Massimo Dutti is a fashion brand of modern clothes


Massimo Dutti is a fashion brand of modern clothes

The Spanish trademark Massimo Dutti, founded in the last century, belongs to a large corporation that owns other well-known brands Stradivarius, Zara, Bershka. The collections contain all the current models for the multifaceted life in the metropolis, allowing you to be on top, in trend and at the same time feel comfortable.

Brand Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti The history of the brand begins in 1985, at a time when international corporations needed to expand the men’s line. It was for this purpose that a new brand was developed. A few years later, a decision was made to replenish the collection with women’s clothing, and even later a children’s line was added. Today, this brand covers the market of clothing, accessories, perfumes and footwear.

In the production of Massimo Dutti clothing, only natural fabrics and materials are used for a comfortable look and impeccable style. The combination of different types of fabrics creates unusual designs and innovative techniques. The lines of this brand consist of intertwining casual styles, sport chic, eclecticism and minimalism.

Women’s clothing is divided into several lines. The first and most extensive is everyday clothing. It includes jackets, suits, dresses, shirts, trousers of a classic silhouette. The next line consists of home, sports, outerwear and underwear. These things give coziness and comfort, they are practical, incredibly comfortable. A separate niche is occupied by shoes, bags and glasses. Completing the line is the Massimo Dutti Perfume Market with rich, feminine, playful fragrances.


Clothing Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti women’s clothing in its concept is aimed at improving the female appearance, through trendy clothes. The clothing line of this brand is unique, has its own distinctive features, but adapts to the novelties and standards dictated by the podium. The pricing policy is aimed at people with above average incomes, this is due to the use of expensive quality materials in production. What things will become indispensable companions of a stylish bow:

  1. White shirt. A snow-white classic shirt with a loose masculine cut is a must-have in a women’s basic wardrobe; with its help, many images are created from formal business to evening.
  2. Beige coat. This element of outerwear is universal, suitable for any look and is necessary in the collection of any fashionista.
  3. Beige pants. Delicate nude colors harmonize with youth and freshness, while the perfect cut enhances the graceful lines of the figure, outlines the waist and emphasizes sexy curves.


Coat Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti’s coats are made from different materials, cuts, and decorative designs. All models presented in the outerwear section are designed with the fast-paced city life in mind and will provide maximum convenience and comfort, while a respectable appearance will elevate its owner into an icon of exquisite style. For the manufacture of coats use high-quality wool, cashmere. For a more practical material for every day, raincoat fabric is used, which is not afraid of unpredictable weather conditions.


Massimo Dutti jacket

Massimo Dutti’s clothes are the embodiment of the compatibility of comfort, beauty and quality. When choosing Massimo Dutti jackets, women of fashion deliberately predict themselves to be in the spotlight, because it is impossible to remain invisible in such clothes. Following fashion trends, the new collection of the brand has been replenished with trendy puffy, quilted jackets and leather jackets. Leather, velvet, denim are used as materials. Classic models are decorated with fur or a combination of textures. A simple cut stands out from the crowd of other manufacturers thanks to the exquisite decor.


Trench Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti women’s trench coat is a must-have for the new season. The appearance of the trench coat in all the collections of famous designers is a sign of a long-term fashion trend. In the new season, all shades of beige are fashionable, which is unlimited in options for stylish comparison with other things in the image. A trench coat with a cape will become a trendy purchase of outerwear. For the manufacture of trench coats, brand designers use cotton, suede, lyocell, nappa, melange wool. The priority is the noble natural shades of pale pink and the whole spectrum of beige.

trench coattre

Massimo Dutti shirt

Massimo Dutti shirts will help to bring rigor and conciseness to the image. This item will perfectly fit into a business, office style. Business ladies can experiment with the colors and coloring of the shirt and wear it under a formal suit, the presence of all kinds of colors will allow you to change the image when replacing one part. In everyday life, voluminous oversized shirts are worn with trendy jeans and appropriate accessories are added. Long sleeves roll up to the elbow level, opening the wrists, and this way the shirt looks even sexier and more expressive.


Jeans Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti women’s jeans are designed to improve feminine proportions. They will hide what others do not need to see, and emphasize the dignity of the figure. In the new season, banana jeans, shortened due to tackles, will be trendy. Such a model will be good for girls with slender, graceful hips, because it is able to add the missing volume in this area. Curvy girls should pay attention to straight models and culottes, always with open ankles. Jeans colors can be traditional, white or dark.


Massimo Dutti jacket

Massimo Dutti women’s jacket can be part of a suit or an individual element. The trend is loose elongated jackets with accent shoulders. A fitted jacket can be paired with skirts, jeans and a simple T-shirt. A jacket over a dress, belted with a belt is a great solution, especially if they are of different textures. Silk and chiffon in skirts, dresses and trousers are considered to be the top pairing with a jacket in the new season. For the production of jackets, cotton, velveteen, velvet, knitwear are used. Solid colors and checks are at the peak of popularity.


Dresses by Massimo Dutti

The Massimo Dutti dress is the most feminine piece of clothing. The new limited collection presented free, flowing models that will give tenderness, lightness and weightlessness to the image. Trendy tops are topped by midi length wraps. They are found at all shows of famous designers, and Massimo Dutti is no exception. For sewing dresses, only high-quality cotton, silk, knitwear, poplin, chiffon are used. Solid colors are elegant, but for a more casual option, a floral motif, stripe, polka dot or asymmetrical pattern will do.


Massimo Dutti shoes

Massimo Dutti shoes are designed for luxurious women who strive to look great in an active urban bustle and feel comfortable. Models of shoes of this brand have a myriad of types, ranging from sandals to boots. There can never be too many shoes, and one more fashionable pair will never become superfluous. Which Massimo Dutti shoes to choose to replenish the collection:

  1. Classic pumps. This shoe is versatile. A small heel will allow you to feel comfortable all day, without fatigue and pain.
  2. Birkenstocks. Initially, these sandals with orthopedic soles were invented for people with foot problems, and subsequently this model was intercepted by many designers, improving it. Massimo Dutti undertook to improve this model, adding it to his collection.
  3. Espadrilles. With open or closed toe and sides, fabric sandals with a rope sole will be a great companion for a summer look.
  4. Ballet shoes. Lightweight, simple flat shoes are indispensable for long walks and meetings with girlfriends over a cup of coffee.


Loafers by Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti women’s loafers are closed shoes, decorated with stitching on the top. Many decorative embellishments make up the non-trivial design of this shoe. In production, the Massimo Dutti brand has the following types of loafers: loafers with a tongue, with a tassel, a decorative buckle, with a brand logo, Venetian loafers without decorations. The color scheme is extensive and varied. Loafers are made solid, combine several shades or use wild animal print materials. Cape design options are also possible: round, sharp or trendy square.


Boots Massimo Dutti

The collection of Massimo Dutti is rich in different models of boots. They are found in a shortened version, to the middle of the calf and long over the knee boots. In the new season, fashionable rough boots and high tube boots that perfectly complement the romantic look with a pleated skirt. Cossack boots can be purchased for everyday use and combined with jeans. For official strict shoes, models with a small steady heel are selected. The colors of the boots are selected based on personal preferences and their harmonious integration into a common bow, but black and brown are the undisputed favorites.


Sneakers Massimo Dutti

Women’s Massimo Dutti sneakers will add a fashionable twist to your look. Sneakers are no longer just part of a sporty look, but have migrated to a romantic and mixed style. An absurd combination of rough chunky sneakers and an airy chiffon dress is the most fashionable trend in the new season. Massimo Dutti sneakers are made up of leather, suede and fabric, or a combination of both. Complementing a sporty casual look with sneakers with a classic trench coat, you get a sport chic style. White plain sneakers look elegant, they can be worn with suits, dresses, skirts.


Massimo Dutti bags

Massimo Dutti bags are aimed at business ladies who don’t want to carry large bags, so their collection consists mainly of medium and mini bags. As for the form, here the designers did their best, using all the imagination and bold ideas. In the new season, you can take a round, saddle-like, rectangular handbag with you. For greater convenience, the bags are equipped with a long strap that is worn over the shoulder, leaving the hands free for any action. Leather and suede are the main materials in the production of Massimo Dutti bags.


Watch Massimo Dutti

Watches by Massimo Dutti are a good way to emphasize individuality and peculiarity. This functional accessory speaks of the image, status and taste of their owner, so their choice must be approached thoroughly. Massimo Dutti watches consist of a quartz movement with different dial designs. Many watches are waterproof and shock resistant, which greatly enhances their performance. Straps are made of metal, leather and nylon. Interchangeable straps are practiced, which allows their replacement for any outfit, event, mood and makes the chronometer multifunctional.



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