Cop Copine — modern stylish women’s clothing from the French brand


Cop Copine - modern stylish women's clothing from the French brand

In the world of fashion, brands based in France occupy a separate place. The stylists and designers of this country do not follow fashion trends, but in most cases they themselves set them, presenting a huge number of new interesting and original models every season. Often, representatives of the Cop Copine brand become the authors of such products.

Brand Cop Copine

The French firm Cop Copine was founded in Paris over 30 years ago. The idea of ​​creating this brand belongs to the brothers Leon and Alan Nedelyan, who at that time owned a miniature workshop and struggled to expand production. Young people managed to achieve a resounding success after the launch of the first small shop, where they demonstrated their first collection of women’s clothing.

The French women instantly appreciated the individual style of the brothers, which was dominated by classic Parisian chic. However, the clothes of young fashion designers were not like those wardrobe items that were sold everywhere. On the contrary, they were strikingly different from the usual products and attracted the interested glances of fashionistas of different ages.

cop copine

Since Cop Copine brand products quickly gained popularity in their native country, its founders did not delay in distributing their products around the world. A few years later, the first foreign store was opened, which was located in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, and subsequently boutiques and official representative offices of this brand appeared in other countries. So, for example, today the number of outlets where you can buy brand products in the city of Moscow has reached 4, and in St. Petersburg — 5.

Brothers Leon and Alan Nedelyan continue to actively participate in the development and promotion of their offspring. However, in the process, they were joined by many contemporary designers and stylists who contributed to the development of new collections. The founders of the brand are happy to accept interesting offers, however, they believe that all their products must comply with some important principles that are strictly observed in the production of women’s clothing, for example:

  • practicality. All Cop Copine items do not require any special care. They are very easy to iron and wash, and some items do not wrinkle at all during wear;
  • comfort. Carefully thought-out patterns make it possible to ensure that all brand products fit perfectly on the figure, so that it does not cause discomfort even during prolonged wear and does not restrict movement at all;
  • naturalness. When sewing products, only natural and high-quality materials are used that do not cause irritation or allergic reactions;
  • individual style. All things of this brand are not similar to each other. Brand designers argue that every fashionista should always have a good mood, which is completely impossible in a situation where there is a high probability of meeting a colleague in a similar dress;
  • minimalism. Although no one will ever say that the wardrobe items of this manufacturer are boring and uninteresting, they are not overloaded with decor and are distinguished by laconic stylistic execution.

cop copine brand

Cop Copine — how to distinguish a fake?

Cop Copine brand products are constantly being copied by unscrupulous sellers. Subsequently, such products, made from low-grade synthetic materials in violation of all production technologies, are sold under the auspices of a well-known brand, thereby significantly infringing on its reputation.

To avoid this, it is recommended to purchase basic and outerwear of this brand exclusively from official representatives who are present today in all major cities around the world. According to Leon Nedelyan, high-quality items of women’s wardrobe simply cannot be sold without trying them on the Internet, so it is not possible to buy original Cop Copine products in an online store.

Meanwhile, both on the Internet and in numerous shopping centers in different cities of the world, you can find ads for the sale of such women’s clothing. In order not to get into trouble, it is necessary to inspect each product very carefully and pay attention to the quality of materials, decorative elements and seams. For example, Cop Copine down jackets are always made from natural eider down, so they are surprisingly light and warm. Counterfeit, on the contrary, weighs much more and does not warm as well as the original.

cop copine how to distinguish a fake

Cop Copine — collection 2017-2018

Incredibly beautiful clothes Cop Copine 2018 gained popularity among girls and women immediately after its introduction. The collection of the brand of the new season has a huge variety of wardrobe items with which every fashionista can demonstrate her femininity and sexuality. Many things from this line are very provocative — they shine through in those places that some young ladies may be embarrassed of, have an ultra-short length or unusually high slits.

However, all this does not look vulgar at all. On the contrary, skirts with an original cut, dresses with interesting prints and blouses made of the finest chiffon from the new collection of the brand create feminine, delicate and sexy images. In such a look, you can safely go on a romantic date with your lover or even an informal event, during which all men’s eyes will be turned towards a beauty dressed with true French chic.

cop copine collection 2017 2018cop copine 2018

Outerwear Cop Copine

Although initially the creators of the brand specialized in the production of items of basic women’s wardrobe, later outerwear also joined them. Cop Copine raincoats, coats and jackets look very stylish and attractive, and thanks to the use of the highest quality materials for tailoring, these products are able to warm their owner even in the coldest weather.

cop copine outerwearcop copine jackets

Cop Coat

The line of this brand includes various models of coats, among which classic products made of woolen and half-woolen fabrics prevail. Often they are decorated with shining golden threads, which gives the simple and concise items of the upper wardrobe a unique charm and charming femininity.

In addition, Cop Copine hooded coats are popular among young girls, often in unusual color shades, such as bronze, olive or purple-silver. The coats on the padding polyester found in the assortment of the Cop Copine brand are also made out brightly and in an original way — they can have an oblique zipper sewn in, a bright insert from another material, and so on.

cop copine coatcop copine hooded coat

Down jacket Cop Copine

The Cop Copine winter down coat combines style, high quality and incredible comfort. This little thing is tailored in such a way that it does not restrict movement at all and fits perfectly on any figure. In addition, down jackets of this French brand are necessarily treated with a special moisture-proof coating, so they can be safely worn in any weather.

cop copine down jacketcop copine winter down coat

Raincoats Cop Copine

Any Cop Copine women’s raincoat perfectly protects its mistress from the sudden onset of wind or rain. Although these products always look bright and original, they do not «scream» and can be combined with any wardrobe items, shoes and accessories. Such a raincoat, if desired, can be worn both for a walk and for work, complementing a strict and solid business image.

cop copine raincoatswomen's raincoat cop copine

Cop Copine women’s clothing

All Cop Copine women’s clothing is characterized by extraordinary elegance and sophistication. Although the brand’s line includes bright prints and eye-catching decor, the vast majority of products look restrained and concise. Stylists and designers of this French brand set themselves the task of creating such wardrobe items in which girls and women will feel comfortable in absolutely any situation. For this reason, the manufacturer’s assortment does not include overly tight clothes, long trains, and the like.

women's clothes cop copinecop clothes

Cop Copine dress

Since femininity is one of the main principles of the Cop Copine brand, a new collection of any season is not complete without a lot of new dresses. This piece of clothing is able to demonstrate the natural sexuality of any woman, so this company makes the main bet on it. So, the brand’s lineup includes a wide variety of options — bright printed models, original products with an asymmetric cut or contrasting sleeves, cocktail dresses for attending social events and more.

cop copine dresscop copine new collection

Cop Copine skirt

Cop Copine business attire is especially popular among working women, most of which is occupied by skirts of various styles and colors. These products look very original, unlike the classic black pencil skirts that all business women are used to. French stylists have developed many stylish and interesting models that meet all the requirements of the official dress code. Asymmetric cut, laconic prints and some decorative elements give them a bright and original appearance.

cop copine skirtcop copine clothes

Trousers Cop Copine

Since all Cop Copine fashions promote undisguised femininity and sexuality, trousers are no exception. Mostly these products have a classic cut and standard length, thanks to which they are very easy to combine with business jackets, blouses and other wardrobe items. Most models are made in universal shades — black, gray and beige products predominate in the assortment.

cop pantsfashion clothes cop copine

Cop Copine jumpsuit

Overalls of this brand are distinguished by special convenience and beauty. The collection has light options made of natural chiffon, including those with lace inserts, in which you can even go to a social event, or warmer models for the demi-season period. For example, a stylish navy blue button-down jumpsuit based on the women’s cropped Cop Copine trousers is a great choice for business women.

cop copine jumpsuitfashion clothes cop copine


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