Jacquemus bag — the original, how to distinguish from a fake, an outlet and a variety of accessories


Jacquemus bag - a stylish, trendy accessory

In recent seasons, the Jacquemus bag has burst into the fashion world. The first were handbags measuring 22 by 18 cm, which were purchased by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Kendal Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Belle Hadid. Extremely popular is the model in a bright yellow hue. Products represent a new current trend.

Jacquemus bag brand

The Jacquemus bag is recognized as the visiting card of the popular brand:

  • The founder of the brand is Simon Port Jacquemus, who created the trademark at the age of 19. His love for fashion manifested itself at an early age, when the guy composed a skirt from a lace curtain for his mother. When he graduated from high school, he entered ESMOD — the Higher School of Arts in Paris. Soon his mother dies, and he decides to leave school and create his own brand. The name Jacquemus is the mother’s maiden name;
  • minimalism was present in the initial collection, because the creator could not afford an expensive cut. However, Simon used the opportunities to advance. The third collection was entirely devoted to wool, this line of clothing found its fans, especially Rei Kawakubo praised it;
  • In 2012, Jacquemus took part in the Paris Fashion Week. In 2015, he opened his own online store. In the same year, shoes and bags were added to the brand;
  • in the latest collections there is a Jacquemus bag, the sizes of which vary from miniature to large. Most things are round or square in shape. According to Simon, the entire brand is based on memories. The source of his inspiration is the style of his mother and grandmother.

jacquemus bag brandjacquemus bag sizes

How to distinguish a fake Jacquemus from the original?

To date, the cost of the original handbag from French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus varies from $240 to $760 dollars. The price varies depending on the size of the accessory. To distinguish a Jacquemus original from a fake, it is recommended to consider the following points:

  • in the original model, genuine calf leather is used for sewing. To determine whether it is a fake or not, it is allowed by probing. The skin feels ribbed, but very soft;
  • the metal details that complement the Jacquemus bag are equipped with the brand name. The elements look like aged copper. The fake will have a shiny metal, and shimmer in the sun like new gold;
  • when buying a new item, the belt should be wrapped in thin cardboard paper and glued with tape;
  • having studied the accessory from the outside, it is worth opening it and looking inside. The seams should not be excessively deep, which will prevent comfortable use;
  • it is worth measuring the height of the handle, which is 17 cm, if this size is larger or smaller, then this is a fake.

how to distinguish a fake jacquemus from the originaljacquemus originaljacquemus bag original

Jacquemus Outlet

If you want to save a little, then you should remember about stores such as the outlet where the original Jacquemus bag is sold:

  • stores sell items from past collections. Outlets often contain things that are relevant and that you want to wear;
  • outlet is of two types. In one option, goods are sold directly from production, while in the other, unsold goods are sold from store shelves. In the Jacquemus outlet, you can see brand new items, completely unworn. The price in such branded stores will be pleasant, this is a certain fraction of their original cost.

jacquemus outletjacquemus bag original

Jacquemus copy

In the absence of the opportunity to purchase the original, the Jacquemus bag will become a find, analogues of which have the following features:

  • the product has a different shape, handle, type of connection of parts and color, which may not be found in the original;
  • It is worth taking a closer look at the letters of the brand. A copy is created as close as possible to the original, but there are differences that manifest themselves in small things.

jacquemus copybag jacquemus analogues

Jacquemus Le Chiquito

The Jacquemus mini bag will bring sophistication and sophistication to the image:

  • the brand has released a new and improved version of the Le Chiquito micro bag. The product has a more elongated shape than the previous copy;
  • The length of the new handbag is 22cm and the height is about 10cm;
  • Jacquemus micro bags are equipped with a short handle, a long strap comes unfastened, which makes it possible to carry a thing over the shoulder;
  • the new model is made of nubuck and is available in three colors, it is hot pink, dark beige and blue.

jacquemus le chiquitojacquemus le chiquito bag

Jacquemus Le Bambino

The popular version represented by the Jacquemus handbag is known as Le Bambino:

  • the product is presented in a powdery-beige shade;
  • a belt on a wide valve has been added; soft durable leather is used in the manufacture;
  • the narrow belt is adjustable in length, so the Jacquemus bag can be worn as a crossbody.

jacquemus le bambinojacquemus handbag

Bag Jacquemus Le Panier Soleil

Jacquemus straw bag is characterized by original design:

  • the product is a beach variation. The thing has a trapezoidal shape, a rounded handle;
  • the main material is sand-colored straw, and durable yellow or pink nubuck is used for decoration;
  • an external pocket was created from the finishing material;
  • The Jacquemus bag is completely handcrafted. The height of the product is 24 cm, the width is 50 cm, and the depth is 16 cm.

bag jacquemus le panier soleiljacquemus straw bagjacquemus bag brand

Large Jacquemus bag

New Jacquemus bags are presented in significant sizes:

  • the iconic model Le Chiquito has become even larger, the designers have left the laconic silhouette unchanged. Such a thing has smooth matte leather, large handles that close with a wide valve with a magnetic button;
  • comes with a detachable shoulder strap;
  • there is an option that looks compact, but roomy. The accessory is complemented by a removable shoulder strap, inside there will be room for a phone, an A5 notepad and other small documents.

jacquemus tote bag

Jacquemus beach bag

The brand has a wide range of models that represent the Jacquemus wicker bag:

  • products often have a trapezoidal shape, there is an external pocket, which is presented in different colors;
  • new models began to change and, in addition to the contrast of colors, a combination of different materials appeared;
  • each model is woven by hand from beige straw. The outer pocket can be made of gray, and for the long handle, a completely different bright color is chosen. The outer pocket is also available in pink, brown or yellow.

jacquemus beach bagjacquemus woven bagjacquemus handbag

Jacquemus bag with rolled handle

A special category includes small Jacquemus bags equipped with a rounded handle:

  • from the brand you can find the smallest models and slightly larger options, the products are presented in different colors. There are accessories in brown, nubuck is used as the material, an embossed crocodile pattern is used;
  • the smallest Jacquemus bag and larger models are equipped with a hypertrophied handle that emphasizes the small size;
  • there are products that are equipped with metal handles. They perform the function of decoration and emphasize the original logo.

jacquemus wrap handle bagjacquemus small bags

Jacquemus tote bag

A strong position on the fashionable Olympus was won by the Jacquemus women’s bag, made in the form of a tote:

  • back in the 60s, roomy accessories began to gain popularity. Then newspapers, notebooks and books, other important everyday things were worn in such products;
  • Now any capacious bag is called a tote. It is allowed to use the product even for placing a laptop;
  • the brand introduced a tote in a light color with a handle in a short and long version;
  • the most popular option is in blue, which has a gold metal logo, a flat top handle, a detachable adjustable shoulder strap, a flap closure at the front, and a main compartment.

jacquemus tote bag

Bag of Jacquemus beads

The small Jacquemus handbag, decorated with beads, is characterized by an original and feminine design:

  • products are divided into several types. Some are completely embroidered with beads, looking like a vintage version. Such accessories are suitable for long romantic dresses;
  • there is an addition with a strip of rhinestones, which is located on a traditional matte leather background;
  • a universal form is often used with a beloved interesting handle and decoration in the form of rhinestones and sequins. Such a handbag will look great with both basic things and holiday outfits;
  • there is a tote with a mesh of beads. It features a round handle, lace-up closure, an internal compartment and a gold-tone logo plate. The handbag is made in beige color and complemented with brown beads.

jacquemus bead bag


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