Frey Wille — the best jewelry and accessories from the world famous brand


Frey Wille - the best jewelry and accessories from the world famous brand

One of the most unusual jewelry brands is the Austrian brand Frey Wille. The history of this manufacturer has more than 60 years, and during this time its products have gained immense popularity among girls and women around the world.

Frey Wille — brand history

Today, Frey Wille jewelry from Austria is known all over the world, although this was not always the case. Since its inception, the brand has been gaining momentum very slowly, and its name was known only to a narrow circle of the population. It all started in 1951, when the Austrian artist Mikaella Fry brought her ideas to life and created completely new jewelry from her own unique enamel.

The creator of these unusual accessories did not even expect future buyers to like them so much. Mikaella hand-designed each product, putting her whole soul into them. The assortment of jewelry was very modest, but after her longtime friend Friedrich Ville joined the girl, their number increased significantly, and the business itself instantly began to gain momentum and helped its owner achieve unprecedented heights.

Friedrich Wille turned out to be an incredibly enterprising young man. He quickly made the name of Micaella and her jewelry known to the fair sex around the world, and in 1980 he completely changed the concept and principle of the jewelry fashion house. Friedrich recruited a team of like-minded people and taught them the secret of making unique enamel, which led to an unprecedented rate of production growth.

Currently, the name Frey Wille is known to all connoisseurs of jewelry. The appearance of these products is somewhat specific, so not everyone likes them. Nevertheless, the brand’s products also have many devoted fans who follow the development of the brand with interest and try not to miss a single new product.

frey wille brand history

Frey Wille — how to distinguish a fake?

Since there are a huge number of unscrupulous sellers in the world who sell cheap counterfeit products at the price of the original, girls and women need to know the distinctive features of real products. So, beautiful ladies need to understand that original Frey Wille jewelry cannot be cheap.

On average, the price of one piece of jewelry released under the auspices of this brand is about 200 USD, and a set of jewelry — at least 700 conventional units. Jewelry of this brand, made of pure gold, are even more expensive — on average, the price of one item starts from 1000 USD. It is recommended to purchase such accessories only in branded boutiques.

Here the buyer must provide a certificate and branded packaging. If a fashionista decides to buy her favorite jewelry at another outlet, she needs to very carefully examine the appearance of the product on the official website of the company and compare it with the model offered by the seller, taking into account any little things.

frey wille how to distinguish a fake

Frey Wille enamel jewelry

Incredibly beautiful Frey Wille jewelry is made of pure gold and has an unusually high value. These exclusive accessories are enamelled and, in some cases, decorated with diamonds. When designing bracelets, earrings, rings and other types of jewelry, abstract motifs, geometric shapes, natural ornaments, as well as artistic techniques borrowed from paintings by famous artists are used.

frey wille enamel jewelry

Frey Wille enamel jewelry

When creating Frey Wille jewelry, only high-quality metals are used, which are then covered with precious enamel. This enamel is crushed glass with an admixture of mineral additives. The composition is melted at an unusually high temperature, sometimes reaching 800 degrees Celsius. Then this substance is very carefully and carefully applied to the metal base in 4 layers.

All Frey Wille jewelry is additionally plated with gold or rhodium. When creating them, special attention is paid to the development of color shades — each product uses from 12 to 20 tones, each of which is distinguished by brightness and intensity. Although these accessories look very distinctive and original, they belong to the luxury class and can only be available to a certain segment of the population.

frey wille enamel jewelry

Frey Wille earrings

All earrings of the famous brand are of incredibly high quality and reliability, making them very difficult to lose. Most models are equipped with a strong English lock, however, there are other options in the assortment, for example, studs. Any Frey Wille jewelry, including earrings, is decorated with the famous enamel, which draws attention to its owner. Its multicoloredness and brightness and intensity of tones make such accessories indispensable in a situation where a fashionista wants to stand out from the crowd.

frey wille earrings

Frey Wille bracelets

Jewel bracelets with Frey Wille enamel are incredibly diverse. Among them are narrow and wide models, options with decoration on the theme of paintings, geometric ornaments, floral and natural motifs, and so on. Most of the products are made in such a way that they can be worn both individually and as a whole ensemble. Like any Frey Wille jewelry, the bracelets of this brand are of unusually high quality.

frey wille bracelets

Frey Wille pendant

Laconic jewelry with Frey Wille enamel of various shapes and sizes can add charm to the image, but not radically change it. They are pendants that can be hung on a chain or bracelet. The main «highlight» of such products is enamel, so in most cases they have a simple, uncomplicated shape.

Frey Wille pendants look charming. They can complement an evening or everyday look, and in some cases they will be appropriate even at a business meeting. Although, according to some experts, there is a reference to the hippie style in the stylistic design of these jewelry, they are in perfect harmony with classic clothes and elements of other fashion trends.

frey wille pendant

Frey Wille pendant

Miniature Frey Wille-style jewelry pendants will look great in any situation. They can be worn on a chain or bracelet, paired with a classic earring or paired with other similar accessories. Combining several similar elements in one image, you can get a bright and unusually interesting ensemble in which any woman can feel a lot of interested looks from men.

frey wille pendant

Frey Wille ring

Exclusive rings with Frey Wille enamel attract interested glances. Most of them have a simple and concise form, since the main accent in these jewelry is the insertion of precious enamel. Meanwhile, there are also unusual specimens. For example, the Nautilus ring has an unusual shape, thanks to which it elegantly and dynamically wraps around the finger and makes it extraordinarily refined.

frey wille ring

Frey Wille accessories

The assortment of the brand includes not only exquisite jewelry, but also original accessories made in the style characteristic of this manufacturer. Straps and bags, scarves and shawls by Frey Wille look feminine and sophisticated and can add charm and charm to the image of their owner. An exquisite artistic painting is applied to each of these items, striking in brightness and variety of shades. Any such thing will be a great gift for a beautiful lady of any age and social status.

frey wille accessories

Frey Wille watch

Incredibly beautiful watches appeared in the Frey Wille collection a few years ago, which very quickly found a response in the hearts of the fair sex around the world. The company itself does not produce high-tech products — Swiss manufacturers are responsible for quartz movements, which can guarantee the unusually high quality and durability of their products. The Frey Wille brand is engaged in exclusively artistic processing of watches, thanks to which they become elegant, stylish and recognizable.

frey wille watch

Perfume Frey Wille

In 2015, a collection of perfumes was added to the range of the brand. Frey Wille eau de toilette and perfume are distinguished by their bright aroma and variety of notes. Among the presented specimens, the most interesting experts seemed to be the following:

  • Sphinx Magique — an unusual aroma with wonderful properties. Depending on the mood of its owner, it can both invigorate and soothe. It is believed that this perfume, filled with notes of orange, peach, bergamot and freesia, is ideal for the first half of the day and the warm season;
  • Sphinx Innocent — a tart mix of floral and woody notes. Designed for young ladies;
  • Sphinx Rose — feminine floral fragrance.

frey wille perfume


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