Vemina City is a fashion brand for women’s clothing.


Vemina City is a fashion brand for women's clothing.

Vemina City is a well-known Russian brand with an Italian spirit that produces various seasonal collections of fashionable, modern and elegant clothes at democratic prices. Various things of this house are of high quality, simplicity and sophistication at the same time. There are diverse original lines for everyday life and separately for holidays.

Vemina City — brand history

Vemina City was founded in 2005 by Lisa Romanyuk, Art Director of Lisa Romanyuk Fashion House. The company is more than 20 years old, its main vocation is the formation of the image of an energetic, businesslike, self-confident woman, for whom age does not matter. In everyday life, connoisseurs in clothes of beauty, complete comfort and coziness, high quality, grace and elegance. In festive and evening dresses — femininity, tenderness and individuality.

vemina city brand history

Vemina Fashion House City — a variety of diverse clothing, striking in its splendor and simplicity at the same time. These are dresses, jackets, trousers, skirts, tops and a large collection of outerwear not only for autumn and winter, but also for spring and summer. The collection of the fashion house also includes various accessories, for example, bright and stylish jewelry, gloves, scarves and stoles, bags and umbrellas.

vemina city

Vemina City — Liza Romaniuk

For more than 20 years, the Vemina City brand has been headed by Lisa Romanyuk, artistic director and permanent leader of this famous Russian fashion house with an Italian spirit. Under her strict guidance, a huge number of different women’s clothing has been produced, which wins the hearts of millions of fashionistas with its charm and chic, and at the same time simplicity and comfort.

vemina city liza romanyuk

Since its inception, Vemina City has been present not only on the Russian market, but also in Europe and the USA, and a network of 35 stores, both mono-brand and franchise, is scattered around the world. There are also about 900 multi-brand outlets, which present the entire huge and diverse range of such necessary and beautiful women’s clothing.

vemina city brand

Vemina City – collection summer 2019

Vemina City summer 2019 is clothes that are amazing in their attractiveness and are available to many fashionistas. What types of clothes are present in the spring-summer collection of fashion fashion?

  1. Raincoats, coats and jackets. Plain and printed, with a minimum amount of decor, double-breasted and single-breasted, with a turn-down collar, both warm and summer. Perfectly combined with skirts, trousers, dresses and sundresses.

vemina city collection summer 2019

  1. Dresses and sundresses by Vemina Fashion House City in the summer of 2019 tend more towards the classic retro style, sewn from high-quality fabrics imported from Turkey, France, Pakistan and Italy. There are not only plain dresses, but also with hit prints. As a tribute to retro — floral and floral ornaments, checks and stripes, polka dots and ethnic motifs.

vemina city summer 2019

Clothing Vemina City

Suits and dresses of Vemina City impress not only with their relevance, modern cut and binding to all the realities of life, but also at an affordable price, therefore, accessibility to the majority of the female population of Russia. They are distinguished by their special elegance, becoming an excellent basis for creating diverse elegant everyday looks. Delicate colors and discreet prints allow these basic items to be combined into excellent business ensembles that attract the eye with their incorruptible chic.

clothing vemina city

In clothes from the new collection of Vemina City spring-summer 2019, every girl and woman, regardless of her age and build, will look amazingly attractive, stylish and elegant. Especially beautiful flared dresses, which bribe with their apparent simplicity, are actually sewn with a hint of Italian spirit and gloss. They will be an excellent basis for creating laconic and restrained reference evening looks.

vemina city dresses

Vemina City dress

The fact that retro dominates the world podium is shown by Vemina City summer dresses that meet all international standards of modern fashion, a kind of mix of retro and futurism, greetings from the distant 60s and 70s of the twentieth century, but in our realities . Made from natural branded fabrics, with a laconic cut, Vemina City dresses can be printed, for example, with stripes or abstract floral motifs, or plain, but with an interesting and delicate decor, in the form of a high waist or openwork and lace fabric.

vemina city dressvemina city summer dresses

Coat Vemina City

Vemina City outerwear is a lot of great models that amaze with their appearance. Elegance and charm in one set, inherent in the Italian spirit. The collection has interesting solutions of a straight and flared silhouette in a laconic monochromatic or with a checkered print, something that repeats the legendary «houndstooth» with a hint of French chic.

vemina city coat

The line of outerwear also includes summer coats and short coats by Vemina City in discreet shades, straight silhouette and 3/4 length sleeves. So, products in blue, gray, brown and pink colors are deservedly popular and in high demand. There are reds and greens, blacks and whites that make great additions to the many experimental urban chic looks that have been conceived.

vemina city clothes

Jackets Vemina City

Vemina City, a new collection of jackets captivates with its elegant conciseness. They are able to transform any business bow, giving it a unique chic and luxurious look. They can be elongated and slightly shortened, both reaching the middle of the thigh and the hip line. Trendy plain jackets with a turn-down collar in rich and pastel colors, which are perfect for trousers and skirts. A timeless classic, a single-breasted white jacket pairs beautifully with black skinny pants for a chic base for a business look.

vemina city jackets

More jackets from Vemina City captivate with their color scheme. So, in the fashion of the new season there will be red, blue, blue and brown jackets, which are perfectly combined with many things, especially in a suit version. The summer collection of this famous Russian fashion house includes wonderful trouser suits, consisting of a jacket and office-length pants, and due to their uniformity, they become an excellent basis for numerous urban chic looks, both casual and elegant.

vemina city new collection

Blouses Vemina City

Another trend from Vemina City 2019 is chic blouses sewn from natural combined fabrics, their line is distinguished not only by cut variations, for example, asymmetry, which smoothly passed from last season to the present, but also by print. The original models of a semi-adjacent silhouette in a cage, abstraction and with floral motifs, tropics and large or small flowers are in fashion. Retro wing sleeves and the presence of a pattern around the oval neckline were an additional decor.

vemina city blouses

Business blouses from Vemina City are designed in strict uniformity in white and blue colors, they are found in red and brown. However, the brand did not ignore the European business fashion and released a line of multi-colored blouses for the European dress code, when it is allowed to wear printed clothes to the office. A straight-cut blouse with side slits goes well with trousers, T-shirts and tops and can also act as a light jacket during the summer heat.

vemina city 2019

Vemina City skirts

Vemina City women’s clothing is also a line of diverse skirts. The new collection features beautiful plain and multi-colored models:

  • for a business style, a pencil skirt in pink and blue; she goes in a costume version with a peplum blouse;
  • for holidays, a beautiful light maxi skirt with a floral print;
  • to create elegant everyday cocktail and even evening looks, a straight skirt made of openwork or lace fabric.

vemina city skirts

Skirts from Vemina City are laconic and elegant models that easily become a wonderful basic item of women’s wardrobe, perfectly combined with diverse clothes. For example, with tops, shirts, blouses and jackets, both in a suit pair and separately. A good addition is accessories and shoes, which are selected depending on personal preferences and purposes of the created bows.

women's clothing vemina city

Vemina City Tops

Vemina City, the show of the summer 2019 collection was full of a variety of women’s clothing lines. Tops were also there. These are summer and excellent products of a semi-adjacent silhouette, which are combined with both skirts and trousers, suitable for jackets and vests, jackets and cardigans. They are sewn from natural lightweight fabrics and knitwear, presented both in pastel and in bright and saturated colors, they can be plain and printed. Hit colors: floral and abstract motifs. Additional decor — winglet sleeves and a rubberized accent at the waist.

vemina city topsvemina city fashion show summer 2019

Trousers Vemina City

Another hit from the brand is the Vemina City women’s trousers, which are presented in wide and narrow models, flared, both a tribute to retro, and straight. There are culottes and skirts. The vast majority of trousers have a solid color, can come with ironed arrows, but there are also patterned solutions, great options for vacation days, especially in tandem with similar tops or tunics in a suit. All of them come with a high waist, so they are ideal for creating not only everyday, but also business looks.

vemina city trousersvemina city women's trousers

Jumper Vemina City

The Vemina City collection of summer jumpers also impresses with its diversity. In the line of this clothing there are not only printed models, but also monochrome options with a minimum amount of polo decor. What colors did the famous designer, Liza Romanyuk, use to create her comfortable and comfortable masterpieces?

  1. A stripe in combination with a floral print, contrasting edging of the sleeves and a V-shaped neckline became another decoration of the model.

vemina city jumper

  1. A small cage, and so that the game of the pattern creates an accent on the neck in the form of a coquette and a different direction of the lines of the pattern itself.

vemina city collection

Vests Vemina City

Fashionable clothes of Vemina City are also vests, which are presented as strict options with a turn-down collar, perfect for using them in a business suit, as well as light, summer and flying. Elongated solutions, with a difference in the length of the hem, in white and blue, sky and milky white colors that fit perfectly into many street-style holiday casual looks.

vemina city vestsfashion clothes vemina city

Vemina City Accessories

Vemina City collection of accessories is represented by:

  • bright and catchy jewelry, for example, large earrings, interesting bracelets and beads in rich color variations;

jewelry vemina city 2019

  • diverse bags of this famous brand;

vemina city accessories

  • umbrellas, new variations have an abstract pattern and inscriptions;

vemina city collectionvemina city collection 2019


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