Bat Norton — fashionable women’s clothing and shoes from St. Petersburg designers


Bat Norton - fashionable women's clothing and shoes from St. Petersburg designers

In order to establish a successful business, it is not at all necessary to have huge capital and specialized education. This is proved by young guys from St. Petersburg Valery Dubrov and Dmitry Muzyka, who founded the Bat Norton fashion brand in a few months.

Bat Norton clothing

The guys came up with the idea of ​​creating a brand of fashionable and unusual clothes quite unexpectedly after visiting a French volunteer camp. There, young people restored a medieval church in a team of other guys of the same age. Among the whole group, the young Frenchman Baptiste Norton clearly stood out — this guy taught young and inexperienced Russian young people a lot, and forever left a mark on himself in their memory.

Immediately upon their return to Russia, Dmitry and Valery decided to establish their own brand, which was named after their new French friend. Although it is officially believed that the creator of Bat Norton is Dmitry Muzyka, Valery’s participation cannot be discounted either. This young man has invested a lot of time and effort into the fashion brand, so for him it is also his own brainchild.

Bat Norton clothes are impossible to miss. All wardrobe items released under the auspices of this brand have a bright and catchy appearance, so they are not suitable for all women and men. The products of this manufacturer belong to the street style in clothing and have a non-standard and original appearance.

bat norton clothing

Down jacket Bat Norton

Fashion brand Bat Norton is engaged in the production and production of both basic wardrobe items and outerwear for different periods of the year. So, in the collection of this brand there are stylish and attractive down jackets that provide maximum comfort in frosty weather. Thanks to the use of natural down and high-quality lining material with silver ions, these down jackets keep you warm even when the outside temperature drops to -25 degrees Celsius.

The outer surface of each of these jackets is treated with special moisture and windproof impregnations, making them ideal for inclement weather. In addition, for convenience, such products are complemented by an adjustable hood, external and internal pockets, simple fasteners, and so on.

bat norton down jacket

Bat Norton coat

Bat Norton manufactures outerwear of various styles, both for women and men. Many models in the range of the brand are unisex, as they can be worn by both sexes. So, for example, the Bat Norton coat with long sleeves and a hood. Thanks to the free cut and oversized silhouette, this little thing looks great on a young man or girl of any height and build.

bat norton coat

Bat Norton jacket

All outerwear Bat Norton reliably protects its owner from cold, wind and precipitation. Since it is aimed at teenagers who spend a lot of time outdoors in all weather conditions, the founders of the brand pay great attention to the thermal performance of each product.

So, in the assortment of the brand there are several different jackets, which can be both long and short. One of them is the stylish Bat Norton bomber jacket, complete with a deep hood, dense lining with high-quality insulation and large external and internal pockets for small items. A biker-style leather jacket with an asymmetrical zipper is also popular. All versions of Bat Norton jackets are very light and extremely comfortable, so every year more and more fans of the brand’s products acquire them.

bat norton jacket

Bat Norton Anorak

Fashionable Bat Norton clothes will give you maximum comfort even in conditions of heavy precipitation and high humidity. Anorak produced by this brand does not get wet at all and can be used as a raincoat. In such a product, you can with great pleasure go to the forest, go fishing or take a walk with friends — regardless of the weather conditions, it will be warm and cozy in it.

bat norton anorak

Bat Norton Robe

The brand’s line includes a variety of mantles for men and women, most of which are made in black and with a minimum number of decorative elements. Such products are complemented by a hood and in most cases are fastened with an “overlap”, which creates an interesting and original appearance. According to fashion experts, such things are an excellent alternative to raincoats, however, the creators of the brand think otherwise.

Since the products of this company are mainly popular with representatives of various youth trends, including emo, ready, and so on, such robes perfectly complement their image, aimed at demonstrating belonging to a particular clan. Thus, the black or white Bat Norton robe can be used to participate in initiation rites, community meetings, and the like.

bat norton mantle

Bat Norton Dress

All Bat Norton women’s clothing looks very original, so not every woman can wear it. Dresses of this brand have a very bright and catchy appearance, complemented by deep cuts and cuts, exposing a large area of ​​the human body, complemented by lacing, voluminous flounces and other decorative elements. The nomadic collection stands out in particular — all models from this line are directly related to the Gothic direction, therefore they create an appropriate aura around themselves — gloomy and mysterious.

bat norton dressbat norton women's clothing

Bat Norton Sweater

Sweatshirts, sweaters and sweatshirts Bat Norton are street style and can replace outerwear. As a rule, these products are worn on cool summer evenings, when the temperature suddenly drops after a hot day. Such wardrobe items are almost always complemented by large patch pockets, thanks to which you can not carry bags and other accessories with you, and a hood that can protect you from sudden rain.

bat norton sweater

Bat Norton sweatshirt

Warm and incredibly comfortable sweatshirts can warm their owner in any weather. They look very simple and democratic — in most cases, such products have a monochromatic stylistic design and large patch pockets that differ in color and texture. In addition, the company provides the opportunity to order such things with your name or any inscription of interest. Personalized Bat Norton sweatshirts will be an excellent gift for sports fans, participants in team competitions and many other representatives of today’s youth.

bat norton sweatshirt

Bat Norton backpack

In addition to comfortable clothes, Bat Norton also produces stylish accessories that can complement a bright and original look. Among their assortment, capacious backpacks stand out, in which you can comfortably carry all the necessary little things and items. Bat Norton backpacks often have an unusual and non-standard shape — models are presented in the form of a bag, a woman’s dress, a hare, and even a spider with impressive leather paws. When a fashionista puts on this little thing, it seems that a huge spider is sitting on her back, which hugs her mistress by the shoulders.

bat norton backpack

Bat Norton Shoes

To complement bright, stylish and attractive looks based on clothes from Bat Norton, the stylists and designers of the brand have developed appropriate shoe models. So, the collection of this brand includes comfortable and practical boots and boots with flat soles with insulated lining, shoes, ankle boots and over the knee boots with high stable heels and other models.

The original Bat Norton high-tops are the company’s own development. This type of footwear belongs to the premium class, it provides maximum comfort of the foot in all weather conditions thanks to the moisture management function, the optimal level of hygroscopicity and the incredibly durable sole.

Outwardly, these products also differ markedly from similar models — their low bootlegs are decorated with wide laces, which can be made in the same color as the main surface of the shoe, or in a different, contrasting shade. So, black high-tops can be decorated with snow-white laces, and beige ones with red ones, which in color fully correspond to the flat sole.

In addition, there are other incredibly popular options in the brand’s line — sneakers, shoes and slip-ons with a high top that fits the leg like a stocking. These products look great in an ensemble with mini-skirts and short shorts, which are so loved by representatives of today’s youth.

bat norton shoesbat norton hightops


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