Juicy Couture is a fashion brand of clothes, shoes and accessories.


Juicy Couture is a fashion brand of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Fashionistas who prefer bright and eye-catching looks will appreciate the items produced by the popular brand Juicy Couture. Their distinctive feature is pronounced sexuality, but at the same time convenience and comfort.

Juicy Couture — brand history

The famous brand Juicy Couture dates back to 1996. It was founded by two girls from California — Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, who had absolutely similar ideas about fashion and style. The main periods that marked the history of the existence of the brand include the following:

  1. The first stage, which became the impetus for the development of the brand, was the production of beautiful clothes for pregnant women. The founders of the brand thought about the fact that pregnant girls are forced to wear shapeless and baggy clothes, and decided to make it attractive, which they did very well.
  2. After that, the friends decided to start developing the original design of tracksuits. They were characterized by a bright pink color, velor was used for manufacturing. To draw attention to their creations, the girls sent one of the costumes to Madonna, who liked this thing. Other celebrities who appreciated such a product are Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
  3. In 2002, the friends decided to expand their collections and started producing men’s and children’s clothing as well.
  4. 2004 was marked by the opening of the Juicy Couture boutique in Las Vegas, until that moment the production and sale of clothing was very limited.

juicy couture brand historyjuicy couture brand

Juicy Couture — how to distinguish a fake?

Given the growing popularity of the brand, in recent seasons, the number of fakes imitating branded items has increased. Fashionistas who want to avoid this and want to purchase Juicy Couture original should consider the following:

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a corporate logo, absolutely all things are decorated with it. It looks like an image of two terriers with a shield in their paws. Three hearts are drawn on it and contains the inscription Love G & P, the decoding of which sounds like «with love, Gela and Pamela.»
  2. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the general points that indicate the high quality of a particular product. This is the absence of protruding threads, smooth and evenly stitched seams. If we are talking about shoes, then it is necessary to exclude the presence of traces of glue, which indicates poor-quality processing.

juicy couture how to distinguish a fake

Juicy Couture clothing

The popular firm Juicy Couture has its own special, incomparable style, which is expressed in the following features:

  • in the manufacture of wardrobe items, increased emphasis is placed on sexuality and seductiveness. At the same time, they are extremely comfortable to wear;
  • preference is given to bright colors, giving the image femininity, lightness and romance;
  • the cut is used mainly adjacent to the figure and favorably emphasizes its seductive forms;
  • there are very extraordinary and even eccentric Juicy Couture wardrobe items, among which ultra-short shorts and skirts can be mentioned;
  • however, the classics also do not go unnoticed, there are elegant styles of coats, dresses, shoes.

clothing juicy couture

Juicy Couture jacket

In the off-season and winter seasons, Juicy Couture outerwear, which includes jackets, can bring a bright spicy touch to the image:

  • the product can be extremely light, made of velor and acting as a windbreaker designed for warm weather;
  • jackets containing a metallic sheen look catchy and extraordinary;
  • for the spring-autumn season, a Juicy Couture leather jacket or a thing made of suede is relevant. It can have a flat surface or be stitched and quilted, with shapes such as rhombuses or squares often used;
  • insulated models often contain fur decoration, with preference given to a pile of bright colors, for example, pink or orange;
  • the vast majority of products have a shortened length, but there are also things of midi length.

clothing juicy couturejuicy couture jacket

Juicy Couture coat

For lovers of elegance and conciseness, the Juicy Couture coat is ideal:

  • many products have a universal midi length that can be combined with both skirts and trousers;
  • preference is given to straight cut, this is the most common model;
  • the upper part of the coat is mostly closed, so you can put on any thing under them, for example, a Juicy Couture sweater;
  • as for the material used for manufacturing, it can be very different, for example, it is cashmere, wool and even denim. The last option is ideal for creating a casual look.

juicy couture coat

Juicy Couture Suits

Wardrobe items such as Juicy Couture tracksuits are the most popular items. This is due to the fact that the existence of a famous trademark began with this thing. Designers remain true to the original trends, which is expressed in such characteristic features of the costumes:

  • velor is invariably used for manufacturing, giving the product softness, comfort and sophistication;
  • the color scheme is selected bright and saturated, these are red and pink shades;
  • a sports jacket can have a traditional length, ending at waist level, or greatly shortened. In the latter case, the trousers have a high waistline;
  • An integral part of the Juicy Couture tracksuit is the hood.

juicy couture suits

Juicy Couture T-shirt

To create a spectacular casual look, the Juicy Couture T-shirt will be indispensable:

  • colors such as white, black, pink, pale blue, pastel colors are popular;
  • t-shirts contain original inscriptions made in a contrasting color or using a gold or metallic shade;
  • the length of the product can be completely different, this is a Juicy Couture cropped top, and an elongated T-shirt that covers the hips.

juicy fashion t-shirt

Juicy Couture T-shirt

juicy couture firmclothing juicy couture

Juicy Couture Dresses

Juicy Couture dresses look extremely feminine and romantic:

  • for young girls, shortened styles containing bright unusual prints are ideal. When sewing them, the brand does not change its traditions and places an increased emphasis on sexuality;
  • long Juicy Couture dresses often contain a stripe print, which can be either longitudinal or transverse. A cutout in the upper part, exposing the shoulders, will help to emphasize the fragility of the girl.

juicy couture long dressesjuicy couture dresses

Juicy Couture Jeans

For a casual look, Juicy Couture women’s jeans are perfect:

  • preference is given to skinny styles that fit snugly on the figure;
  • the most common color is a pale blue shade;
  • the presence of all kinds of decorative elements is welcome, which include torn parts, embroidery, decoration with rhinestones.

juicy couture jeans

Juicy Couture Jeans

women's juicy couture jeansjuicy couture original

Juicy Couture Pants

Juicy Couture women’s trousers are characterized by extreme convenience and comfort:

  • models can be described as semi-sports, they are characterized by a special cut, which implies the presence of a comfortable elastic band on top and the absence of a zipper. Often, a drawstring is used for additional fixation;
  • preference is given to light colors, it is pink, light gray, white;
  • often on the trousers there are inscriptions that contain the name of the brand;
  • length can be regular or shortened;
  • The Juicy Couture Pants pair perfectly with a variety of sneakers or sneakers, flat sandals or platform sandals.

juicy couture trouserswomen's pants juicy couture

Sundress Juicy Couture

The famous company Juicy Couture also produces such wardrobe items as summer sundresses:

  • the bodice of the sundress can be designed as a gang, in this case there are no straps;
  • there are also styles containing narrow straps, while the top can be designed both laconic and contain frills;
  • length can vary from mini to maxi, colors can be plain or with all sorts of prints.

sundress juicy couturejuicy couture firm

Juicy Couture skirt

Juicy Couture skirts will help to make the image truly unsurpassed. They are represented by a variety of models, among which are the following:

  • A pencil skirt made from soft jersey that follows the curves of the body with a snug fit. Such a model often contains a vertically located inscription with the name of the company logo;
  • a miniskirt, complemented by openwork floral patterns, which will be appreciated by young fashionistas who want to create romantic bows;
  • Maxi or midi skirts with bright prints, made of lightweight fabric and perfect for hot summer.

juicy couture skirtjuicy couture skirts

Juicy Couture Shoes

The Juicy Couture trademark provides an opportunity to create the most harmonious bow, since it produces not only clothes, but also shoes:

  • the brand offers elegant collections to the attention of fashionistas, which include shoes close to the classics and elegant high-heeled boots;
  • a separate line includes comfortable and easy-to-wear low-speed shoes, which include Juicy Couture sandals and slippers;
  • if you want to make the image glamorous and attracting everyone’s attention, it is recommended to give preference to shiny sneakers.

juicy couture shoesjuicy couture brand

Juicy Couture bags

In the manufacture of bags, the brand pays great attention to their quality and stylish appearance:

  • as for the material, preference is given to high-quality leather or suede;
  • bags can have a classic elegant design or be made in a casual style, for example, this is a Juicy Couture backpack;
  • on many models there are original decorative elements: fringe, decoration with rhinestones, sequins, key chains in the form of hearts, stripe bows;
  • the most common color is black, which is reasonably recognized as universal and can complement any outfit. However, there are also pale pink models associated exclusively with this brand.

juicy couture bagsjuicy couture original

Juicy Couture watch

The Juicy Couture women’s watch can serve as an organic addition to the image and an organic accessory:

  • as for the color scheme, the undoubted preference is given to golden and pink tones;
  • an abundance of decorative elements is welcome, such as rhinestones that frame the dial in a circle;
  • as the material used for manufacturing, plastic or metal can be used;
  • laconic watches are a more versatile solution that will fit perfectly into any look. If preference is given to catchy models with an abundance of decorative elements, then they are not able to be combined with all outfits, but they will additionally emphasize the sexuality of the fair sex.

juicy couture watchwomen's watch juicy couture

Perfume Juicy Couture

Since 2006, the brand has been producing perfumes. The author of the first fragrance was the famous world-famous perfumer Harry Fremont. Perfume ideally matches the concept of the brand and is characterized by such distinctive features:

  1. Perfume Juicy Couture is sweet, many associate the fragrance with perfume «for Barbie dolls». They were appreciated by fashionistas who prefer the appropriate style and want to bring bright spicy notes to the image.
  2. Perfume bottles are also unusual, they are decorated in a bright and flashy style, contain such decorative elements as bows and hearts, and are made in pink and red colors.

juicy couture perfumeperfume juicy couture

Juicy Couture glasses

To make the image complete and harmonious, Juicy Couture accessories such as glasses are used:

  • they can be darkened or contain transparent glasses, acting as an accessory designed to create a stylish image;
  • the frame can be monochromatic and match the color of the glasses or make an effective contrast with them;
  • another design option would be a frame containing a specific pattern, for example, it may be a leopard print that has been relevant in recent seasons;
  • glasses with clear lenses are perfect for complementing elegant business bows, other models of accessories can be used to compose casual looks.

glasses juicy couturejuicy couture accessories


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