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Like most brands, Christina cosmetics strives to cover the entire range of cosmetic types to take care of your health twenty-four hours a day. After all, Christina cosmetics is not positioned simply as a manufacturer of cosmetics, it is not for nothing that the slogan for this company is the phrase — «The miracle of daily revival.» Just like a miracle, you can perceive the wonderful Christina tonic for normal skin, which perfectly complements the cleanser that you use (we sincerely hope that it is also from the Israeli Christina product line). This wonderful tonic is capable of many things: it will not only cleanse your skin of impurities, but also normalize the balance of fats and moisture in your skin, soften and soothe it. Such a unique effect of a seemingly simple tonic is explained quite simply — natural natural extracts combined in a cosmetic product thanks to high technology. The extracts are not only absolutely non-irritating, but also have a soothing beneficial effect on all layers of the skin. Saponaria extract (medicinal soap root, or as it is also called — «red soap root») is very rich in saponins (about thirty percent of the total mass), chamomile fights foci of bacterial attacks, lemon oil softens and moisturizes your skin, orange nourishes with vitamins and gives a citrus aroma, lactic acid acts on the deep layers of the dermis, rejuvenating it, and menthol pleasantly cools irritated skin. Even such a banal (at first glance) component as geranium contributes to the overall benefits of this remedy from Christina. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much benefit you will get from a regular tonic (if, of course, you can call this wonderful tonic from Christina a regular one). After all, ordinary tonics are highly specialized — they are not beneficial for your skin, rather the opposite. But the tonic from Christina is quite the opposite, its action is very well consistent with the motto of this well-known company. Israeli cosmetics brand Christina is very consistent with its products. Christina strives to use only natural and high-quality raw materials, and the combination of using the latest research results in the field of medicine gives a unique result that makes the consumer choose Christina cosmetics again and again.


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