • as for the color scheme, products can be both plain and contain prints.

Shorts Marc Andre

Tunic Marc&Andre

One of the most common wardrobe items that Mark & ​​Andre women’s clothing is presented with is a tunic. It can be used to complement a beach look or worn at home. These products have the following features:

  • light fabrics are used for manufacturing, mainly natural silk;
  • most models are decorated with original prints that create the effect of a three-dimensional pattern;
  • Marc and Andre tunics are combined with many wardrobe items: trousers, leggings, mini or maxi skirts;
  • tunics can be worn with or without a belt that emphasizes the waistline.

Marc Andre tunic

Marc&Andre pajamas

To give comfort, coziness and create a great image will help such Marc & Andre’s home clothes as pajamas. The products of this brand have their own special style, which is as follows:

  1. For the manufacture of most models, natural silk is used. The set consists of a T-shirt with thin straps and long silk trousers. The flowing structure of the fabric gives the girl who has chosen such pajamas an incredibly attractive appearance, which helps to look spectacular even at home.
  2. Another option would be a set made of cotton-blended material, in which you can feel really cozy and at home. It includes elongated trousers and a T-shirt-like top.

Marc Andre pajamas


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