Bershka — brand history and review of fashion news


Bershka - brand history and review of fashion news

The Spanish brand Bershka positions itself as youthful, affordable and fashionable — clothing designers are focused on young people who are well versed in fashion trends, appreciate a stylish look and comfort in everyday life.

Bershka brand history

The global brand Bershka, which produces stylish and comfortable youth clothing, is a subsidiary of the Inditex holding. It was founded in 1998, that is, it can rightfully be called young, but very successful. The founder of the company was the entrepreneur Amancio Ortega, and the target audience was young people aged 14 to 26 years. Initially, the manufacturer produced exclusively women’s clothing, but very soon collections for men appeared on sale.

In 2011, the company made a huge breakthrough, the Bershka clothing brand began to be sold in countries such as France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Latvia, China. The main headquarters of the company is located in Spain, in the city of Arteiho, but the clothing production itself is localized in China and Bangladesh.

Bershka brand historyHistory of the brand Bershka fashion

Today, the world-famous Bershka brand sees itself as a beacon in the fashion world, covering more than 70 markets in different countries and has no less than 1000 stores. The main trump card of the manufacturer is the flexibility of the business model, which allows you to adapt to changes in the world of fashion trends at any time, adapt and adapt to them in the shortest possible time.

History of the Bershka clothing brandBrand history Bershka design

Bershka clothing

Bershka clothing is a stylish youth assortment, designed primarily for girls and boys of student age. These are everyday basic models that look very stylish and provide maximum comfort throughout the day, even for those who lead a very active lifestyle. Each new collection features a variety of fine denim designs, an assortment of comfortable sportswear, and a variety of dresses and shirts.

Bershka clothingBershka clothing fashion

The youth of the whole world prefers this clothing brand, because its price is very affordable for many. At the same time, the manufacturer does not save on quality — stylish fashionable clothes are made from good materials that are worn for a long time without losing their shape and color. The main trump card of the brand is its ability to quickly adapt to fashion trends and launch the most trendy clothes on the market.

Bershka women's clothingClothing Bershka style

Bershka jeans

Jeans have been one of the most popular options for everyday youth clothing for more than a year, which, due to their practicality, fit well into any look and allow you to fully enjoy comfort. Designers could not but take this into account — women’s jeans annually occupy an impressive niche in the clothing collection. The color scheme of jeans from this manufacturer is predominantly classic — from dark blue to blue, including worn and washed designs.

Bershka jeansBershka jeans fashion

Bershka jeans are a wide range of styles, including:

Bershka Dresses

If you prefer elegance and femininity in clothes, then a Bershka dress or sundress is definitely not your option. Clothing models aimed at stylish and creative youth look relatively simple — they are made mainly in discreet colors and with laconic decor. The main advantage of Bershka dresses is a loose cut, or tight-fitting if the fabric is soft and stretches well. This range provides maximum comfort in everyday life and is easily combined with any footwear, including the now popular sneakers and sneakers.

Bershka DressesDresses Bershka fashion

The length of the dresses is mostly short or midi. The lineup includes:

  • fitted dresses or sundresses;
  • tight-fitting knitted models;
  • free cut;
  • elegant styles — shirt dresses or sophisticated fitted models made of beautiful flowing fabric.
  • Dresses Bershka styleDresses Bershka designDresses Bershka fashion

Bershka Pants

The Bershka collection of women’s trousers includes not only jeans, although they occupy a huge niche of the entire range. A variety of styles offers fashionistas many options for every day, as well as for the office or the beach, which are sewn from a wide variety of fabrics for every taste and request. The color range of Bershka trousers is for the most part restrained calm colors, including striped or lightly printed models.

Bershka PantsBershka pants design

Bershka pants are models such as:

  • flared styles;
  • Bershka flared pants

  • skinny trousers;
  • Bershka skinny pants

  • culottes, such Bershka pants with a chain look especially impressive;
  • Pants Bershka culottes

  • cargo pants;
  • photo26
  • models with gathered waist.
  • Pants Bershka style

Shorts Bershka

Curtains are an indispensable wardrobe item for young active girls, and the designers of the Bershka brand could not help but take this into account — the manufacturer offers fashionistas a wide variety of styles for every taste and for all occasions. Most styles of Bershka shorts are loose, lightweight styles that provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Shorts BershkaShorts Bershka fashion

The range of Bershka shorts is a variety of styles, including:

  • loose shorts with a high waist;
  • jeans models;
  • shorts-skirt;
  • biking shorts Bershka;
  • Sporty Bershka shorts in soft fabric.
  • Bershka shorts ideasShorts Bershka options

Denim jacket Bershka

Modern youth street style is a wide variety of clothing styles that combine an interesting design that reflects the taste of a girl and a comfortable fit. A light denim jacket will not do without a wardrobe, which will help out in cool weather, protect from the wind and complement your stylish and creative youth look.

Denim jacket BershkaBershka denim jacket ideas

For the most part, Bershka denim jackets are short models that slightly cover the waist. They are sewn mainly from lightweight fabric that does not restrict freedom of movement, without linings and insulation, this is ideal for cool summer weather, late spring or early autumn. Color options are very diverse, but mostly they are calm colors — blue, lilac, pink, pistachio, pastel yellow.

Denim jacket Bershka styleDenim jacket Bershka fashion

Bershka skirts

No women’s wardrobe is complete without such a thing as a skirt, and a youth look is no exception. Fashion brand Bershka offers young girls a wide range of stylish and creative ideas that emphasize original taste. This season, the styles of skirts with high waist and elastic, mini or midi length have become trendy. Such faso favorably emphasize the hips.

Bershka skirtsSkirts Bershka fashion

The most relevant material for a Bershka skirt is jeans, which harmoniously fits into any youth look, but in any collection there are many models from other fabrics, dense or very light. Color options are very diverse, from concise and neutral to catchy and expressive. Lovers of bright creativity in the image may like the styles of Bershka skirts with an asymmetrical or torn bottom.

Skirts Bershka designBershka skirts ideas

T-shirts Bershka

Youth wardrobe is a set of styles of stylish and comfortable clothes, in which you will feel comfortable throughout the day, both at a lecture at the university, and on an evening easy walk around the city. Bershka women’s T-shirts are a good example of this. A variety of interesting styles will certainly allow you to choose the perfect model that reflects your sense of style, in which you will be as comfortable as possible.

T-shirts BershkaT-shirt Bershka design

Stylish and creative Bershka women’s T-shirts are made of high-quality fabric, which is very pleasant to the touch and allows the body to breathe. The thing is worn for a long time without losing its shape, the drawings remain the same bright and colorful even after numerous washing cycles. A wide range includes such models:

  • basic — neutral monochrome design in a simple cut;
  • T-shirts Bershka basic

  • color models of T-shirts;
  • T-shirts Bershka color

  • stylish Bershka T-shirts with a variety of prints;
  • T-shirts Bershka print

  • cropped t-shirts;
  • photo45
  • T-shirts and T-shirts in the form of bodysuits.
  • T-shirts Bershka body

Swimwear Bershka

The world-famous fashion brand Bershka is ready to answer any request of young fashionistas, and every year the new collection includes such a variant of women’s clothing as a swimsuit, without which no beach female look can do. Stylish and modern styles are very diverse — from elegant open models to practical sports ones. As for the design, the manufacturer Bershka offers laconic styles, for the most part these are monophonic swimsuits without bright patterns and prints.

Swimwear BershkaSwimwear Bershka design

Bershka overalls

Increasingly popular is becoming such a variant of women’s clothing as a stylish and comfortable jumpsuit, providing a feeling of lightness and comfort. The main advantage of such a wardrobe item is that there is no need to draw up an image, select clothing combinations — a jumpsuit is considered a self-sufficient thing and, depending on the style, can be combined with a simple basic version of a T-shirt, T-shirt or sweatshirt. Bershka women’s overalls are comfortable models of a predominantly free cut that look stylish and youthful.

Bershka overallsJumpsuit Bershka fashion

The range of Bershka overalls can be called relatively wide — it includes both summer models with shorts, which are ideal for a beach holiday, and longer, closed styles for cool weather. The design of stylish overalls is laconic, without catchy colors and bright patterns, but at the same time it looks very stylish and self-sufficient.

Jumpsuit Bershka ideasJumpsuit Bershka design

Shoes Bershka

Bershka women’s shoes will certainly appeal to those who want to be in trend, enjoy comfort and at the same time not spend a huge amount of money on a new pair. The lineup represents a set of styles both for every day, and in office or on a party. Shoe materials can rightfully be called average in quality — such shoes will last for several seasons, but, like any other in this price category, they are subject to wear.

Shoes BershkaShoes Bershka ideas

Stylish and fashionable Bershka women’s shoes are the following styles:

Sneakers Bershka

Initially, sneakers were produced as shoes exclusively for professional or amateur sports, but much has changed in the fashion world, and now they have smoothly taken root in any look, combined even with such feminine styles as dresses, skirts and sundresses. Sneakers from the world famous Spanish brand Bershka are stylish models in a catchy massive design.

Sneakers BershkaSneakers Bershka fashion

Bershka sneakers are made primarily from high-quality artificial leather and textiles that provide good air circulation. With a seemingly massive design, such shoes are lightweight, they provide maximum comfort to the feet and look beautiful on the foot. Unlike clothes, Bershka women’s sneakers cannot be called concise — bright, even neon tones, contrasting combinations have become relevant.

Sneakers Bershka designSneakers Bershka style

Sandals Bershka

There are no less requirements for summer styles of shoes than for warm ones — in addition to the main criteria, in the hot season it is important that the foot does not sweat and does not slip, so you should give preference to high-quality sandals. Bershka shoes fully comply with all the criteria presented, the advantages of which include a stylish youth design and an affordable price.

Sandals BershkaBershka sandals ideas

Bershka summer sandals are stylish and fashionable styles for every taste and for all occasions:

  1. Bershka sandals with heels — look feminine and elegant, they are perfect for both a business dress code and an evening event.
  2. Flat sandals are ideal for those who value comfort above all else. Models harmoniously fit into street style or casual, it is ideal for long walking lanes or for the beach.
  3. Sandals on a high platform will certainly be appreciated by those who prefer creativity and maximum attention to their image. Despite the apparent massiveness, the shoes are light and very comfortable.
  4. Sandals Bershka styleSandals Bershka design

Bershka bags

No female image can be called complete without such an accessory as a bag, in which all the necessary things should be easily placed. In addition, it should be in perfect harmony with your bow. Designers have taken into account all the important points when developing stylish and comfortable Bershka youth bags. The material used is a high-quality leather substitute or durable textile, while the design is mostly neutral and concise.

Bershka bagsBags Bershka fashion

The current styles of Bershka women’s bags are:

  • classic styles of Bershka shoulder bags;
  • elegant clutch bag;
  • overall and roomy women’s shopping bag;
  • miniature waist bag;
  • comfortable and compact Bershka women’s backpacks.
  • Bags Bershka styleBags Bershka style


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