Loro Piana is a fashion brand for modern girls and women


Loro Piana is a fashion brand for modern girls and women

An Italian company that produces wool and cashmere clothing and luxury footwear is known as Loro Piana. Its main office is located in the town of Cuarona. Most of it belongs to the French luxury holding LVHM. All products of the brand are characterized by high quality and impeccable style.

Loro Piana — brand history

The history of the creation of the Loro Piana brand consists of the following stages:

  1. As far back as the 17th century, the Loro Piano family was engaged in the production and trade of woolen threads and other products consisting of wool. The family business began to develop after the end of the Second World War, when Franco Loro Piano began to lead the company. Since the middle of the 20th century, this name has been associated with the world of high fashion.
  2. Since the 70s of the last century, the company has been run by Franco’s sons: Pierre travels the world in search of high-quality raw materials, and Sergio oversees the manufacturing process and directs the designers.
  3. In 1985, the brand began to cooperate with the Italian Equestrian Federation. Since 2008, the brand has been sponsoring sailing along with other companies. Loro Piano is engaged in scientific activities, the company has its own laboratories in Mongolia and Argentina, where they study the influence of external factors on the quality of animal hair.
  4. To date, the company has 140 stores in the largest cities of the world, and since 2015 it began to carry out its sales using an online store.

loro piana brand history

Women’s shoes Loro Piana

The original Loro Piana shoes are not only of high quality, but also look aesthetically pleasing:

  1. Shoes are extremely light, almost weightless. It is made only from natural materials, which are processed using unique modern technologies.
  2. Among the presented women’s shoes you can see an extraordinary variety of models. These are sandals, sandals, slippers, loafers and boots.
  3. The material for the manufacture is soft and elastic, it protects as much as possible from possible chafing.
  4. The Italian company Loro Piana often resorts to the use of suede fabric, because it looks chic, especially when rich blue or green shades are used. Suede is perfect for spring and summer weather.

loro piana women's shoesloro piana shoesloro piano

Loro Piano loafers

In the spring-summer collection, Loro Piana often resorts to the use of suede fabric, because it looks chic, especially when rich blue or green shades are used. Suede is perfect for spring and summer weather. You can see different colors of loafers:

  1. These snow-white loafers are crafted from textured nappa leather with a matte sheen. It has an elasticated back that makes it easy to put on and take off.
  2. Shoes with thin soles, which are complemented by a stable heel, are popular.
  3. Loro Piana women’s loafers, made in rich red color, are suitable for everyday and festive wear. These shoes use matte nappa leather.
  4. There are models of loafers made of soft textured suede, which is impregnated with a water-repellent compound. These shoes have a durable rubber sole.

Loro piano loafers

Boots Loro Piana

The collection of the brand includes Loro Piano boots, which have a variety of designs:

  1. Interesting models that resemble deserts. The masters of the brand made them from soft dark gray suede. The material is impregnated with a special composition that protects shoes from dirt and moisture. Under the tongue there are elastic inserts that deliver comfort while taking off and putting on shoes.
  2. The brand creates and shoes Loro Piana often resorts to the use of suede fabric, because it looks chic, especially when a rich blue or green hue is used. Suede is perfect for spring and summer weather., which has a classic cut and reinforced loops that protect your feet from the weather. In such shoes, a wide sole is made of flexible rubber, it has an edge of fluffy fur on the top. This model is made of smooth matte leather and is mainly presented in brown shades.

loro piana bootsloro piano shoes

Loro Piana sneakers

Fashionistas who prefer to lead an active lifestyle will appreciate such Loro Piano shoes as a variety of sneakers:

  1. Products are presented in different colors, it can be white, light pink, burgundy and dark gray.
  2. Models are made of textiles, can be supplemented with velvety suede inserts. The material is waterproof and windproof, with a Storm System membrane.
  3. Piana’s Loro shoes have a light, corrugated microporous rubber sole that is well cushioned, so your feet won’t get tired on long walks.
  4. Another option the brand offers is a sneaker made partly of Wish’s signature fine merino wool. Such shoes are combined with an extremely light sole. On the heel there is a small loop with the brand’s logo, so the pair is easy to put on and take off comfortably.
  5. For the autumn-winter period, you can choose sneakers created from the elastic and durable wool of a rare merino sheep breed. Such material is able to remove moisture well, while not absorbing odors. Lightweight sole provides soft cushioning while walking and reduces stress on the joints.

loro piana sneakersloro piano shoes

Moccasins Loro Piana

Comfortable and practical shoes are moccasins with Loro Piana fur:

  1. Many options are made of suede.
  2. The coloring can be in bright colors, and the sole consists of light rubber.
  3. The sole has a non-slip structure with a unique relief pattern.
  4. There may be metal elements on the front. Such shoes can be used in everyday life, become a salvation during holiday trips.

loro piana moccasins

Clothing Loro Piana

Piana’s Loro clothes are made from high quality materials and are characterized by an incredibly stylish look:

  1. For the cool season, various options for coats, down jackets will become indispensable, parks are also popular.
  2. Loro Piano wool suits are perfect for sports and casual looks.
  3. All kinds of dresses will create a feminine and sophisticated look.
  4. For early autumn and late spring, a cardigan will be an excellent solution.

clothing loro pianaloro piano

Coat Loro Piana

Loro Piano’s coat can become a universal wardrobe item:

  1. The brand has a large selection of cashmere, each model is able to satisfy any need.
  2. Cashmere in some models goes well with fur, outerwear comes out extremely elegant and is very comfortable to wear.
  3. Mink fur is often used. It can be on the collar or on the pockets of the product. It can be applications in a solid shade or a mix of bright extravagant colors.
  4. Exquisitely looks cashmere with fox fur, which is located on the voluminous wide collar, pockets and sleeves of the coat.
  5. Cashmere and chinchilla fur are a wonderful combination.
  6. The brand has a huge palette of colors and relaxed silhouettes, and a reversible coat will suit any style.
  7. In the latest collection, the brand offers a straight coat with a turn-down collar, a double-breasted coat with a belt, a double-breasted checkered coat and a suede trench coat.

loro piana coatcoat loro piano

Costume Loro Piana

The unique model of this brand is the Loro Piana tracksuit:

  1. The brand has many fabric options, ideal for suits would be merino wool brought from the island of Tasmania in South Australia.
  2. Wool becomes unique thanks to the innovative technology of thread torsion.
  3. Zelander is in demand — it is a suiting fabric with high elasticity and lightness. The collection of these fabrics is made in bright colors.
  4. New Zealand Merino is an amazing fibre.
  5. Another version of the prestigious fabric used by the brand is Zenit. This fabric was created specifically for suits, in its manufacture they reach a record thinness. Each such canvas has a label that indicates the year the sheep was sheared and the place of origin. Such high-quality fabrics are more suitable for business suits.
  6. The brand creates suits for outdoor walks or for home comfort. They are made from cashmere and cotton.
  7. The set often consists of an oversized jumper and fitted pants. The model can be made in different colors, it is white, beige, blue and pink.

costume loro piana

Parka Loro Piana

For winter, the Loro Piana women’s parka will be indispensable:

  1. The company cares about its customers, so all outerwear is insulated as much as possible.
  2. The parka is made from microfiber that has been treated with Storm System technology to provide a waterproof and wind-resistant finish.
  3. The parka has a loose and comfortable cut, and the lining is often made of nutria fur.
  4. Parkas, which are part of the COLD line, are designed specifically for winter weather using special technical solutions for creating insulation.
  5. This parka has a detachable hood and drawstring. The lower pockets are completed with a flap and buttons.

loro piana parka

Cardigan Loro Piana

The popular clothing brand Loro Piano also produces cardigans:

  1. It can be both elongated and shortened options.
  2. The long cardigan is made of vicuña wool, this is the highest quality and rare fiber. It is soft and cozy product, which looks especially attractive due to the fitted cut. The outfit looks at ease and perfectly protects from the cold.
  3. The short version of the cardigan looks extremely sophisticated. The finest yarn is used for manufacturing, the thread thickness is only 12 microns.

loro piana cardigan

Down jacket Loro Piana

For winter colds, a Loro Piana insulated jacket or a down jacket will be an excellent solution:

  1. The brand produces quilted jackets and down jackets of medium length.
  2. Such clothes have a bright inner lining, hidden zippers, textile cuffs with an elastic band.
  3. Colors are often presented in darkened versions.

loro piana down jacket

Loro Piana dress

Original Loro Piana women’s clothing also offers a large selection of dresses:

  1. It can be options both with sleeves and without them.
  2. Colors can be completely different, for example, this long cream dress made of breathable cotton is perfect for summer.
  3. There are many office options where the top resembles a blouse and the bottom is characterized by a pleated hem.
  4. The brand is experimenting with cuts, such as this safari-inspired dress. Exposed shoulders and back emphasize attractiveness and form the habit of demonstrating a beautiful posture.
  5. The spring/summer collection has stunning colors like coral pink. The model is made of fine yarn, the material has a textured pattern.

loro piana dressloro piana women's clothing

Cap Loro Piana

Versatility characterizes the Loro Piana hat. The brand offers a large selection of baseball caps with a wide and long visor. On the front surface there is a company logo, which also serves as a spectacular decoration. Lightweight product options are perfect for summer, and demi-season models may have a warm lining.

cap loro piana

Stole Loro Piana

The popular brand Loro Piana offers various variations of stoles to harmoniously complete the bows:

  1. For autumn and spring, you can pick up stoles made from high quality wool. They can be made in discreet or bright colors.
  2. An accessory designed for winter can be trimmed with fur, located around the entire perimeter of the product and acting as a spectacular decoration.

loro piana tippet

Loro Piana bags

Loro Piana Bags are very popular among many fashionistas:

  • accessories keep their shape well, thanks to which they look incredibly stylish;
  • the products are characterized by a laconic design that gives elegance;
  • some models are characterized by an unusual structure, for example, it can be pimples evenly spaced over the entire surface or an imitation of a feather texture, which is made of the finest leather.

loro piana bagsloro piana bags


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