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m missoni

Products of the Italian brand M Missoni very often become the object of desire for girls and women of different ages who follow fashion trends and appreciate the high quality and individual style of each item. The garments produced under this brand are surprisingly well combined with each other, which allows each fashionista to create different looks for everyday wear or special occasions.

History of the M Missoni brand

M Missoni was founded in 1953 by designer Ottavio Missoni and his wife Rositta. The history of this brand began with the opening of a small workshop in which unique knitted items were made. Through the efforts of the Missoni couple, these unusual wardrobe items quickly gained wide popularity among young Italians, and after a while their range expanded noticeably.

In 1958, Ottavio and Rositta presented their first collection, which clearly showed the hallmark of the brand — each garment used a pattern in the form of stripes of various shades and widths, which could be placed on the product in any direction. A little later, this pattern was transformed into a zigzag, which today is the hallmark of the brand.

The 1967 show brought a huge success to the company. This year, before the start of the fashion show, the founder of the brand, Rositta Missoni, asked the models to remove the bras that violated the shape of the products. In the light of spotlights, the naked bodies of young girls were clearly visible through clothes, which, of course, did not go unnoticed. Since then, the M Missoni brand has become known to absolutely all people who have at least something to do with the fashion world.

To date, this luxury brand is headed by the daughter of the founders, Angela Missoni. It is she who holds the post of creative director of the company and is fully engaged in the development of new collections for women, men and children.

Collection M Missoni

The M Missoni brand line includes dresses, coats, swimwear and other items of clothing, most of which are universal, that is, suitable for creating both casual and evening looks. All products are made in a feminine style, have an impeccable quality of tailoring and materials.

Each model released under this brand is designed to emphasize the unsurpassed elegance, beauty and natural charm of the fair sex. In addition, through the use of zigzag and other prints, M Missoni clothing surprisingly hides existing figure flaws, and, if necessary, lengthens the silhouette, and also reduces or increases the size of the bust.


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