Vera in Aloe


People have known about the healing properties of aloe since time immemorial. But only in our time, thanks to modern technology, have they learned to get the most out of it — to produce unique drinks with aloe vera gel. It seems that aloe is part of almost half of modern cosmetics and medicines. No wonder, because even in ancient China they knew about its magical stimulating and restorative effect on the body, for which they called it poetically — «harmony medicine». Our grandmothers also instilled the juice of the plant into the nose with a runny nose, applied it to wounds, strengthening the body and immunity. Later, the life-giving power of aloe vera was scientifically substantiated. The composition of its juice contains about 75 useful substances. These are anthraquinones and saponins — antiseptic and pain-relieving substances that can resist fungi and viruses. Minerals, among which the most important are zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium. Aloe is rich in vitamins: its leaves are just a storehouse of beta-carotene, B vitamins, antioxidants — A, E, C. The plant is unique in its high content of vitamin B12, the lack of which in the body leads to anemia. In addition, aloe vera is able to provide a person with most of the necessary amino acids, food-breaking enzymes and sucrose. The green friend has a high percentage of both monosaccharides — fructose and glucose, and polysaccharides. Now for the best assimilation it is no longer necessary to chew the bitter sprouts of the plant. It will be much more effective to use ready-made drinks based on Forever aloe vera gel. These funds normalize digestion, increasing the secretion of internal organs, promote healing of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. The composition of each of the series of drinks, except for aloe vera gel, includes additional substances that enhance its positive effect on the body. Thus, the completely natural drink «Aloe with Peach» is enriched with potassium and beta-carotenoids — the most valuable antioxidants, indispensable in the prevention of diseases of the heart, immune system and visual acuity. Drink Forever Freedome normalizes the condition of the joints due to the presence of glucosamine sulfate in its composition. This substance is obtained from the shell of crustaceans — it relieves pain and inflammation. The drink also contains chondroitin sulfate isolated from shark cartilage, which is called the «building material for the joints», because of the ability to retain fluid in the cartilage, regulate the functioning of tissues, protecting them from damage. «Aloe berry nectar» of the Forever line with cranberry flavor improves skin elasticity. It includes pycnogenol — the most important antioxidant that promotes the production of collagen. Aloe vera drinks are without a doubt the most modern way to get the most out of the plant. And the grandmothers, as usual, were right.


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