Birkenstock is a fashionable German footwear brand.


Birkenstock is a fashionable German footwear brand.

A well-known German company that manufactures orthopedic shoes is Birkenstock. The full name of the company is Birkenstock Orthopaedie GmbH & Co. The assortment is extremely diverse, products are offered both in winter or demi-season, and in summer.

Birkenstock brand

The Birkenstock brand has a long history of existence:

  1. Back in 1774, shoemaker Johann Birkenstock lived in the city of Langenberg. He was an excellent master of his craft, his skills were known in other cities, and people came to him to order shoes. Craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation. And already in 1896, the great-grandson of that man, Konrad Birkenstock, decides to open two shoe stores in Frankfurt am Main, where shoes and lasts were sold.
  2. The creator of the brand, Konrad, began to conquer the world with his invention of an insole that repeated all the irregularities of the foot. This is how the Birkenstock soft orthopedic insole was created, which made it possible to stay in shoes for a long time without getting tired. This invention made a breakthrough in the shoe world.
  3. Conrad was approached during the First World War with a proposal to create unique footwear for the troops, which even wounded soldiers could wear.
  4. In 1925 Conrad’s two sons joined the business. In the same year, Friedberg acquired a shoe factory. The demand for orthopedic shoes has grown several times at once. So there were agreements with other countries for the supply of branded «birkenstocks» to such states as Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France.
  5. In 1947, the eldest son of Konrad wrote the book «The Birkenstock Orthosystem», which many orthopedists discover today. In the 60s of the last century, popular sandals were created. In 1990, they were recognized as the most environmentally friendly couple.
  6. In 2004, Birkenstock shoes were awarded the «Best Design, Proven for Years and Suitable for Everyone» award. At this stage, the brand creates not only flip flops and sandals, but also many other options for comfortable shoes.

birkenstock brand

Virkenstock — how to distinguish a fake?

Buying shoes from a well-known company, you can easily run into a fake. Not in all cases, it’s a deception right away, because scammers try to hide all the shortcomings as much as possible. True, when worn, it will be noticed that low-quality material was used. Often fake options such as sneakers, stilettos or moccasins. To purchase original Birkenstocks, it is recommended to consider the following:

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the price, the cost of shoes. You need to be careful if there is a big discount on it. If desired, in the store you can ask for documents for the goods, this is a declaration, invoices or a contract.
  2. The main flaws can be seen when viewing the product. Birkenstock shoes should not have jagged edges, glue droplets, crookedly attached labels. The font on the product or label must be clearly printed and not blurry.
  3. You can check the barcode of the product, it should indicate the country of origin, which is also on the packaging.
  4. To clearly understand how the original should look like, you need to check all logos, inscriptions and other signs that should not differ in color, size, be in certain places reserved for them.

birkenstock how to distinguish a fake

Wirkenstock shoes

Original Birkenstock shoes are distinguished by the highest quality and stylish appearance:

  1. The key to the popularity of this brand is that it is constantly working on improving shoe technology. The company has 20 patents. One of them is Smooth Leather — a special way of producing leather, when the material is dense, but at the same time it fits comfortably on the leg.
  2. The Birkestock brand is represented on the market by such products as slippers, flip flops, slates, slippers, shoes, sandals, sneakers and boots. You can see such line options as ARIZONA, MADRID and MAYARI. The brand produces models not only for adult shoes, but also for children.

birkenstock shoes

Boots Birkenstock

Like all brand shoes, Virkenstock boots have orthopedic properties:

  1. The sole is soft and elastic, it has a characteristic logo of the brand, it is securely stitched.
  2. The upper is made of suede or leather in black.
  3. The Virkenstock models are often short and equipped with lacing.
  4. The lining on the inside of the shoe makes it easy and soft to put on.

birkenstock boots

Clogs Virkenstock

A popular option for closed sandals is the Virkenstock women’s clogs:

  1. This is a special pair that gives comfort and convenience while walking. These shoes will be an excellent option for everyday activities, outdoor activities and planned celebrations.
  2. The front part of the clog has a rounded toe, and there is a strap on the back that helps to adjust the shoe depending on the characteristics of the foot.
  3. These Birkenstock shoes are often made in white or black.
  4. The sole is wide and is characterized by a reliable block.

birkenstock clogs

Sandals Birkenstocks

In the summer season, comfortable Virkenstock sandals will become indispensable:

  1. The footwear is equipped with an orthopedic insole.
  2. In addition to the classic models in black and white, there are options in bright colors, complemented by unusual prints. It can be geometric shapes, neon shades with overflows, options with silver and gold glitter. The colors are completely different, it can be blue, orange, pink tone.
  3. In such shoes, genuine leather should be inside and out. There should be wide straps and straps.

birkenstock sandals

Birkenstock flip flops

Preventive orthopedic shoes are Virkenstock slippers:

  1. She acquired this property thanks to the insole, which repeats the bends of the leg. Thanks to this functionality, the load on the spine is reduced.
  2. Material for shoes Virkenstock is selected patented. It can be Birko-flor — a neutral material, pleasant to the touch, durable, resistant to moisture and easy to wear. Birko-felt is a material created from woolen and synthetic fibers that practically does not absorb moisture. Birko-flor-Nubuk is a specially processed artificial leather that is not much different from the natural version.
  3. Models of slippers are available in two types: for a standard foot and for legs with a high fullness.

flip flops birkenstock

Pantolets Virkenstock

Initially, such a shoe name as women’s Virkenstock pantolets was associated with a variant closed in front and open in the back on a flat sole. This style resembles clogs, only without heels and wedges. Now the name of pantolets has changed and means slippers with a minimum number of any straps:

  1. They are light weight, soft soles and simple design.
  2. Virkenstock Pantolets are often chosen for relaxing on the beach, because they use modern material that wears well and does not get dirty.
  3. Pantolets made of genuine leather are chosen for everyday wear in the city. So the feet will not sweat, and prolonged wear will not provoke chafing.
  4. There are even options for insulated pantolets, the upper part is represented by suede, and the lower part is equipped with a fur addition. In such shoes, the clasp is present in the form of a buckle, and the heel is used in the form of a column.

pantolet birkenstock

Wirkenstock sneakers

Original Wirkenstock sneakers are perfect for an active lifestyle and long walks:

  1. Shoes are made of high quality materials, such as leather, cork and latex or already patented materials (Birko – flor, Birko – Feel, microfiber).
  2. There are such types of shoes: standard models (narrow, schmal, small), which are designated as S, wide models (regular, standard, normal) are designated as N.
  3. Brand sneakers are divided into such varieties as casual, classic, model and sports. They can be complemented with leather and suede, have different colors, for example, these are white birkenstocks, black, red, gray products.

birkenstock sneakers

Wirkenstock sneakers

Popular women’s shoes Birkenstock are also represented by such varieties as sneakers:

  1. The brand has options for both high tops and low tops. The high-tops provide excellent support and are specifically designed for those who value comfort. They are made of high quality leather with a light texture. Maximum comfort is dictated by a competent combination of materials from which the inner part is made — leather and fabric, a branded insole.
  2. There is a Birkenstock model for a narrow foot, which is designed for people who value convenience and practicality. The minimalistic design of the model makes it easy to fit into any wardrobe.
  3. The elastic heel edge provides additional support and protects the foot from chafing.
  4. Long lacing allows for an adjustable fit.

birkenstock sneakers

Virkenstock slates

Another option for summer shoes, in which German Birkenstock shoes are offered, are slates, they fit perfectly on the foot:

  1. The buckle fastening provides excellent fixation.
  2. The sole is made of cork material.
  3. Such slates can be made in different colors. Metal rivets can be used as decoration.
  4. The outer side is often represented by eco-leather. Birkenstock shoes are reinforced with EVA technology. Open shoes provide maximum comfort in a summer pair.

birkenstock slates

Birkenstocks with fur

A real boom in fashion was made by Virkenstock women’s shoes, complemented by fur:

  1. The Celine collection implies decoration with colored fur. A stable demand for such shoes appeared among the brave fashionistas, because the products are as comfortable as possible, although they look extravagant in appearance.
  2. Fur in such shoes can cover the entire upper part or be located in certain areas. The fur used is mink or antelope, which can be dyed any color.

birkenstocks with fur

Wirkenstock slippers

The brand has model options that represent women’s Virkenstock slippers for the beach. They are light, comfortable, durable, provide maximum comfort and reliability. The shoes are made up of water-repellent and dirt-repellent materials that provide maximum comfort for simple daily use.

birkenstock slippers

Suede birkenstocks

Beautiful women’s birkenstocks made of suede look especially beautiful. This material can be used to make boots, clogs, sandals, pantolets, sneakers, sneakers. A combination of leather and suede is also allowed, when the materials are combined in the form of certain inserts. There may be decoration in the upper part in the form of embroidery.

suede birkenstocks

What to wear with Birkenstocks?

Many fashionistas are interested in the question: what to wear with women’s birkenstocks:

  1. Products are combined with almost all elements of clothing, except for puffy dresses.
  2. It will be the perfect footwear for the holidays, in which the legs practically do not get tired and you can travel for hours along the embankment. These sandals are perfect for walking with friends and for romantic dates. For such shoes it is worth choosing jeans, it can be trousers-pipes or culottes of a free cut.
  3. Birkenstocks will not look ridiculous with a skirt, but it is better to do without the classic version, and pair the shoes with denim models or maxi skirts.
  4. From the options for dresses, you can choose knitted sundresses to the floor, short models, shirt dresses, T-shirt dresses that are combined with sandals.
  5. One suitable combination would be shorts and flight suits.

what to wear with birkenstockshow to wear women's birkenstocksbirkenstock shoes


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