Clothing brands — a list and photo review of the most fashionable and popular


Clothing brands - a list and photo review of the most fashionable and popular

People tend to buy wardrobe items of well-known brands. This is due to their desire to meet modern fashion trends, look prestigious or simply acquire practical things. Clothing brands are designed to help in this matter, by purchasing such a thing, you can be sure that it will last a long time.

Clothing brands — list

Every day, fashion trends are actively expanding and updating. Well-known clothing brands strive to match current trends. After fashion firms have been able to gain fame and prestige, they are trying their best to maintain it. To do this, they keep up with the times, create new ideas that should not be intertwined with other brands. In addition, these clothes must be of high quality so that fans cannot doubt the brand and the popularity is not lost.

We can mention certain brands that have their own characteristics and unique style:

  1. Popular youth brand Lacosteis a stylish youth clothing, which includes such collections as casual wardrobe, sportswear and refined fashionable informal options.
  2. Remembering youth clothing brands, it is worth mentioning such as Fred Perry, Ston Island, Massimo, Henry Lloyd, Tommy Hilfiger and Fila.
  3. Louis Vuitton — the brand is known all over the world, it specializes in tailoring high-quality bags, suitcases and accessories.
  4. Prada is a brand that specializes in the production of suitcases, bags and outerwear.
  5. D&G — the brand is young, the Italian company appeared in 1985. Models of clothes produced by this brand are distinguished by beauty and grace. Thanks to this, the brand quickly gained popularity and worldwide fame.

clothing brands listfamous clothing brands

Italian clothing brands

Italy is justifiably associated with a unique style, the clothing brands of this country are popular among fashionistas around the world:

  1. In Italian brands, one cannot be disappointed with the elegance and prestige that is created by famous designers. The list of brands starts with Marcelo Burlon. Creator Marcelo Bourlon offers clothes with a combination of modernity and individuality. Unique outfits emphasize the iconic elements of different cultures.
  2. Palm Angels is an Italian designer clothing brand. Francesco Ragazzi has created a unique line of very beautiful things. The brand offers graphic t-shirts, blazers and ripped sneakers.
  3. FILA — The company started with the sale of underwear, and then, with the support of Bjorn Borg, switched to sportswear. For many years, FILA products have retained the main criteria, which are durability, unique design and style.
  4. Loro Piana — the brand creates multi-layered images, knitwear and cashmere become the main fabrics.

Italian clothing brandsitaly clothing brands

Turkish clothing brands

Fashionistas are advised to pay attention to popular Turkish clothing brands for women:

  1. Mavi is the main Turkish brand of jeanswear, its history has been going on for 30 years. The stores are spread over more than 50 foreign countries. In addition to jeans, you can buy clothes made of knitwear, cotton and a variety of accessories.
  2. In shops L.C. Waikiki there is a large selection of knitwear in the form of T-shirts, jumpers for everyday wear, you can choose children’s and home clothes.
  3. Koton This brand specializes in all types of clothing. For example, at an affordable price, you can pick up a dress, trousers, skirt and T-shirts. In terms of design, the brand is conservative and simple, so the clothes are suitable for a younger audience.
  4. Brand Yargici not widely known outside of Turkey, but it has its own distinctive features. These are things of pastel and soothing colors with a sophisticated cut, so these clothes are perfect for work and formal occasions.
  5. brand clothes ADL can be described as urban style items. The company introduces new models every year, mainly novelties in the form of overalls, oversized jackets, loose-fitting shirts and high-waisted trousers.
  6. Popular brands of Turkish clothing, designed for the middle class, are also represented by the brand network. In her collections, she has dresses of an unusual cut, elegant trouser suits, flying chiffon blouses.

Turkish clothing brandsclothing brands for women

American clothing brands

American global clothing brands are very popular in Europe:

  1. In the boutiques of such American designers as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne worth a visit, because they can find quality clothes for everyday wear.
  2. There are clothing brands belonging to the middle segment. For example, for young people such brands as Guess, GAP, Banana Republic, Esprit.
  3. There are companies that are distributed only in the United States. it Urban Outfitters, Free People, Ann Taylor, Athleta, American Apparel, Walmart.
  4. American Apparel produces clothes only from natural fabrics, it can be trousers, T-shirts, shirts or even various vintage items.
  5. Ecko Unltd is a representative of bright American streetwear for men and women.
  6. Do not bypass the manufacturers of sportswear, known all over the world Nike, Converse and New Balance.
  7. Without denim, it is also difficult to imagine American style. Popular brands are Levi’s and Lee.

american clothing brandsglobal clothing brands

Japanese clothing brands

In the Land of the Rising Sun, you can find numerous fashionable clothing brands:

  1. Hanae Mori created in the distant 80s, but continues to be on top. In clothes you can see notes of French elegance and traditional national style.
  2. A lot of street-type stuff, which is built on such a subculture as punk. Sacai — a brand that began its journey with ordinary knitwear. Then the designer moved on to creating things where you can see two pieces of clothing sewn together. This is a kind of Abe style, with a complex cut and an extreme combination of patterns and decor.
  3. Mercury Duo — represents clothing brands that impress with their unique style. In the collections you can find fluffy skirts made in shades that are typical for Japan.

Japanese clothing brands

German clothing brands

The world of fashion is known not only thanks to such countries as France, Italy, America and England. Delightful brands of women’s clothing can also be demonstrated in Germany, these brands have a large number of fans:

  1. World famous clothing brands represent AdidasThis company is from Germany. It creates a comfortable and practical shape for sports and just for outdoor activities. The brand has revolutionized football and created the spiked cleats that have won awards for many athletes in competitions.
  2. Bogner is a brand specializing in sports shoes. Its creator was once a skier and therefore wanted to create sports equipment that meets high quality standards and at the same time looks fashionable.
  3. Another newly created brand — Joop!. Such clothes are created for extraordinary personalities, originality can be seen even in the brand name, which contains an exclamation point.

German clothing brands

Spanish clothing brands

Spain is one of the trendsetters and represents popular clothing brands:

  1. Concern Inditex Group consists of such well-known brands as Zara. Zara is characterized by the fact that before the recognition began, it created a small number of copies. After the fashion designers took one model and made five options with a slightly modified design.
  2. Mango — a trademark represented by affordable women’s stylish collections. Each season, the brand releases different versions of the black jacket and white shirt. In each collection, the company presents a huge selection of casual outfits, exquisite dresses.

spanish clothing brands

French clothing brands

Clothes, shoes and accessories from France have conquered the whole world. This country offers the most popular clothing brands:

  1. Maison Martin Margiela — a shocking and mysterious brand of modernity. He produced women’s clothing, which eventually became a cult. At the same time, it is not known who the mysterious creator really is.
  2. Popular French clothing brands represent and SAINT LAURENT. He managed to become famous due to the first women’s tuxedo, transparent clothes and safari jackets. Each item is a unique find, the embodiment of creative delights.
  3. Chloe This brand makes luxury out of simple things. Chloe’s style is romantic, a little vintage, a little sexy and feminine.

French clothing brands

Finnish clothing brands

Finns are not inferior to many global manufacturers and offer fashionistas the best clothing brands:

  1. Reima is a popular brand of children’s clothing, which confidently creates new items for the convenience of beloved children. The material uses thin and weightless, but ideal for winter overalls, jackets and other warm clothing. The brand uses the style of Scandinavian minimalism, while using bright and juicy prints.
  2. clothing Luhta and Joutsen created for fans of extreme and sports recreation. Some models use rare material such as eider down. The price for such goods is high, but it is worth it.
  3. Another brand is Nanso, a well-known brand of sportswear. The clothes are very light and perfectly protect against adverse atmospheric phenomena.

Finnish clothing brands

English clothing brands

British famous clothing brands are considered trendsetters of youth fashion:

  1. When mentioning England, it is worth remembering the brand Burberry. The company gained success thanks to the waterproof raincoat, which continues to be the hallmark of this brand.
  2. Legendary British brand Alexander McQueen became a classic in the fashion world. The brand’s products include outerwear, women’s suits, dresses and shoes for men and women. Many models are suitable for young people, because they are outrageous, often different interpretations of denim items are created.

British clothing brands

Russian clothing brands

Many Russian clothing brands are distinguished by impeccable style:

  1. I Am Studio creates things that belong to affordable luxury, some of the options look like unique design solutions. In this brand, you can choose pencil skirts, sundress dresses and voluminous blazers.
  2. Brand 12 STOREZ has its own recognizable style. Basic wardrobe items are coats, trench coats and classic suits.
  3. Things SOEASY suitable for everyday wear in the city environment. Designers create simple styles but complement them with playful prints.
  4. PE FOR GIRLS — clothes for fashionistas in the capital. Of the latest models, flying dresses, pajama-style suits, long parkas and voluminous shirts deserve attention.

Russian clothing brandsRussian clothing brands

Sportswear brands

Sports lovers and just active pastime will appreciate the elite or inexpensive brands of clothing made in a sports style:

  1. The German brand is considered a sports giant in the fashion world. HYPERLINK. The creator was the first to come up with Velcro shoes.
  2. Sergio Tacchini is an Italian sportswear brand, most of the collection was created for tennis players.

sportswear brands

Youth clothing brands

For young fashionistas, youth brands are extremely relevant:

  1. There are brands for young people who create clothing that demonstrates freedom of choice. The British brand remains one of the most sought-after options. Burberry. It was created in 1856 and continues to showcase versatile and practical outfits.
  2. Bershka is a youth Spanish brand specializing in the production of clothing, shoes and accessories. Many everyday models are sewn from denim. There is even a line that is characterized by different print options, where the faces of celebrities and cartoon characters take the leading positions.

youth clothing brands

Business clothing brands

Fashionistas who spend a lot of time at work prefer business style, so they will appreciate luxury clothing brands:

  1. English brand Victoria Beckham very popular, most of the collection is denim. The creator has impeccable taste and sense of style, which can be seen in the entire line of her clothes. The line for young people is the brand Victoria by Victoria Beckham, where there are many bright saturated colors and bold and original styles.
  2. Muji — Japanese brand with a great history. Clothing in Muji style has a solid minimalism, where there are straight lines and concise forms. This brand boasts other things that are necessary in everyday life.

business clothing brands

Evening wear brands

To create spectacular evening bows, the best brands of women’s clothing are designed:

  1. Giorgio Armani — has gained its popularity thanks to beautiful things, this brand is popular among young people.
  2. Valentino offers a large selection of accessories, clothing, bags, shoes for women and men. Valentino produces exquisite dresses and floor-length skirts. The brand has created the famous red dresses, in recent years Valentino embodies the grandiose design and style of couture houses.

evening wear brands

The most expensive clothing brands

The fair sex, who want to look luxurious and sophisticated, will prefer expensive clothing brands:

  1. Givenchy is a premium brand. The designer himself spoke about his things that they are worthy of an Oscar, and every woman will be able to win a man with the help of an outfit and express her unsurpassed taste.
  2. Brand Van Laack creates only luxury clothes, these are elegant suits with strict shirts.

most expensive clothing brands


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