Tell me my mirror light


To be beautiful, to have healthy and beautiful skin, ideal proportions of the body, shining hair — every modern person of any age strives for this. And no wonder, because it was appearance that began to play far from the last, and sometimes the first, defining role in modern society. Of course, some standards of beauty are too high and at least strange, but nevertheless, everyone, young and old, obey her. The beauty industry has largely succeeded in making money on the desire to become beautiful, and therefore successful (these are the slogans promoted by advertising companies). But it is worth considering what is more important — health or beauty. Unfortunately, only a few are strong in medicine and can determine with accuracy that cosmetics that supposedly improve the appearance, in fact, do not spoil health. There are quite a few cases when cosmetics are unknowingly chosen incorrectly, which causes various kinds of reactions and allergies. But there are no less products on the market of the beauty industry, which really produce a stunning effect for some time, which simply cannot but fascinate and delight endlessly. But in fact, often such products only spoil health, and a brilliant effect is only the first time. Some time after using such products, visits to doctors (most often dermatologists) become regular. But, despite all sorts of quackery, there are still quality products in the world of industry that carefully look after customers. Among them are the following brands: Forever, Christina, Sea of ​​Spa and many others. Hygiene products should be chosen quite carefully and in accordance with the characteristics of the skin. Each skin type has a specific approach that will carefully and carefully maintain a normal balance of moisture and nutrients. Creams require a special approach. So for oily skin, you can not use too rich cream, and creams for dry and sensitive skin also have certain differences. Sunscreens are in high demand. Such funds are especially dangerous, because. can cause significant harm. And when choosing such a cream (Forever), you should consult an experienced doctor. Of course, if there is no health, then no beauty will be a joy. Therefore, when purchasing cosmetics, first of all, you need to think about health. And health will not force the beauty of a person to linger.


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