Dr. Martins is a world famous shoe brand.


Dr. Martins is a world famous shoe brand.

The brand Dr. Martins is a popular brand that produces a variety of shoes. Products designed for different seasons, their distinguishing feature is extreme comfort and attractive appearance, which is associated with casual style.

Brand Doctor Martins

For those who have discovered the brand Dr. Martins, the history of the brand will be extremely interesting. It was formed not in the UK, but in Germany. Its founder was the military doctor Klaus Mertens, who participated in World War II in the 40s. We can distinguish the following periods of the existence of the brand:

  1. Creation of the first products. Klaus Mertens injured his ankle while skiing in 1945. After that, he thought about how shoes could be improved. He paid special attention to the material, for which he used incredibly soft leather, and the manufacture of the sole, which he made thick and at the same time soft due to the air layer.
  2. Starting a Shoe Manufacturing Business. This happened after Mertens’ meeting with his friend Funk. Together they took up the manufacture of shoes, for which old army equipment was taken.
  3. Opening of own factory in 1952. About 200 shoe models were created.
  4. Entering the international market in 1959. The Englishman Griggs became interested in shoes and decided to promote them in his country. To do this, he improved the design of the boots (the toe became more rounded, the sides were more raised, the edging was used with yellow thread, the sole was changed). All these details have become trademarks of shoes. Products were not fashion trends, they were preferred by postmen, soldiers, factory workers.
  5. Acquisition of product popularity — this happened in the 60s, when models won recognition among representatives of subcultures (for example, skinheads, hippies, goths).
  6. In the 70s and 80s Dr. Martins shoes became widespread in musical circles, the products provided an opportunity for representatives of creative professions to express their individuality as much as possible.
  7. In the 90s shoes received worldwide recognition, they began to wear it not only in England, but also abroad. For example, in Russia, boots were worn with socks and colorful dresses.
  8. In the 2000s not only shoes are produced, but also shoes, sandals. There is a significant expansion of the range.
  9. Since 2010 the company is growing rapidly. For example, stores are opening en masse in the US and Hong Kong.

dr martins brand

How to distinguish original Dr. Martins from a fake?

Since the products are famous for their highest quality, many fashionistas want to purchase Dr. Martins original models. In order not to run into a fake, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • lightness and comfort with some external roughness of shoes;
  • packaged in a box of light durable cardboard, the name of the logo is applied to the lid;
  • on the side of the box there is a barcode, size, model name;
  • the box contains a spare pair of laces, which are packed in a transparent bag;
  • the material for the manufacture of Dr. Martins shoes is taken exclusively natural (the upper part is leather, and the sole is rubber, it bends very easily);
  • the sole is stitched with a double yellow thread;
  • the sole must be checked for the presence of an air gap, for which look it into the light;
  • The company logo is printed on the insole.

how to distinguish original doctor martins from a fake

Shoes Doctor Martins

The original women’s shoes Dr. Martins are popular among fashionistas around the world. If initially only boots were produced by the brand, then after that the range expanded significantly:

  • comfortable shoes are offered as a demi-season option;
  • brogues or loafers will be an alternative to shoes;
  • berets Dr. Martins is an unusual solution that will make the image truly unforgettable;
  • for cool weather, high-top boots are perfect;
  • lovers of an active lifestyle will be able to pick up sneakers or converse;
  • for the summer season, high-quality leather sandals will become indispensable;
  • A characteristic feature of any type of footwear is its style. The main emphasis is on convenience, but at the same time, thanks to the presence of high-quality details, the shoes acquire incredibly spectacular and stylish features;
  • some models are made emphatically brutal, for example, this is typical for berets and most types of boots. However, there are also products endowed with increased femininity, although they are made mainly at low speed, for example, these are shoes or loafers.

doctor martins shoes

Shoes Doctor Martins

Fashionistas who value convenience and comfort will be able to choose Dr. Martins women’s shoes:

  • the predominant majority of models are made at low speed or on a small sole;
  • often the sole contains a tractor tread;
  • Dr. Martins shoes are popular with lacing or with a wide buckle, in the latter case, the products are somewhat reminiscent of the Mary Jane model;
  • the color scheme is used in black, brown, burgundy;
  • there is also a combination of several shades.

doctor martins shoes

Bertsy Dr. Martins

Many young fashionistas are interested in: what to wear with Dr. Martins berets? this kind of shoes is preferred by girls who want to create extraordinary bows:

  • berets are characterized by a somewhat elongated shaft;
  • on the products there is a lacing that matches the color of the surface of the shoe or contrasts with it;
  • a tractor sole is required, providing excellent grip when walking;
  • berets can be worn with jeans, denim skirts or shorts, knitted sweater dresses or make contrast bows with them using a flying dress for this.

Martins Dr. Martins

Boots Doctor Martins

in the autumn and winter seasons, Dr. Martins women’s boots are in great demand among the fair sex:

  • many models are similar in shape to boots, but are characterized by a long shaft, almost reaching the knee;
  • Boots Dr. brand Martins can be fastened with a side zipper, while lacing may also be present, which in this case performs a decorative function.

boots doctor martins

Boots Doctor Martins

The classic products, from the production of which the existence of this brand began, are the women’s winter boots Dr. Martins:

  • lacing is a characteristic feature of boots. At the same time, laces can not only perform a direct functional value, but also have a decorative function;
  • products can be made in the form of low shoes or they may contain a low shaft.

boots doctor martins

Sneakers Doctor Martins

Not only women’s Dr. Martins shoes are popular, but also sneakers. The shoes are designed so that they can be used not only for sports, but also for everyday wear and leaving stylish bows. sneakers can be made in laconic colors or contain bright and interesting prints, for example, imitate the colors of a leopard.

doctor martins sneakers

Loafers Doctor Martins

To complement the usual demi-season or elegant business looks, Dr. brand Martin loafers are ideal:

  • products are characterized by a special shape, the upper part is made as closed, but contains small cutouts on the sides;
  • loafers can be made of regular matte or patent leather;
  • the front surface may contain decorations in the form of strips of leather depicting a fringe;
  • you can wear Doctor Martins loafers with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses.

doctor martins loafers

Sandals Doctor Martins

Original summer sandals help create incredibly effective images with Dr. Martins shoes. They will be a great solution. because they are made as comfortable and stylish as possible:

  • many products consist of wide straps, which are available in large or small quantities;
  • thin laces combined with straps look interesting;
  • sandals can be made in the traditional low-key black color scheme or in bright options, such as pink.

doctor martins sandalswomen's shoes dr martins

Brogy Doctor Martins

Demi-season or winter shoes Dr. Martins are also represented by such a variety as brogues. In their shape, they are somewhat reminiscent of men’s shoes and will perfectly fit into casual looks. Mandatory elements are lacing and a comfortable sole, which is often complemented by a tractor tread. This is especially true in winter.

dr martins brogues

Converse Doctor Martins

The original or replica Dr. Martins is also represented by such a variety of shoes as converse:

  • the upper part of the products can be made in a variety of colors, for example, it is white, black, red, dark blue;
  • the sole is made in the traditional white color, it is rubber and bends well;
  • Converses organically complement the snow-white laces.

doctor martins converse

Backpack Doctor Martins

The brand is engaged not only in the manufacture of stylish shoes, but also accessories that harmoniously complement it. The Dr. Martins backpack or bag looks best with these options:

  • products resemble a briefcase in shape, but are not worn in the hands, but are fixed with straps on the shoulders;
  • most backpacks are made of the finest quality leather, but textiles are used for the production of some models;
  • the design is characterized by simplicity and conciseness, excesses of decorative elements are not welcome.

doctor martins backpack

What to wear with Dr. Martins?

Many fashionistas are concerned about the question: what should women wear Dr. Martins with? Shoes can be combined with a variety of wardrobe items. The only exception is business items, since the style of shoes and other products absolutely does not correspond to them. You can combine models with such elements of clothing:

  • all kinds of sweatshirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies;
  • trousers and jeans in a sporty or casual style;
  • denim or knitted skirts and dresses;
  • airy flying dresses with which a contrasting image is created;
  • figure-hugging leggings.

what to wear with doctor martinshow to wear doctor martins for women

Dr. Martins — bows

There are many options for girls to wear Doctor Martins. With the help of such shoes, you can make incredibly diverse bows that are radically different from one another:

  1. A casual look that is created with the help of an appropriate one, which includes all kinds of sweaters, jeans, pants, tracksuits and dresses, shorts.
  2. A romantic bow that can be made with an airy mini, midi or maxi dress. You can wear socks under the boots, reproducing the look from the 90s.

dr martins bowswhat to wear doctor martins girlsimages with shoes doctor martins


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