Banana Republic — fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes of a famous brand


Banana Republic - fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes of a famous brand

Banana Republic is an American brand that specializes in clothing, accessories, perfumes, and home goods. Since its inception, the company has been producing clothing for travelers, and subsequently the brand decided to pay attention to everyday things and business suits.

Banana Republic — what brand?

Many fashionistas are interested in knowing what the Banana Republic brand is? Its founders are the married couple Mel and Patricia Ziegler. They opened their first store in San Francisco in 1978. Five years later, the growing company was acquired by The GapInc. In 1986, the company’s first catalog was published, and a year later, the Trips magazine, which tells about different travels. In 1988, the founders decide to leave the company.

The history of the brand began with the purchase of a jacket for Mel Ziegler. He was looking for a product where there are no unnecessary details. During his stay in Australia, he brought home three jackets, which his wife took up. She wanted to do one thing as comfortable as possible for her husband, so that she fully satisfied all the preferences of her husband. Patricia was a talented designer, and she introduced many new unique elements: she sewed elbow patches, added horn buttons and a wooden clasp.

As a result, Mel really liked this jacket, and many of his friends appreciated the clothes and ordered several pieces for themselves. Soon the couple began to create their own clothes from things found at flea markets. The brand’s business took off when The GapInc bought it. From that moment on, Patricia spent days on end creating new models of clothes. The outfits were very practical, used during long journeys and as everyday wear.

banana republic what brandbrand banana republic

Clothing Banana Republic

Among fashionistas around the world, Banana Republic clothing is very popular. Among its distinctive characteristics are the following:

  • in the assortment of the brand there are diverse items for parties, business wardrobe items, casual style options;
  • since 1990, a large number of bright and colorful models have appeared. The color of the military moved away and gave way to more extravagant clothing;
  • in the production of outerwear, cashmere and suede prevail.

At the moment, Banana Republic presents different lines of wardrobe items, which can be divided into the following:

  • casual — skinny jeans, boyfriends, leggings and joggers, comfortable dresses and flared skirts, Banana Republic turtlenecks;
  • business — implies things in more strict colors — these can be sweaters with asymmetry, mid-length skirts or business jackets;
  • in evening versions, the emphasis is on rigor, but at the same time on femininity, these can be tight-fitting dresses and suits where bright fabrics are used;
  • the brand also specializes in the production of swimwear, their main feature is convenience and comfort while wearing.

clothes banana republic

Clothing Banana Republic

fashion clothes banana republicbanana republic turtlenecks

Banana Republic Cloak

For the autumn-spring period, the Banana Republic women’s raincoat will be an excellent solution. It has the following characteristics:

  • the most common colors are discreet beige, black, yellow, green and blue;
  • a model is in demand, which is fixed on the figure with a belt and has a V-shaped collar;
  • there is a product where a white stripe is added along the hem, which emphasizes femininity;
  • the raincoat has two side pockets, which have a practical function and act as a decorative element.

raincoat banana republic

Banana Coat

For girls who prefer elegant bows, Banana Republic outerwear like a coat is suitable. Its distinguishing features include the following:

  • often made in black, there are also colors in gray and green;
  • a variety of prints may be present, the cell is considered the most popular pattern;
  • Banana Republic models have a collar with lapels or a stand-up collar;
  • the coat is made in a single-breasted or double-breasted version;
  • buttons or a zipper can act as a fastener;
  • the length can end at a level above the knee or fall below.

coat banana republic

Banana Republic Jacket

The jacket is another variety that features Banana Republic fashion. It has the following details:

  • styles are found in the demi-season or winter version;
  • a demi-season jacket can be equipped with an elastic band along the edge, side pockets, and other small details that make it sophisticated;
  • there may also be elastic on the cuffs;
  • among female models you can often find bright colors;
  • denim jackets are practical, they are mainly presented in dark blue;
  • Banana Republic jackets can have pockets in different places: on the chest on one side or on both sides, below, inside;
  • pockets can be overhead or hidden, only a zipper indicates their presence;
  • in winter jackets, fur decor may be present as a decoration for the collar, hem, cuffs, pockets. For their manufacture, a warmer and windproof material will be used.

banana republic jacket

Banana Republic parka

Such a thing as the Banana Republic women’s parka is very popular when creating casual looks. It is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • has a simple cut and a straight silhouette;
  • the park provides for a very long hood, which can be embellished with fur;
  • on the front there is a zipper, which can be hidden, be equipped with a Velcro strap;
  • often in Banana Republic parks there is a lace that tightens the waist in the belt area;
  • such jackets are equipped with a warm down or synthetic lining, which can be removed if desired;
  • completely different colors are used in branded parks, with beige, swamp or gray predominating.

banana republic parka

Banana Dresses

Banana Republic fashionable dresses are presented in various variations of models. Among them are the following:

  • in summer products, floral motifs are used, which are located around the entire perimeter of the dress. These are huge bouquets with green foliage or vice versa, small flowers in different shades;
  • summer things can complement straps, short sleeves, the dress can be with a top that opens the shoulders and arms;
  • Banana Republic creates dresses in a discreet version that can be great for going to the office. They are characterized by a minimum of decor, there may be one distinctive detail, for example, a peplum or lightning;
  • restrained colors are used for office dresses, these are gray, black, beige tones.

banana republic dresses

Banana Dresses

banana republic fashion dressesfashion clothes banana republic

Banana Pants

Trousers are another wardrobe item produced by the Banana Republic fashion brand. They have a variety of styles:

  • among branded items you can see classic «cigarettes» or chinos, extravagant culottes;
  • trousers are predominantly presented in classic colors such as black, gray or pale green;
  • there are many strict models that have a flared or straight silhouette;
  • most of the products are available in a shortened version that opens the ankles, you can wear exquisite shoes under them;
  • there are Banana Republic trousers that use a floral print, a strip, a cage.

banana republic trousers

Banana Pants

fashion brand banana republicclothes banana republic

Banana Republic skirt

Much attention in the manufacture of clothing is given to skirts. They are distinguished by such characteristics:

  • the most common option is the Banana Republic midi skirt. Mini or maxi length is extremely rare;
  • most skirts have a high waist, which will allow them to stay on the figure well;
  • as decorative elements, there may be buttons located in one vertical line;
  • products can be plain or contain a specific print: floral or floral ornaments, stripes;
  • a pencil is popular, but flared options can also be found. And pleated skirts, and complemented by flounces.

banana republic skirt

Banana Republic skirt

banana republic midi skirtbrand banana republic

Banana Republic shoes

Shoes of this brand are presented in an extensive assortment, they are characterized by a variety of colors and materials. Among the models are the following:

  • low-speed options that have a high-quality sole;
  • boots, sandals, Banana Republic shoes that go with an elegant dress;
  • bright print, lacing, open parts on shoes, shiny or metallic details act as decorative elements.

banana republic shoesbanana republic shoes

Bags Banana Republic

Another direction of the brand is Banana Republic women’s bags. They are characterized by such distinctive details:

  • it can be compact small handbags or large roomy ones, where you can put everything you need;
  • accessories have two small handles and a long shoulder strap, thanks to which the bag is comfortable to carry on the shoulder;
  • as for the color scheme, you can find a plain version, bags with a certain print or shiny products;
  • as a fastener there is a metal buckle or zippers.

banana republic bags

Bags Banana Republic

banana republic women's bagsfashion brand banana republic

Perfume Banana Republic

The company specializes not only in the manufacture of wardrobe items, one of its areas is Banana Republic toilet water. The brand creates fragrances with spicy, floral and oriental notes. The bottles into which the perfume is poured look very expressive, whether it is a dark green round bottle, or an elongated rectangular bottle with light notes of light green, blue or beige.

banana republic perfume

Perfume Banana Republic

Banana Republic women’s perfumes are very popular with the fair sex. They convey the mood of their owner, create a certain secret. Among the perfume lines of this brand, the following can be distinguished:

  • Alabaster — contains notes of orange, lotus, melon, currant and cranberry;
  • Malachite – has notes of pepper, green mango and water hyacinth;
  • wildbloom — shows the sensitivity of its owner, it uses guava, grapefruit, kumquat and pear peel;
  • wildbloomvert — emphasizes the character, which is characterized by femininity, optimism and energy. Here you can smell pear, apple and violet leaves.

banana republic perfume


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