bee venom


bee venom — a product of the secretory activity of the poisonous glands of honey bees and queen bees. Bee venom has a complex chemical composition. It contains protein substances (including enzymes), lipids, biogenic amines (among them norepinephrine), acetylcholine, sugars, hydrochloric, orthophosphoric and nucleic acids and components. Bee venom acts on the smallest nerve endings located in the skin, from here the irritation is transmitted to the central nervous system and thus stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. It is a powerful immunostimulant and immunomodulator: its minimum concentrations have a significant effect on the human body. A special infusion of bee essence (microdoses of bee venom), which is part of the Tentorium cream, makes it very effective and at the same time completely safe. Its action is based on the unique analgesic property of bee venom. It is known that the venom contains the peptide adolapin, which is 80 times more effective than opium in its analgesic effect. Therapeutic effect of bee venom: pronounced analgesic effect; improves cerebral blood flow; anticonvulsant activity; reduces cerebral edema; improves mood, memory, sleep; improves heart function; increases the volume of circulating blood; antispastic; has an antiulcer effect; antiarrhythmic; anticoagulant (thinning the blood); expands the bronchi; stimulates the liver; thins mucus; desensitizing; expectorant; lowers blood sugar; radioprotective; anti-inflammatory; bactericidal; decongestant; absorbable; immunostimulating; normalizes metabolism; in small doses it has a stimulating effect, in large doses it has a calming effect; reduces alcohol and nicotine addiction; dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure; antiplatelet agent (reduces platelet aggregation, prevents the formation of blood clots in the vascular wall); antianemic (increases the amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells); stimulates the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines; increases the production of digestive enzymes, gastric juice, bile; increases the production of corticosteroids by the adrenal glands; normalizes the activity of the thyroid gland and gonads. It is also important that bee venom at the injection site causes a specific vascular reaction, many times increasing the permeability of the skin, allowing healing substances to penetrate deep into the tissues of the body. By thinning the blood, the poison reduces the load on the cardiovascular system, localizes and relieves pain.


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