Anti-decubitus mattresses


For quite a long time, anti-decubitus mattresses have been used in the treatment of bedsores. They have proven themselves from the best side, proving that bedsores can be neutralized easily and without much effort. Understanding that the problem of bedsores is solvable gives hope to people who are bedridden due to serious illnesses. After all, for them this problem is the most urgent. There are several fundamental points that must be considered when choosing anti-decubitus systems. First of all, you need to understand the nature of the disease. Pressure ulcers occur on areas of the skin that are subject to direct pressure from bony prominences. There are a lot of such places on the body and for the patient they can be a serious danger. The blood flow in such places is disturbed and cell death occurs. The body is not able to regenerate damaged areas due to the fact that it is significantly weakened by the underlying disease. Bedsore mattresses offer a way out of this cycle. To neutralize bedsores, you need to get the body to move at least a little. It is on this principle that mattresses are based. Any anti-decubitus system consists of a compressor and a mattress. In turn, anti-decubitus mattresses consist of cavities that are filled with air, putting pressure on the soft tissues of the patient and changing the position of his body. A program is set on the compressor, according to which the cavities will be filled with air in a given order at regular intervals, usually 5-10 minutes. This allows you to effectively neutralize bedsores without resorting to expensive methods. All anti-decubitus mattresses can be divided into two main types: cellular and balloon (tube). They are designed to solve the same tasks, but with some differences. Mattresses with cellular cavities, like honeycombs, are used to eliminate pressure sores of the initial, first stage. It is best to use them initially for prevention, then the disease will not make itself felt at all. The cells are filled, often in a checkerboard pattern, but sometimes another algorithm is used. Tubular anti-decubitus systems are used to treat more severe stages. Their cavities are cylinders elongated in length and are filled strictly in turn. There are also bedsore mattresses with airflow. They are the most effective because, in addition to their main functions, they carry out ventilation of the skin, thereby stopping sweating. Airflow is carried out through special laser pores, invisible to the eye, but incredibly effective. In addition, when choosing anti-decubitus mattresses, it is necessary to pay special attention to the material from which they are made. The most comfortable for the patient is rubberized fabric, which is much warmer than oilcloth material. On the other hand, an oilcloth mattress is easier to clean and repair if damaged. In any case, the choice should be made based on personal preferences and financial capabilities.


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