What is needed to maintain health, vitality and longevity?


Understand your body — how it lives, what is useful to it, what is not. Eat, maintain your body, reasonably alternate between work and rest, give up life-threatening habits (smoking, excess calories, fats, sweets, alcohol, uncontrolled medication, lack of sleep, stress, eating on the run, etc.) Of course , you also need to eat rationally, consciously strive to find the positive in everything that happens. CULTURE A FEELING OF GRATITUDE IN YOURSELF FOR EVERY WORK OF YOUR LIFE! When this way of life becomes a habit, you are surprised to notice a significant difference in how you feel before starting this way of life and after. Moreover, you, like many others, may want to support other people, share your achievements and knowledge. What specific benefit can our site bring to you? You can get basic information about the needs and characteristics of the individual systems of your body, and what exactly they can be fed in order to maintain the optimal condition of these organs and your entire body. General nutritional problems. There is a widespread illusion that modern people eat well enough. We may be overfeeding, but not getting the nutrients we need. It is quite logical that the daily diet of most modern people does not contain the full range of nutrients necessary for a healthy body to function normally. Surveys and studies show that 30-50% (calorie-wise) of a typical daily diet consists of highly processed foods that do not contain valuable nutrients and do not meet quality standards. So, for example, wheat, when processed into flour, loses 60% calcium, 71% phosphorus, 75% iron, 67% copper and 85% manganese. The percentage of loss of vitamins is similar. The Commission on Nutrition and Health of the US National Research Council concluded that — «a comprehensive review … shows that the typical diet poses a risk of a number of serious chronic diseases.» Studies show that the chances of health and longevity increase in a person who gives up smoking and alcoholic beverages or consumes them in moderation, monitors weight, avoids stress, exercises regularly and eats a well-balanced diet. Learning to eat right! First of all, you need to make sure that your diet contains enough fiber and essential nutrients and limit the amount of fat, refined sugar and flour you consume. The American Cancer Society recognizes the link between diet and cancer. A variety of foods should be eaten, with emphasis on fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, eggs, cereals, nuts, seeds and grains of various plants. The American Heart Association recommends that fat in the diet should be less than 30% of the total calorie intake. It is necessary to minimize the consumption of fats containing saturated fatty acids, the content of polyunsaturated acids should not exceed 10%. NSP products are designed to replenish the missing nutrients in the diet, ensure the supply of all body systems with the necessary nutrition for their full functioning, support our body at critical moments, prevent breakdowns in our organ systems, improve our quality of life! I wish you success! And remember — all your efforts will be accepted by your body with great gratitude!


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