English clothing brands


English clothing brands

England is famous not only for its specific humor, rock and the legendary queen, but also for a certain style of clothing, which at all times remains the standard of sophistication and aristocracy. Here there is no American «negligence» and French pomposity, here things are sewn in a classic style in the spirit of the best traditions of the time. Those who like seasoned style should consider British clothing brands. The assortment includes both inexpensive common brands and legendary brands with a long history of formation and many haute couture collections.

British women’s clothing brands

If you like the style of the British and their approach to fashion, then you will definitely like one of the presented British clothing brands:

  1. Burberry. The brand became famous thanks to the invention of a unique waterproof fabric called «gabardine» and the original Nova «check» print. Barbary produces raincoats, coats, as well as suits and dresses.
  2. Miss sixty. The brand specializes in the production of fashionable jeans and tops designed for modern daring girls. The main fans of the brand are Britney Spears and the Olsen sisters. Designers are constantly experimenting with fabrics, decor and colors.
  3. Fred Perry. A sports brand specializing in the production of sneakers, windbreakers and sports shirts. The image of a laurel wreath, which symbolizes high achievements in sports, has become the trademark of the brand.
  4. new looks. A common clothing brand that is mostly preferred by young girls. The concept of the brand is to create clothes that are combined with each other and are suitable for everyday wear and for special occasions.

This is not a complete list of British clothing brands. In England, clothing brands such as Topshop, Ben Sherman, Lonsdale, Firetrap, Wolsey, Urban Outfitters, Peacocks and many others are also common.


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