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Uniqlo is a fashion brand for all occasions.

The Japanese brand Uniqlo is one of the largest brands offering quality materials, stylish minimalist design and very affordable prices. Every year the brand creates new interesting collections of casual and sportswear for women, men and children.

Japanese clothing Uniqlo

The founder of the company is Tadashi Yanai, who has worked for his father’s company since 1970 called Ogori Shōji. In 1984, the family opened a clothing store in Hiroshima called «Unique Clothing Warehouse», which was abbreviated as «uni-clo». But in 1988, employees mistakenly wrote “Q” instead of the letter “C”, and so the name Uniqlo was born.

Japanese clothing UniqloJapanese clothing Uniqlo fashion

10 years after the founding of the brand, there were already more than 100 stores, but in 1990 the country suffered a serious crisis, and the founders of the company decided to change their strategy — they did not rename the holding to Fast Retailing and began to produce and distribute exclusively their own products. Uniqlo clothing has become the perfect combination of good quality and low price. Soon, the campaign managed to team up with designers, fashion magazines, which allowed them to open stores in Europe.

Japanese clothing Uniqlo styleJapanese clothing Uniqlo design

Uniqlo jackets

Soon after the Uniqlo brand conquered the casual wear market, it began to develop in another direction — in sportswear. The ideal combination of lightness, good air circulation and high heat-retaining properties are Uniklo women’s jackets — parkas made of polyester with cotton lining. The surface of the item is treated with water-repellent impregnation, which makes the item practical even in rainy weather.

Uniqlo jacketsJackets Uniqlo design

As for the design of these jackets, the Uniqlo brand is known for its conciseness and practicality. The most popular colors are neutral and restrained tones — black, gray, brown, olive, beige, dark blue. There are exceptions in women’s collections — bright colors, but they are not so popular. The range of Uniqlo parka jackets is:

  • Blocktech Fishtail Parka — a model in a classic design;
  • Blocktech — cropped jacket;
  • Mountain Parka is a cotton and nylon jacket with many pockets.
  • Uniqlo fashion jacketsUniqlo style jackets

Uniklo down jacket

Another outerwear option that is very popular and has become a bestseller is the Uniqlo down jacket. The thing is made of thin nylon, which provides water resistance and practicality, natural down is used as a filler. The main advantages of Uniqlo down jackets are lightness, compactness, and at the same time the highest heat-retaining characteristics. The thing can be both in the form of a jacket and a vest, the design is discreet and concise.

Uniklo down jacketDown jacket Uniqlo fashion

Uniqlo dresses

No women’s wardrobe can do without dresses, elegant and sophisticated, or, on the contrary, comfortable and practical in a simple design. Uniqlo clothing is suitable for fans of any style — most models harmoniously combine everyday comfort, allowing you to feel easy throughout the day, with a stylish modern design. Every year, the manufacturer offers girls a wide variety of options for both winter and summer.

Uniqlo dressesUniqlo fashion dresses

The range of Uniqlo dresses includes:

Uniqlo jeans

Japan is considered one of the best producers of quality denim, which is why Uniqlo jeans are known and popular all over the world. The main feature of the thing is the fabric itself — Uniklo develops its own, completely unique material, which is distinguished by its special practicality, wear resistance and stylish appearance. With the help of special technologies on jeans, the effect of fading and scuffs is created.

Uniqlo jeansJeans Uniqlo style

The design of Uniqlo jeans is very discreet and concise, while the range of things is wide, including the following styles:

  • classic straight jeans
  • Jeans uniqlo fashion

  • flare models;
  • Uniqlo flared jeans

  • skinny;
  • Uniqlo skinny jeans

  • cropped jeans.
  • Uniqlo jeans short

As for the colors, the color scheme of jeans includes classic shades, such as:

  • light blue;
  • classic blue;
  • white;
  • black;
  • dark blue;
  • grey.
  • Uniqlo jeansJeans Uniqlo style

Trousers Uniqlo

The image of a modern woman is almost impossible without such comfortable and practical clothes as trousers, which in different design options fit both into a casual bow, and into a business or even a festive one. Conventionally, the lineup of trousers of the Uniqlo brand can be divided into:

  1. Uniqlo casual trousers. These are models that will harmoniously fit into a city bow or office look, provided there is no strict dress code. This category includes knit trousers, skinny pants, joggers and other comfortable practical styles.
  2. Trousers Uniqlo

  3. Wide pants. This category includes flared and culotte models that look very stylish and feminine. The colors are mostly neutral and practical.
  4. Uniqlo Cavs bag

  5. Padded trousers. Uniqlo also takes seasonality into account — in the cold season, various models of trousers with insulation are relevant, protecting from wind and low temperatures.
  6. Trousers Uniklo warm

  7. Cropped trousers. In recent years, cropped styles of trousers in various cuts have become a trend — classic, skinny, culottes and more. Colors, as a rule, are practical — they are gray, black, brown, a light checkered or striped print looks stylish.
  8. Uniqlo short trousers

Uniqlo coat

Stylish and practical is the outerwear produced by the Uniqlo brand. Coat models are the perfect combination of modern design and comfort. The new collections mainly include free-cut models that are in harmony with any image of a modern woman; among the color options, practical tones — gray prevail. Brown, beige.

Uniqlo coatUniqlo coat fashion

A beautiful and comfortable women’s coat from Uniqlo is more suitable for the Eurowinter season or for the demi-season season — the composition of the fabric is fully synthetic (mainly polyester), which retains heat well, while the thing is not heavy and massive. But for winter frosty weather, this option of outerwear is not suitable.

Uniqlo style coatCoat Uniqlo design

Uniqlo trench coat

Another outerwear option that has gained immense popularity is the Uniqlo trench jacket. The thing is a thin short raincoat, designed for autumn or spring weather. For tailoring, a fabric with nylon in the composition is used, thanks to which the trench coat can be worn in damp, rainy weather. But it is important to remember that this version of outerwear does not have insulation.

Uniqlo trench coatUniqlo trench coat fashion

The design of the Uniklo trench coat is absolutely neutral and concise — it is a straight-cut item that can be worn with or without a belt that emphasizes the figure. Length options are standard — short, covering the hips, or midi. As for colors, Uniqlo produces neutral and practical colors, including gray, beige, black. In different collections you can find other shades — powdery pink, lilac, olive, blue.

Trench Uniqlo styleTrench Uniqlo design

Uniqlo skirts

An important detail of the female image is a well-chosen skirt, which perfectly emphasizes the elegance and sophistication of the figure. Uniqlo clothing is versatile and practical, and skirts are no exception — the manufacturer offers many interesting options with different fabric compositions in neutral colors that are easy to combine with almost any top.

Uniqlo skirtsUniqlo fashion skirts

Stylish and fashionable Uniqlo skirts are mainly models that fit into the office bow in mini and midi lengths:

  • pencil skirt;
  • Uniqlo Pencil Skirts

  • A-line skirt.
  • Skirts Uniqlo A-Line

Swimwear Uniqlo

In preparation for the summer season, a modern girl pays a lot of time and attention to choosing a swimsuit, which is the main thing in a beach look. The criteria, as a rule, are very simple and at the same time important — the thing should look beautiful on the figure and wear well without losing color and shape. An equally important role is played by the design of the swimsuit, which must certainly be in line with fashion trends. All these criteria are fully met by Uniqlo swimwear.

Swimwear UniqloSwimwear Uniqlo fashion

The fabric from which Uniklo swimsuits are made is very elastic, the thing fits the figure beautifully. The design of clothes for the beach is very laconic, and this has its advantages — the beautiful female silhouette remains the object of attention. The lineup includes such types of swimwear as:

  • classic separate;
  • separate with top;
  • one-piece closed swimsuits in a laconic design;
  • One piece swimsuits with open back.
  • Swimwear Uniqlo fashionSwimwear Uniqlo typesSwimwear Uniqlo fashion

Uniqlo glasses

The Japanese brand Uniqlo also produces various kinds of accessories, including sunglasses for men and women. In active sunlight, it is very important to provide high-quality UV protection to the eyes, and the Uniqlo accessory does an excellent job of this task. The protection class can be different — low, medium or high, in addition, the lenses also limit the blue light emitted by gadgets.

Uniqlo glassesGlasses uniqlo fashion

The design options for Uniqlo glasses are endless — the frames are often black and not wide, but there are many other options. The degree of shading and the color of the tint can be different, more often these are practical neutral shades — gray or brown. Thanks to the successful color and good degree of protection, as well as the comfortable shape of the frame, you will feel comfortable wearing these glasses without feeling tired eyes.

  Glasses uniqlo fashionGlasses Uniqlo style

Uniqlo backpack

The completion of the modern female image is a bag that allows you to accommodate all the necessary things. In recent years, an alternative idea has become increasingly popular — a beautiful and stylish backpack that is more convenient, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle. The Uniqlo backpack-bag is an attribute of everyday style, harmoniously combining an interesting outer look, laconic design and comfort.

Uniqlo backpackBackpack Uniqlo ideas

The material from which Uniklo backpacks are sewn is a very dense polyester with water-repellent impregnations, so that even in rainy weather you don’t have to worry about your things. The design of the accessory is very concise, without any decor, except for the brand logo. Colors are usually practical and neutral — black, navy blue, red, beige.

Backpack Uniqlo styleBackpack uniqlo design

Uniqlo Kaws 2019

Uniqlo Kaws, a collection of clothes and accessories, has made a real fusor in the world of youth creative fashion. It is a collaboration between clothing manufacturer and artist Brian Donnelly, aka Kaws. The idea is to decorate clothes with interesting and unusual drawings created by the artist — these are creative monsters in a wide variety of options. In 2019, the Uniqlo Kaws t-shirt range was introduced, and in the future, a collection of sweatshirts, accessories, perhaps even plush toys is expected.

Uniqlo Kaws 2019Uniqlo Kaws 2019 ideas

Uniqlo x Kaws T-shirt

The first result of the joint work of the clothing manufacturer and the artist was Uniqlo Cavs T-shirts in the original design. With all the creativity and colorfulness of the picture, such models are preferred not only by teenagers, but also by adult wealthy men and women. The show of the first collection of the Uniqlo Kaws series featured t-shirts with different variations of fun themed designs.

Uniqlo x Kaws T-shirtUniqlo x Kaws t-shirt ideas

Uniqlo Cavs bag

Another item of the Uniqlo Kavs collection that will see the world in the near future is creative bags with original decor — the artist’s drawings. The model of this bag is very simple — the usual rectangular cut, long handles that allow you to carry a thing on the shoulder, and neutral light colors. How exactly the Uniqlo Cavs bag will look like, the designers do not report, and the collection is still in the process of production.

Uniqlo Cavs bagUniqlo Cavs bag ideas


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