Branded clothing for obese women


Brand clothes for obese women - the best companies for plus size models

Foreign brands began to focus on plus size women. You will no longer meet models that are bulky hoodies, shapeless grandmother’s dresses or ugly robes. Branded clothing for obese women is characterized by a graceful silhouette, fashionable cut and spectacular colors.

How to dress plus size?

Stylists give a variety of fashion tips for obese women that help them look stylish and unique:

  1. At the first stage of the transformation, you should turn to underwear. It should fit perfectly, model the shape of the chest and hips and not show large folds on the figure. You should not resort to models that drag out forms and harm the skin and well-being.
  2. Plus size girls should turn to quality items from good fabrics that are slimming. A synthetic dress can spoil the look and show everything that you wanted to hide.
  3. Full girls should not turn to hoodies, because on the contrary, they add extra volume. Semi-tight clothing would be ideal. It does not fit the figure, but smoothly emphasizes its silhouette. So, when choosing clothes, you should take into account your type of figure, because what is ideal for the “pear” option is not suitable for the “apple”.
  4. Curvy girls should emphasize their waist with a special drapery or a simple belt.
  5. Owners of magnificent forms should turn to soft, light and flowing fabrics. They perfectly follow the curves of the body. A silk blouse will look much more profitable than a cotton one.
  6. For full ladies, the ideal solution would be a vertical strip that stretches and slims the silhouette. It can be used in the option of a row of small buttons, arrows on trousers and an original print.
  7. Among the print options that branded clothes for obese women are presented with, it is worth stopping at non-contrasting combinations, calm and muted colors will become relevant.

how to dress plus sizefashion tips for obese womenstylish clothes for obese women

HM plus size

One of the most popular brands that represent brands for obese women is H&M:

  1. The company needs no introduction, it is one of the modern flagships. He specializes in simple and comfortable clothing. The plus size line includes a fashionable base, ranging from mom jeans to laconic oversized tops, the brand also specializes in coats.
  2. The brand encourages not to dwell on the shortcomings of appearance, but to love yourself for who you are.
  3. The trademark keeps up with the times, branded clothing for overweight women, which is complemented by ethnic motifs, will be relevant.
  4. Basically, the brand specializes in the hourglass silhouette, creating trousers for such shapes, a high-waisted maxi skirt, and a coat with a wraparound belt.

hm plus sizebrands for obese women

plus size lingerie

The world-famous Lingerie brand produces plus size lingerie:

  1. This is an excellent manufacturer of high-quality and exquisite Italian corset underwear. The brand in its variants of models makes a hint of light flirting.
  2. The brand boasts high-tech underwear created using IT technologies. The brand is constantly increasing its size range, so that even women with very large forms feel as comfortable as possible.
  3. Great importance is attached to corrective models that reliably support the chest and visually reduce the stomach with the help of a high waistline and the use of elastic material.
  4. To make the girl feel feminine and irresistible, a line has been developed that offers branded lace clothes for obese women, these are separate sets and one-piece bodysuits with an incredibly exquisite openwork texture.

plus size lingerieplus size lingerie

plus size wedding dresses

You can also find plus size clothing brands that are engaged in the manufacture of wedding clothes:

  1. All girls have their own individual characteristics of the figure, and these are not necessarily standard forms. Features of plus size wedding dresses are that they perfectly hide figure flaws.
  2. Well-chosen outfits in a favorable color can show all the natural charms of the hero of the occasion. This effect is achieved with the help of a special cut and tailoring technology.
  3. The choice of style should correspond to the type of figure: in the «triangle» you need to balance the proportions, for this they use a fluffy skirt in the assembly.
  4. In the «pear» it is assumed the need to hide the lush hips, this is done with the help of an expanding A-line hem. Such branded wedding clothes for obese women hide the excess, and the figure acquires visual harmony. Corset parts with lacing are better to give way to dense textiles that will not interfere with breathing.
  5. If a girl has large breasts, her neckline should be emphasized. Fixing cups with a corrective effect go into this design.

plus size wedding dressesplus size clothing brands

Zara plus size

One of the most fashionable brands, which are clothing brands for obese women, is Zara:

  1. In the collection you can find options of 50-52 sizes. The brand offers all sorts of options for shorts, jeans, shirts and blouses.
  2. Exquisite lightness characterizes the clothes, the collections offer grunge of the 80s, modern street fashion.
  3. In the assortment you can see bombers, which are perfectly complemented by a flirty skirt.
  4. For a sporty style, you should turn to leggings in combination with oversized sweaters.
  5. Off-the-shoulder midi dresses are flattering and perfect for a sophisticated evening look.

zara plus sizeclothing brands for overweight women

Asos plus size

The ASOS brand specializes in plus size models that are suitable for both work and everyday leisure. Plus size women’s clothing is offered in the following variations:

  1. It is worth paying attention to elegant trousers, blouses and perfect fit.
  2. There is a separate line for plus size women, which includes basic t-shirts, printed jumpsuits, soft jerseys and light coats.
  3. The brand has options for relaxation, these are sweater dresses and flying capes.
  4. For special occasions, a feminine dress with lace trim, an off-the-shoulder wrap dress in silky fabric with trendy prints is suitable.

asos plus sizeplus size women clothing

adidas plus size

One of the directions of the popular sports brand Adidas is plus size clothing:

  1. Plus size women are very happy with branded tracksuits. All seams on clothing are made strong and barely noticeable, they are designed to withstand heavy loads. In addition, a quality suit should be able to withstand multiple machine washes without stretching.
  2. Sportswear must be chosen according to the season. For cold weather, the jacket should be moderately long, equipped with tight cuffs. A summer suit should be made from one layer and provide maximum comfort.
  3. Casual fashion for overweight women is represented not only by pants, jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts, but also by skirts and dresses created in a comfortable sporty style.

adidas plus sizeplus size clothes

bluemoon plus size clothes

The popular Bluemoon brand has a plus size store that offers all kinds of clothes for obese women:

  1. Products are designed for different seasons and made in different styles. You can find incredibly elegant and functional things that are suitable for the office and everyday wear. These are classic cut skirts and trousers, laconic blouses and jackets.
  2. The brand also specializes in evening fashion, the cut of the models is designed to emphasize the femininity of the owner of such a dress and make her figure visually flawless. The thing can be made of dense material or be openwork lace.

bluemoon plus size clothesfashion for obese women

Minova plus size

Among fat girls, the Minova brand enjoys well-deserved recognition, fashionable clothes are its hallmark:

  1. Women are offered a large size range from 42 to 66 sizes. The range is constantly updated with new models, and for regular customers there is a system of discounts. The brand specializes not only in clothing, but also in high-quality shoes and bags.
  2. Plus size dresses play a leading role in the brand’s catalogue. These can be casual, office, discreet, bright, concise in cut or complemented by flounces.
  3. The range also includes outerwear, suits, skirts, jackets, sweaters and overalls.

minova plus sizeminova fashion clothes

Cottelli Collection plus size

Many fashionistas were happy to see the Cottelli Collection in Russia. The brand specializes in the production of exquisite underwear:

  1. When making models, stylists tried to combine such characteristics as functionality and seductiveness. Even if the products contain openwork inserts, they have a corrective effect, due to which the figure acquires visual appeal.
  2. Sets can be found both in a monophonic design and with spectacular contrasting inserts.
  3. Bold fashionistas are offered not only a classic combination, including a bra and panties, but also other stylish clothes for obese women. It can be a one-piece bodysuit that can even be combined with jeans if desired, or a seductive dress designed for special occasions.

cottelli collection plus sizecottelli collection in russia

S Oliver plus size

S Oliver clothing also enjoys reasonable recognition among the fair sex:

  1. The trendy brand began its history in 1969. He specializes in three areas. The most popular is casual, it is a universal clothing for every day, which is easily combined with each other.
  2. The next direction will be QS by s.Oliver, these are urban-style clothes for young people. Such things are characterized by brightness, bold style and creativity.
  3. Selection by s.Oliver is classic clothing with a modern twist.

s oliver plus sizeclothes s oliver

Forever 21 plus size

Forever 21 clothes are distinguished by versatility and unique style:

  1. Forever 21 was founded in Los Angeles in 1984 and was dedicated to the production of men’s and women’s clothing. The main features of this brand are that it represents low prices and a huge selection of clothes of different sizes. It can be models in sports style — tops, suits and leggings.
  2. Dresses and skirts are presented in mini and maxi versions, you can find sundresses and cocktail models.
  3. The brand has a large selection of trousers, jeans, pajamas, underwear, shirts, t-shirts and tops.
  4. In Forever 21, the assortment includes leather shoes and boots, clothes made from eco-leather, polyester and other inexpensive materials. You can buy classic pumps, comfortable sneakers, sneakers, ankle boots and ballet flats.

forever 21 plus sizeclothes forever 21

Marina plus size

One of the areas that the Marina brand is engaged in is fashionable clothes for overweight women:

  1. In many product variants, a marine theme is used. Women’s clothing combines details from the past and modern fashion.
  2. Traditional colors are characterized by the obligatory predominance of dark blue, while the classic style and forms are used.
  3. The range will appeal to any woman, because it represents a variety of styles, ranging from classic to casual.

marina plus sizefashionable clothes for obese women

mango plus size

One of the most sought-after options for plus size brands is Mango:

  1. The range includes dresses, shirts, blouses and trousers that are worn for a very long time and have an incredibly stylish design. Among warm clothes you can choose sweaters, cardigans and jumpers.
  2. In addition to the classic colors, you can see something trendy and trashy. In the collections, both a student and an adult woman can find suitable clothes.

mango plus sizeplus size brands

Zarina plus size

Avid fashionistas are definitely recommended to visit plus size clothing stores of the Zarina trademark:

  1. Plus size clothing from Zarina is designed to emphasize the dignity of the figure and think through the image to the smallest detail. The assortment offers a variety of options, these are blouses and jackets, trousers and tops, sweatshirts, down jackets and skirts.
  2. The brand’s blouses will be as feminine and elegant as possible, they are often decorated with openwork inserts, rhinestones and stones. They can be made in both free and fitted form. The color palette is diverse, it is presented in mint, beige and snow-white tones.
  3. Tops will be presented in open and spacious options.
  4. Pants are offered mainly in dark shades. They are well suited for both business and casual style.
  5. The skirts are made of different materials, they are complemented by curly inserts and large belts.
  6. Sweatshirts are popular — these are options for soft and spacious sweaters, where the sleeves are adjustable to the required length.

stylish clothes for obese womenzarina plus size

Lane Bryant — clothes

Lane Bryant is an American company, one of the directions of which is stylish plus size clothing:

  1. The clothes are presented in soothing colors, in such noble colors as blue, gray and ivory.
  2. Things are not overloaded with details, but they look incredibly beautiful. This is a merit of an unusual cut, beautiful soft draperies and modern fabrics.
  3. In the collections you can find both a classic trouser suit and ripped jeans.

stylish plus size clotheslane bryant clothes

Ulla Popken — plus size women’s clothing

  1. Ulla Popken will help you create your own unique image. Women’s clothing of this brand is presented in a wide range:
  2. Girls who value convenience and comfort will appreciate the collections of everyday items. In them you can find all kinds of trousers and jeans, sweaters and cardigans, down jackets and coats.
  3. For going out, you can choose an exquisite evening dress, the models are designed to present a certain full figure in the most advantageous light. This is achieved through a special cut, complemented by draperies in the right areas, which helps to give the owner of the thing visual harmony.

ulla popken women's clothing


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