Pleasant acquaintance with Israeli cosmetics Christina


I don’t like autumn. Well, I don’t like it, that’s all. Gloomy morning, frequent rains, falling leaves of trees. And there is no light ahead, only long winter months. But, on the other hand, it is during this period of the year that we begin to sum up the first results of the outgoing year, and we are thinking of starting everything from scratch in the coming year. To start from scratch is, for me personally, to start with a change in image. And the inclement weather in the yard is the best way to finally stop rushing and fussing, and stop a little and listen to yourself and your desires, as well as make the right choice. So one evening, after finishing my household chores, I decided to take a look at the sites on the Internet and see what new cosmetic companies offer us. And I accidentally looked at the site where Christina cosmetics were presented. In the beginning, I just wanted to quickly skim the site with my eyes and visit other sites that are more familiar and famous. But something stopped me, and I began to carefully look through the catalog of products offered by the manufacturer. And what is not here: creams and cleansing tonics, facial scrubs, all kinds of masks, films, gels, more than 300 items were presented in total. Moreover, all the proposed cosmetics Christina, all products, are divided into series. Each series corresponds to a certain age. But not only a large and varied selection of cosmetics attracted my attention. The most important thing that did not leave me indifferent is the fact that these are natural cosmetics and their cosmetic preparations, first of all, are aimed at eliminating the causes, signs of this or that problem. And although these cosmetics are mainly intended for use by professional cosmetologists in beauty salons, Christina produces a series of cosmetics for use at home, which is very convenient. To make a long story short, I didn’t think twice and got ready, went to the store and bought the Wish face cream, which specifically fights aging and the negative effects of the environment. I really liked the cream. And yet, you can buy Christina cosmetics, both in specialized cosmetic stores, and without leaving your home, through an online store. Acquaintance promises to be pleasant, useful and unforgettable.


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