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Marella - brand history, review of clothing, shoes, bags

There is a very popular Italian luxury clothing brand known as Marella. It produces a variety of women’s wardrobe items, which are characterized by an incredibly sophisticated and sophisticated style. Thanks to the features that the models possess, each girl will be able to appear in the most favorable light.

Marella — brand history

The emergence and development of a popular brand is characterized by the following features:

  1. In 1951, Achille Maramotti, a lawyer by training, decided to devote himself to high fashion and family traditions, which she had inherited from her grandmother Marina Rinaldi. At the end of the 19th century, she was the manager of her fashion house in the heart of the city of Reggio Emilio. The new brand called Max Mara immediately found its recognition. This factory was the first to use machine production in the manufacture of products, created a double-breasted coat, which is still produced in large collections.
  2. The Marella brand has become one of the Max Mara lines. She appeared in 1973. In 1988, Marella became brand independent. There have been big changes in 10 years. A lot of work has been done to organize the entire sales process. A flagship store was opened in 1995.
  3. The Marella brand is divided into the following variants: black labeled products are the core collection, where suits, knitwear and accessories options are found. Other types of clothing are adorned with a gold logo and marked as evening wear. A blue label is used to decorate casual clothing.
  4. The target audience is fans of the Max Mara brand, other fashionistas who prefer high-quality clothes with a stylish design. Each collection has clothes dedicated to different themes, but the overall trend is one of simplicity, comfort and femininity.

marella brand historymarella brandmarella fashion brand

Marella clothing

The Marella brand, as well as other Max Mara lines, is characterized by the traditional impeccable quality of the materials used and the products themselves:

  1. Marella women’s clothing has a freer style and relaxed design solutions that are built on the latest global trends.
  2. The collection presents a huge variety of styles, from elegant understated classics to casual fashion looks, where all the hottest trends of the season are taken into account.
  3. The Italian brand Marella offers glamorous, modern clothing for all occasions. The collection is designed for active, purposeful women who want to be in trend.

marella clothesmarella women's clothing

Coat Marella

Marella women’s coat can come in handy in any weather, because atmospheric phenomena are unpredictable. A quality coat from the Marella brand is able to provide perfect insulation from weather troubles, it has a graceful appearance and elegance. Brand models differ in style:

  1. Boho star is designed for active lifestyle ladies. There are models in the form of spacious oversized styles of delicate shades, trapezoidal shape.
  2. The Marella alpaca coat remains in trend, which will provide comfort in cool weather.
  3. Denim Upgrade — denim models are created in this direction.
  4. Art 365 is a sensual line of clothing with simple cuts and free lines.
  5. One of the latest collections is based on a boucle coat with a straight silhouette.
  6. In recent seasons, designers have turned to such colors as a cage.
  7. It looks interesting variation, sewn with a smell, with a trendy raglan sleeve.
  8. Marella also presents somewhat unusual models, these are long coats without buttons or striped products.

marella coat

Down jacket Marella

With the onset of late autumn and winter, a down jacket and a Marella insulated jacket will become indispensable:

  1. The choice of a down jacket should be approached with all responsibility. It should be a warm model, made of thin and light fabric, have a stylish and fashionable cut.
  2. It is not necessary to turn to black, because colored things look much more interesting. Light and bright options can add volume to the figure, but muted dark or matte ones, on the contrary, remove extra centimeters a little.
  3. Shades such as wine, emerald and ink are very popular and look extremely interesting.
  4. The stitch in the coat is used cross-horizontal or decorative vertical. So that the down jacket does not add volume, you should turn to thin models with horizontal stitching.
  5. The brand has created such a unique thing as a down jacket that can be worn under a coat. Both items are made in the same style and are sold as a set.
  6. Marella presents not too expensive models in different colors. This brand is more suitable for short girls.

down jacket marella

Marella suits

Marella women’s suits are perfect for business and casual looks:

  1. One of the original options will be a suit embellished with a checkered pattern and made of velveteen, this set goes well with satin blouses.
  2. In the manufacture of costumes, shades such as deep blue, camel, purple, black and a whole palette of gray shades are used. The collection of costumes has both pink and gray tones, complemented by a checkered pattern.
  3. There are monochromatic Marella trouser suits, and you can’t do without options for a thin vertical stripe or a Prince of Wales check.

marella suitswomen's marella suits

Marella Dresses

For fashionistas who are interested in the Marella brand, the new collection also offers all kinds of dresses:

  1. In Marella dresses you can look graceful and attractive. The collection has bright and discreet styles that can be decorated with flowers and interesting prints.
  2. If a free-cut Marella dress is purchased, you will get an airy and romantic look, and fitted models can perfectly emphasize the figure.
  3. Sundress dresses from the brand are created from flowing fabrics.
  4. Mini dresses look very attractive, they are complemented by cutouts or pockets, and as an addition, a collar with a bow can be added.
  5. Often she uses a belt for body shaping, it can be either a thin strap or a wide version that can be tied like a bow.

marella dressesmarella new collectionmarella clothing brand

Marella skirt

The popular company Marella offers fashionistas a variety of skirts:

  1. Marella skirts combine not only classics, but also comfort to wear. The pencil skirt can be complemented with a small slit at the bottom.
  2. The product can be made of elastic viscose-stretch, which does not hinder movement and can sit perfectly on both the waist and hips.
  3. Skirts can be knee length or long.
  4. Several pockets can be used as decoration.
  5. The skirt is fixed with a fastener, which can be located both in front and behind.
  6. The color scheme offers black, white and brown, it can be a floral print.
  7. A popular design that is made of transparent fabric. Such a detail can be complemented with sequins, ruffles and additional lining.

marella skirt

Marella women’s trousers

Marella trousers are also presented in a wide range:

  1. Many things are created in casual style, they feel simplicity, elegance and comfort.
  2. Most models are presented in a short cut, and the colors can be completely different, these are plain, checkered options.
  3. Models complemented by a strip running along the outside of the leg will be popular.

marella women's trousers


Favorite clothes for every day and for special occasions are Marella women’s jeans:

  1. Branded jeans are practical to wear, attractive and durable.
  2. Marella presents different styles of jeans. They can be straight or flared, have a high or low fit. In addition, jeans can be supplemented with holes or scuffs.
  3. Jeans can be decorated with a circle, square or other pattern.
  4. The colors are extremely diverse thanks to a large selection of blue shades, in addition, it is black and white.

marella jeansmarella women's jeans

Marella jacket

Such a wardrobe item as a Marella women’s jacket can be divided into two categories: these are short-sleeved jackets and classic models:

  1. The short sleeve option is suitable for the warm season. Such a jacket is made of dense fabric and may have a lining. Fixation occurs with the help of buttons, such jackets can be double-breasted.
  2. The classic jacket has long sleeves and is complemented by pockets.

marella jacketmarella women's jacket

Blouse Marella

The well-known clothing brand Marella brings to the attention of fashionistas, which can be divided into categories such as long-sleeved and sleeveless options:

  1. There is a large selection of long options created from silk. They can be decorated with a variety of ornaments, they can be plain models.
  2. In the form of decor, sequins, ruffles and a V-neck can be used.

blouse marellamarella clothing brandmarella brand

Marella shoes

The popular and fashionable brand Marella presents incredibly beautiful designer shoes:

  1. It emphasizes the individuality of its owner, you can look amazing both on a walk, while shopping, at a gala reception.
  2. The brand presents two-tone ballet flats, stylish sandals with elegant straps, it can also be ankle boots with massive soles.
  3. You can choose simpler options, these are home shoes, moccasins, sneakers or other sports shoes.
  4. Collections consist of leather shoes, boots can be complemented with wool or fur.
  5. Stylish shoe models can be complemented with lacing, and you can add outrageousness with the help of exotic leather.

marella shoesmarella fashion brandfirm marella

Women’s boots Marella

The brand presents very stylish winter and autumn Marella women’s boots. They are made of high quality leather, and the black version is common among the colors, it can be a kind of decoration under the skin of a reptile. High boots can have a lapel or be created from two different material options. As a sole, a flat heel, wedge or high heel is used.

women's marella boots

Marella sneakers

To complement stylish sports bows, Marella women’s sneakers are offered:

  1. There are options for low models that have a white sole, and the upper part can be made of leather or it is a fabric version.
  2. You can give visual growth with the help of models resembling sneakers that contain a small wedge.

marella sneakerswomen's marella sneakers

Marella bag

The brand has a large selection of bags, among which any fashionista can choose the right design:

  1. These can be small models in the form of clutches, which are complemented by a gold chain.
  2. For shopping, voluminous bags, complemented by comfortable handles, are suitable.
  3. The Marella medium size transformer bag implies different fixation options, it is a rivet or a zipper.
  4. The brand creates bags in different colors, there are models with animal print.

marella bagmarella fashion brandmarella brand


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