Francesco Donni — Italian quality and chic for every day


Francesco Donni - Italian quality and chic for every day

Italian Francesco Donni shoes, as well as clothes, are well-deservedly popular with men and women around the world. It differs in incredibly high quality, durability and wear resistance. In addition, the brand’s designers have an individual style that can be traced in each new model.

Brand Francesco Donni

The history of the Francesco Donni brand is based on a beautiful, interesting and extremely romantic legend. A young, intelligent and ambitious shoemaker from Italy named Francesco was in love with a beautiful donna, who struck him with her beauty and sexuality. The name of this girl is not mentioned in the legend, although many argue that her name was Donna. However, this word is only a respectful term for a woman in Italy.

Shoemaker Francesco was so passionate about the beautiful bottom that he sighed very often. One day, the beauty asked him why such heavy moans and sighs were heard from his chest, to which the shoemaker replied that he dreamed of making the most beautiful pair of shoes for the most beautiful lady in the world. Donna gasped and ordered warm winter boots from the guy, after which the young Italian fulfilled her order for free.

Subsequently, this girl began to advertise the shop of her admirer, and he became noticeably rich. And a few years later he proposed to his beloved, to which she agreed. The result of their union was the emergence of the magnificent brand Francesco Donni, which soon gained popularity around the world.

Today, this brand has many fans and admirers around the world. Its products are made only from high-quality natural materials, so it provides the highest possible comfort. In addition, it is beautiful and has an affordable price, which is a nice bonus for fans of the brand.

Each Francesco Donni collection is marked by the appearance of several new models that look stylish and attractive. Most pairs of shoes from this manufacturer have a discreet and laconic classic design, so they go well with any garments and accessories.

francesco donnie brand

Francesco Donnie’s shoes

Comfortable and high-quality Francesco Donni shoes are not popular with lovers of luxury and chic. It is intended for admirers of beautiful and comfortable things, which are not so important to impress others. You can stay in the shoes of this brand throughout the day, it almost never rubs, does not cause pain or excessive sweating of the feet. In addition, in the line of this brand there are many different models that are suitable for business or everyday life.

francesco donnie shoes

Francesco Donnie’s shoes

Francesco Donnie women’s shoes are ideal for business women who prefer a classic style. These shoes are surprisingly combined with strict and laconic suits based on straight trousers, a pencil skirt or a sheath dress. Most of the brand’s models have a heel, the height of which, however, does not exceed 8 centimeters. This avoids discomfort during wear, even for a long time.

Any Francesco Donni shoes for women, including shoes, are made from high quality natural materials, mainly suede and leather. In addition, combined models are very popular among brand designers, for the creation of which different types of raw materials are used. Shoes are not overloaded with decor — stylists use interesting combinations, perforations or small decorations, such as a bow in the front of the product.

francesco donnie shoes

Francesco Donnie sandals

Stylish and attractive Francesco Donni sandals, presented in the brand’s assortment, can have wedges, heels or flat soles. They provide excellent ventilation to the feet, so they are completely cool even in the warmest weather. In addition, most of these products are very light, so they can be worn for several hours without fear of getting tired or experiencing discomfort.

francesco donnie sandals

Ballerinas by Francesco Donnie

Almost weightless Francesco Donni ballerinas are made of genuine leather or light textile materials. They can have a low-rise flat or ribbed rubber outsole that provides excellent cushioning. Like other models of the brand, ballet shoes mostly have a classic stylistic design, however, the manufacturer’s collection also includes interesting options for bright colors and printed shoes for young girls.

francesco donnie ballerinas

Sneakers by Francesco Donny

Sports shoes take up only a small part of the collection of the Italian brand. Nevertheless, Francesco Donni sneakers are well-deservedly popular with outdoor enthusiasts due to their comfort and excellent fit on the foot. From an external point of view, they look very concise, so they are perfect for any jeans and shorts, as well as skirts and dresses in a sporty style.

francesco donnie sneakers

Moccasins Francesco Donnie

Stylish women’s moccasins by Francesco Donni, made of genuine leather or soft suede, look very beautiful and original. They have a wide range of colors, among which bright red and blue shades are especially popular. Models made in these colors always become the main focus of the image, so they are recommended to be combined with jeans and t-shirts in soothing colors.

In addition, Francesco Donni moccasins made of natural materials in pastel shades are popular with girls and women. They are able to emphasize the femininity, tenderness and romance of their owner, so they are recommended to be worn with beautiful dresses and skirts. Meanwhile, classic jeans in combination with such shoes will also look great.

Moccasins of this brand always have a monochromatic stylistic design and minimal decor. So, these products can be decorated with fringe and perforation. A distinctive decorative element of the brand is contrasting laces, located not only in the front of the boot, but also along its entire surface around the ankle. As a rule, in this case, the sole also has a different shade — it differs in color from moccasins and in most cases coincides with the laces.

francesco donnie loafers

Clog Francesco Donni

Francesco Donni women’s shoes are designed for both young girls and older women. The latter very often choose clogs that have a soft sole and increased fullness. Due to this, in such products, the pressure on the feet is reduced to the maximum, which is very important for women who are in old age or who have diseases of the lower extremities. Clogs of this brand can have a closed or open toe and a slight rise in the back, in most cases not exceeding 5 centimeters.

clog francesco donni

Women’s boots Francesco Donnie

Francesco Donni demi-season women’s boots are distinguished by their increased height and the presence of two vertical zippers located on both sides. This feature makes it easy to put on and take off these products, even for those people who have limited joint mobility or are in old age. Models have both a monochromatic design in one of the colors of the universal color scheme, and a bright printed design that is more suitable for young fashionistas.

francesco donnie women's boots

Boots by Francesco Donnie

Brand boots are presented in a wide variety, for example:

  • lovers of the classics will certainly like the model made of soft genuine leather with a tight-fitting cut and a stable heel. This option is an ideal choice for modern business women who value not only a stylish appearance, but also convenience and comfort;
  • an interesting model with a straight shaft, assembled with an accordion, looks original, however, it can complement both everyday and business look;
  • for girls who like to be in the spotlight, models with and without heels are suitable, made of natural leather in bright colors, such as cherry or blue;
  • The assortment includes also combined products. For example, a model made of smooth patent leather with removable suede leggings;
  • winter options made of genuine leather and suede are also very popular. From the inside, they are insulated with a fur or wool lining;
  • beloved by many «dutiki» and lace-up textile options are also present in the brand’s collection;
  • Finally, Francesco Donni rubber boots occupy a separate niche in the manufacturer’s line. They reliably protect from moisture and atmospheric precipitation and, moreover, look stylish.

francesco donnie boots

Francesco Donnie clothes

In addition to high-quality and stylish shoes, the brand also presents beautiful and attractive clothes. All suits, skirts and dresses by Francesco Donni are designed primarily for business women, however, they can be successfully worn in everyday life. Products in the vast majority have a minimal decorative design and laconic design, so they are suitable for beautiful ladies of any age and social status.

francesco donnie clothes

Francesco Donnie bags

Brand accessories are of high quality and characteristic design. So, all Francesco Donni women’s bags have comfortable small handles, thanks to which they are very easy to hold in your hands. In addition, any model is additionally equipped with a long strap with which it can be hung around the neck or on the shoulder. The manufacturer’s line also includes elegant clutches, which will be an appropriate addition to the evening look.

francesco donnie bags


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