Professional cosmetics and dietary supplements are the key to the health of a modern person.


The cosmetics market in the CIS continues to expand. A powerful stimulus for its development is people’s interest in their beauty and health. Such market segments as the market of professional cosmetics and the market of dietary supplements are actively developing. Among hundreds of manufacturers from different countries, Israeli professional cosmetics should be singled out. Cosmetics Christina is a natural cosmetics. The manufacturer is the company «Kristina» — a high-tech production that produces hundreds of names of drugs. You can buy Christina cosmetics in many online stores. Cosmetics Kristina is produced in the form of several lines: Line Comodex for skin care. Rose de Mer — preparations for biomechanical skin peeling. The Silk line improves the appearance of the skin. Forever Young and Wish fight aging skin. Velvet Peel, Unstress-Pro, Unstress product lines are the latest developments in Israeli cosmetology. Ahava cosmetics uses mud, minerals and desert plants from the Dead Sea. Cosmetics are produced by Dead Sea Laboratories. Several lines of Ahava preparations are produced: Time Line provides protection, fights against age-related skin changes, SOURCE uses a unique set of minerals, DERMUD stimulates renewal and recovery processes, Mineral Botanic is a line of mineral creams, For Men is a line for men. You can also buy Ahava cosmetics worldwide. Sea of ​​Spa cosmetics are manufactured by Sea of ​​SPA Dead Sea LTD. This is an exclusive and high quality cosmetics of the Dead Sea region. Sea of ​​Spa cosmetics allows you to organize a Spa salon at home. The maximum effect of professional cosmetics is achieved when used in parallel with biologically active additives (BAA). Dietary supplements preserve health, increase vitality and longevity of a person. The Vitamax XXI century company (Ukraine) offers System Health Products. This is the Azbuka Zdorovya multivitamin complex for children and adolescents, Vitabalance 2000, containing vitamins, minerals, Vitatonus — to maintain the immune system, etc. You can buy Vitamax in Kyiv through online resources that offer a full range of Vitamax products.


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