Body Scrub CHRISTINA (Christina)


The skin is the living shield of the human body. It is she who protects us from the negative, and sometimes aggressive influences of the outside world. Every day our skin is renewed — it sheds millions of obsolete cells. Instead, others appear — healthy — and stand up for our defense. But in order for something new to arise, it is necessary to get rid of the old, already unnecessary. And in this, an indispensable help will be provided by a modern cosmetic product — a body scrub. Body Scrub CHRISTINA (Christina) Forever Young Body Every woman dreams that her skin not only shines with health, but also looks attractive. Forever Young Body CHRISTINA Body Scrub will help make our skin velvety. This unique product is made in Israel, famous for its progressive developments in the field of body care. It can be used instead of a shower gel, because CHRISTINA body scrub (Christina) has both exfoliating and excellent washing and even disinfecting properties. The scrub contains soap tree extract, soapwort medicinal and salicylic acid crystals. After using the product, the feeling of special cleansing does not leave, the skin becomes tender, renewed, restored. Since the extracts of olive, red wine, centella asiatica block the action of free radicals, the blood begins to circulate more freely, and fruit acids give the skin softness and hydration. Regenerating body scrub — CHRISTINA (Christina) Rose de Mer Cellustretch Regeneratingl The scrub penetrates deep into the skin, contributing to its effective cleansing and subsequent regeneration. Natural cleaners — extracts of soap tree and saponaria officinalis gently remove impurities, and a complex of acids promotes the healing of wounds and microcracks. After applying the scrub, the skin looks well-groomed, smooth, and its owner is even more attractive in the eyes of others. The product is a combination of a complex of natural cleanersThe product is based on a unique complex of natural cleaners (saponaria officinalis, soap tree) and salicylic acid in an optimal concentration. Scrub deeply cleanses the skin, prepares the basis for the regeneration process, removes excess fat and «non-living» cells, stimulates blood circulation for better cell metabolism.


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