Agent Provocateur — perfumes, underwear and swimwear of a famous brand


Agent Provocateur - perfumes, underwear and swimwear of a famous brand

The brand of sexy women’s underwear Agent Provocateur was founded almost 25 years ago. From the moment it appeared on the fashion market, it simply blew up the audience, and since then the number of fans of this brand has only increased every year.

Brand Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur was founded in 1994 in the UK by Serena Reese and Joseph Corre. Young people got bored with English conservatism, and in their products they embodied all their wildest fantasies. From the very first collections, the Reese-Corre couple demonstrated their own vision of lingerie, which is alien to modesty and prejudice. In addition, designers paid great attention to the quality of their intimate outfits, so their entire range very quickly won the attention of the public and the hearts of the fair sex.

Although the founders of the Agent Provocateur brand initially planned to produce exclusively underwear for girls, they subsequently introduced a collection of swimwear, perfumes, jewelry, bath and bedroom accessories. The Agent Provocateur swimsuits are also an instant hit with clean lines and multiple slits that create an unusual silhouette. Perfume and toilet water from this brand has the same attractive properties as underwear, and adds sexuality and feminine charm to its owner.

brand agent provocateur

Lingerie Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur underwear is absolutely devoid of corrective elements, including foam inserts. Brand designers celebrate the natural beauty of the female body and present the silhouette of a beautiful lady in the most advantageous light. All sets of this brand are made of delicate and feminine materials — satin, satin, lace and fine silk.

Thanks to their features, Agent Provocateur bras and panties look great on ladies with a luxurious feminine figure. They emphasize the roundness of the hips, lush breasts, elastic buttocks and a thin waist. Meanwhile, for young ladies who want to hide their flaws and problem areas, these products may not be suitable, as well as overly thin girls who do not have a seductive silhouette.

linen agent provocateur

Agent Provocateur lingerie collections

With each new season, the British brand releases a new collection of panties, bras and lingerie sets for beautiful women. All of them are fully consistent with the concept of this brand, but can be strikingly different from each other in appearance and impression. Many models after release receive female names, however, the imagination of designers is truly limitless, so here you can find a variety of names.

Since the brand’s products belong to the premium class, not all young ladies can afford to buy them. To expand the price range, representatives of the brand, together with the sisters Monica and Penelope Cruz, launched Agent Provocateur L’Agent lingerie. This collection turned out to be the most democratic and affordable, so even middle-class girls could buy it. Meanwhile, in appearance, this line is in no way inferior to the main collections. L’Agent sets look bright and catchy and emphasize the deliberate sexuality of the fashionista.

lingerie agent provocateur

Stockings Agent Provocateur

Creating a sexy erotic image requires careful attention to everything, even the smallest details. For a girl who has chosen Agent Provocateur underwear, stockings of the same brand are perfect, emphasizing the harmony and grace of sexy legs. All such products have a wide elastic band in the upper part, so that they do not slip on the leg and do not cause inconvenience while walking. The back of these accessories is decorated with a long vertical seam, which additionally provides greater strength.

The brand’s collection includes both transparent flesh-colored stockings and options with a fantasy pattern. For example, the decor of the original Pegasus model is a lace pattern reminiscent of a large mesh, the Serpens stockings are decorated with a seductive snake tattoo print, and the Lynx model has a playful and teasing inscription “Whip me, bite me, eat me, tease me”.

stockings agent provocateur

Swimwear Agent Provocateur

Stylish and attractive swimsuits Agent Provocateur are incredibly popular with young ladies and older women. Each woman who has purchased a set of underwear from this brand definitely thinks about buying a bathing suit, since it is of the same high quality and bright and original appearance.

The range of the brand includes one-piece and separate swimwear, emphasizing the femininity and sexuality of a fashionista. The most recognizable model is the one-piece Lexxi bandage suit with asymmetrical cutouts in the sides and abdomen and a strap on one shoulder. This product is not overloaded with decor — it has a monochromatic design and is available in 4 colors — white, blue, black and coral. Brand designers are convinced that this model does not require additional decorations, as it emphasizes the curves and dignity of the figure, due to which it excites the male imagination.

For beautiful girls who lack bright colors even on the sea coast, the Mazzy model is ideal. It has two variations — one-piece and one-piece, each with several contrasting color combinations that draw attention to itself, and a geometric concept that gives this little thing a very interesting look.

Owners of a perfectly slender figure can give their preference to a frank Shelby model. It is a bandage bodice that looks great on a lush chest, and panties with a low rise. Since these two items are interconnected by a thin strip of fabric, some young ladies perceive this swimsuit as separate, but in reality it is a spectacular monokini.

swimwear agent provocateur

Perfume Agent Provocateur

Perfume Agent Provocateur has been produced since 2000 and during this time has managed to win the hearts of girls and women around the world. Most fragrances are light and unobtrusive, so they can be worn day or night. For many perfume experts, Agent Provocateur perfume is associated with femininity and sensuality, seduction and playfulness.

perfume agent provocateur

Agent Provocateur Fatale Pink

Seductive, mysterious and glamorous, Pink is the flanker of the Agent Provocateur Fatale line. This version, according to the brand, is more suitable for the Asian market than the original edition with a less sweet smell. When applying this perfume, notes of tangerine, pear flowers and whipped cream are clearly heard. In the heart of the fragrance, floral notes are clearly revealed. Perfume Agent Provocateur Fatale Pink is available in a feminine pink bottle, and the face of her advertising campaign is Monica Cruz.

agent provocateur fatale pink

Agent Provocateur Petale Noir

Almost all Agent Provocateur women’s perfumes belong to the oriental floral group, which is why they are so well suited to the fair sex. Petale Noir perfume is no exception. Produced since 2012, this fragrance won the hearts of many fans of the brand, although it could not compete with the main representatives of this brand. Combining notes of mandarin and bergamot, lotus and magnolia, sandalwood, ginger and other ingredients, Petale Noir creates a unique loop that stays on the body and hair for a very long time.

women's perfume agent provocateur

Agent Provocateur L’Agent

Perfume Agent Provocateur L’Agent is a classic fragrance of this brand, which belongs to the oriental floral group. The base of this perfume consists of notes of musk and French labdanum, which makes it tart, very interesting and unusual. The top notes, on the other hand, are light and feminine with ylang-ylang, Madagascar pink pepper and angelica.

perfume agent provocateur

Agent Provocateur Aphrodisiaque

Agent Provocateur Aphrodisiac is the brand’s new fragrance released in 2017. This perfume belongs to the floral fruity group, it is feminine and fresh and ideal for romantically inclined young ladies. Some of the astringency of this fragrance and its excellent combination with women’s skin is due to the presence of musk notes in the heart of Agent Provocateur perfume, and its top notes are a combination of sweet blackberry, fresh jasmine and white pepper.

agent provocateur aphrodisiac

Agent Provocateur Lace

Agent Provocateur Lace eau de toilette is a new edition of the brand, released in 2016. This fragrance combines notes of citrus fruits and feminine flowers, including wild orchid. Due to the presence of tart notes of bitter orange, this perfume has an unusual smell, very interesting, sexy and attractive. This edition is ideal for romantic dates, because it creates an atmosphere of mystery, mystery and eroticism around its owner.

eau de toilette agent provocateur

Agent Provocateur Maitresse

Maitresse is one of the oldest fragrances released in 2006. Since then, not only has it not lost its relevance, but it has also remained one of the most popular types of perfume, especially among older women. All beautiful ladies who like Agent Provocateur Maitresse describe the fragrance in completely different ways. So, some women note that it is tart and sensual, while others call it light, fresh or overly sweet. Meanwhile, this perfume does not leave anyone indifferent and always leaves a strong impression of itself.

agent provocateur maidresse

Agent Provocateur Roxie

Perfume Agent Provocateur Roxie is the choice of young, daring and mischievous girls. Unlike other fragrances, it can hardly be called light or fresh, this edition leaves behind a persistent trail, thanks to which its owner will not be able to get lost in the crowd. All notes of this perfume are sweet, so it fits perfectly into the atmosphere of romantic dates and club parties.

perfume agent provocateur


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