In a clean body, a pure spirit


Compliance with the standards of cleanliness and hygiene is an essential requirement for the quality of life of a modern person. And our health and well-being primarily depend on how clean and safe the water we use is. Being in the mode of constant race for social success, in no case should one forget about spiritual growth — constant self-improvement, striving for harmony of being and consciousness. And what do we associate with purity, not only bodily, but also moral? That’s right, a crystal clear jet of the purest spring water. It is this natural moisture that can nourish and purify us from the inside and out. But where does it come from in city apartments, where a cloudy liquid with the aroma of bleach often flows out of rusty pipes? Oddly enough, but clean water can be bought. Coral Club is an international company that has developed a series of unique devices for truly miraculous transformation of city water into natural, spring water. The names of many high-tech inventions of Coral Club begin with the Latin word «vita» — life, and no one will argue with the fact that water is life. Only the water is clean. The MAXI vitalizer is able to purposefully change the structure of the liquid, bringing its composition closer to the composition of water from a spring or stream. Such moisture has a beneficial effect on the metabolism in the body, normalizes the work of internal organs. In a word, it cleanses us from the inside. But what if you have to drink a liquid of dubious origin and unknown quality during the day? The way out is to buy a Coral Club pocket vitalizer. A device in the form of a graceful fountain pen will normalize a portion of water for drinking. If we approach the problem globally, it is worth installing a household Vitalizer-softener MIDI at the points of connection of cold and hot water. It is even easier to use the mini softener nozzle on the faucet, shower head, washing machine or dishwasher inlet. After all, water oversaturated with heavy metals and chlorine has a detrimental effect on the skin and hair — apparently, it is not without reason that modern people have so many worries about maintaining their youthful appearance. But rather than spending huge amounts of money on a lot of creams, miracle shampoos or, God forbid, plastic surgeries, isn’t it easier to protect yourself from the main factor in aging — bad water? Thus, the Rainshaw shower filter with a unique KDF 55 sorbent removes up to 90% of free chlorine molecules from city water. Each region has its own problems with the ecology of water resources. Therefore, the Pure Water filter removes lime particles, chemicals, pesticides, and kills bacteria remaining after cleaning in municipal water networks. The water becomes quite suitable for drinking and cooking. To strive for the cleanliness of the world around us has been characteristic of man since time immemorial. But let’s start with ourselves. As the saying goes, a clean mind in a clean body!


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