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Marc Jacobs - the story of a brilliant designer and his best creations

Do you know what they say about the designer of the world famous brand Marc Jacob? All fashion connoisseurs unanimously say that no matter what the ingenious Mark undertakes, be it a women’s handbag, evening dress or sports shoes, in any case, he will get something stylish, such that every girl wants to immediately try on, buy.

Marc Jacobs — brand history

Marc Jacobs was founded in 1986. The first collections of the designer were filled with luxury, quirkiness and at the same time something fantastic. At that time, in the fashion industry, it was something new, something that instantly cuts into memory, something that you want to imitate. It is clear why, after some time, Marc Jacobs at the Council of Fashion Designers of America wins the long-awaited Perry Ellis Award. The award from this organization meant that the creations of a talented young man were recognized as part of American art and culture.

Marc Jacobsmarc jacobs brand history

In addition, Jacobs was soon recognized as the best designer. The creator of the brand does not want to think like everyone else, and therefore he begins to turn expensive things into super casual. A vivid example of this is wrinkled cashmere sweaters. Creative brand Marc Jacob is interested in fashion publishers. Anna Wintour herself, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, writes articles about the new brand. There is something attractive, new in his collections, capable of instantly captivating everyone. Believe it or not, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell take part in the Marc Jacob shows for free.

marc jacobs brand

And in 1997, Marc Jacobs opened his first store, located in the heart of the famous Soho district in New York. This event gave rise to the opening of boutiques throughout the United States. Soon, European dandies and fashionistas will have an opportunity to purchase grunge collections — stores of the eminent label are opening in Paris, London, Milan and Madrid. In 2001, the creator of the brand decided to expand his line and created Marc by Mark Jacobs, which includes lines of clothing, shoes and accessories that are a budget alternative to the original collection.

marc jacobs fashion house

2006 for the brand is marked by the release of six fragrances, among which the women’s perfume Marc Jacobs Daisy won the hearts of young ladies, but we will talk about this in more detail below. Soon, Mark introduces to the world a line of children’s shoes and clothes called Little Marc Jacobs. In 2008, a limited line of fantastic fragrances is released, which not only ordinary fashionistas, but also many celebrities are crazy about.

marc jacobs women's perfumemarc jacobs dresses

Marc Jacobs clothing

Fashion house Marc Jacobs creates products that embody the freedom of creativity. Each collection of the brand is a vivid example of what urban fashion should look like, or, as this style is commonly called, supercasual. Each creation of the designer is high quality materials, the latest fashion trends, special attention to detail and unique style. These are comfortable original models, sewn from expensive fabrics.

  marc jacobs clothesmarc jacobs clothes

If we talk in more detail about each of his collections, then, for example, the creation of the spring-summer beauty of 2018 of the genius designer was inspired by the multinational New York crowd. Here you can find baggy cardigans, more like men’s clothes, and oversized suits, and elegant evening dresses. It is impossible not to fall in love with a neon leather jacket and hip bag — the main trends of the next year.

marc jacobs fashion housemarc jacobs women's clothing

And the theme of the autumn-winter collection of the fashion maestro was hip-hop culture. The designer noted that in his new line of clothing he shows respect for the founders of this genre, thanks to whom we have the opportunity to admire modern street style. So, on the catwalks, the world saw the old-school style of the 80s and 90s: tracksuits, fur coats, velor trousers, trousers with retro-platform shoes, short dresses, shoulder bags, massive gold pendants.

marc jacobs brandmarc jacobs women's clothing

Marc Jacobs dresses

Marc Jacobs women’s clothing is always something extraordinary, unique and unlike anything else. If you love to stand out in the crowd, then take a closer look at the creations of the New York nugget. His dresses are a separate topic that you can talk about for hours. For example, in the 2017 cruise collection, which once again distinguished itself by eccentricity and randomness, the world was presented with bright outfits in the spirit of nostalgia. Airy tulle skirts, bright prints, tight-fitting lace models decorated with colorful prints — all this makes your head spin.

marc jacobs dressesmarc jacobs women's clothing

Marc Jacobs dresses

marc jacobs women's shoesmarc jacobs clothes

Marc Jacobs jeans

Fashion house Marc Jacobs never ceases to create clothes that will take your breath away. Trend jeans are cropped models with a color blocking effect, with horizontal zippers at the knees. These are baggy jeans with bright stripes, which the brand’s stylists recommend wearing with a fitted classic blazer, «boyfriends» with black lace on the sides, which, together with an openwork translucent blouse, look even more impressive.

marc jacobs jeans

Marc Jacobs jeans

fashion house marc jacobsmarc jacobs shoes

Marc Jacobs shoes

Marc Jacobs women’s shoes are extravagant boots on a huge platform, designed for extraordinary personalities. These are old school shoes, grunge and glam rock models. It’s a beauty with Victorian gothic and punk aesthetics in the design. What can be said? Designer’s creations are always varied. Here there was a place for shoes that the average person would not agree to wear for any money, but there are also models that will decorate the image of any fashionista, becoming its highlight.

marc jacobs women's shoes

It is impossible not to fall in love with patent leather boots in black, gray-blue. And how do you like dark chocolate velvet pumps that will decorate the office and evening look? And red stiletto ankle boots that can instantly diversify any boring outfit? Along with provocative platform boots, Mark has shoes for those who love things of restrained design — sandals with thin buckles with a miniature decor in the form of an elegant bow.

marc jacobs shoesmarc jacobs brand

Marc Jacobs shoes

marc jacobs boots  marc jacobs shoes

Marc Jacobs flats

Marc Jacobs Mouse ballet flats are one of the most favorite models among the clients of this eminent brand. It is worth clarifying that a few years ago it was released by the brainchild of the brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs. And even though this youth brand has ceased to exist, fashionistas do not stop admiring the “mice”. In addition to them, the designer does not get tired of creating elegant ballet shoes in a delicate powdery color, classic black and white, reminiscent of Chanel-style shoes. And how do you like the pointed beauty with a massive bow? It makes you want to wear it to work instead of uncomfortable boats, right?

  marc jacobs flatsmarc jacobs mouse ballerinas

Marc Jacobs flats

marc jacobs women's shoesfashion house marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs shoes

Marc Jacobs women’s shoes are something that can charm every girl. Here you will find classic pumps of delicate pink color with an open finger, and tricolor suede beauty, which will become a real decoration and a perfect completion of any outfit. The laconic design of velvet black shoes with a neat bow in front will complement the evening and business look. Do you want something unusual? Then pay attention to Mark’s lacquer creation with beveled massive heel and pointed toe.

marc jacobs shoesmarc jacobs women's shoes

Marc Jacobs shoes

marc jacobs shoesmarc jacobs fashion house

Boots Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs winter boots are both discreet classics and defiant modernity. Do you want something bright in gray autumn or faded winter? Here you have orange patent leather boots with stable heels, raspberry beauty embroidered with sequins or snow-white glitter boots, in which it is impossible to go unnoticed. The designer of the brand loves to surprise the public, and therefore in his line of shoes you can see the previously mentioned boots on a high platform.

  marc jacobs boots  marc jacobs winter boots

Boots Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs shoesmarc jacobs women's shoes

Marc Jacobs bags

A Marc Jacobs backpack, handbags, clutches, minaudières — all that is created by the talented Marc Jacobs and his team. All products delight with their design, and therefore every young lady wants to replenish her army of accessories with this wonderful element of the wardrobe. In the collections of the brand, you can see popular hip bags, small leather models, both restrained colors and flashy shades, body bags that can easily fit everything you need.

marc jacobs bagsfashion house marc jacobs

Marc Jacobs bags

  marc jacobs brand historymarc jacobs brand

Stylish women’s bags Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs fashion house

Perfume Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a perfume that embodies tenderness and femininity. This is one of the first fragrances designed by Alberto Morillas for the fashion house in 2007. If we talk about his notes in more detail, then:

  • top notes: grapefruit, violet and strawberry;
  • heart notes: gardenia and jasmine;
  • base notes: vanilla and musk.

And Marc Daisy Jacobs Dream eau de toilette instantly charges you with the coolness of the morning air. From it emanates the aroma of fruits and freshly cut flowers:

  • top notes: blackberry, pear;
  • heart note: litchi and jasmine;
  • base notes: white wood and musk.

marc jacobs perfume

In 2009, Marc Jacobs collaborated with Jan Wasnier to create Marc Jacobs Lola, an elegant and romantic fragrance:

  • top notes: pink pepper, pear;
  • heart notes: peony and geranium;
  • base notes: vanilla and musk.

Marc Decadence Jacobs saw the world two years ago. This perfume attracts attention not only with its design, but also with its amazing aroma:

  • top notes: plum, iris;
  • heart notes: rose, jasmine;
  • base notes: amber and vetiver.

marc jacobs daisy

Watch Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs watch for women is a stylish and fashionable accessory, the first collection of which was released in 2006 in collaboration with the American company Fossil. Marc Jacobs watches are synonymous with the highest quality. They perfectly emphasize the refined taste of their owner, help to express individuality. They are the perfect end to any lookbook.

marc jacobs watchmarc jacobs ladies watch

Watch Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs fashion housemarc jacobs brand

Marc Jacobs glasses

Marc Jacobs women’s glasses are made using modern materials. In addition, they meet the latest fashion trends, in which their creator has introduced a touch of his own style (where without it?). For many, they are no longer associated with street fashion, but with strict style, sophistication and luxury. Each collection has a place for minimalist models and glasses, decorated with numerous decorative elements in the form of beads, feathers and other things.

glasses marc jacobsmarc jacobs women glasses

Marc Jacobs glasses

fashion house marc jacobsmarc jacobs brand


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